Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One Shooting Special

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One Shooting Special

What in the world was this?!

I know we’re getting clip shows and they can’t be putting together elaborately edited specials. But this one was an absolute mess. And even worse, it reminded me of how much they’ve ruined Fuwa Isamu’s character. By recapping all the events that’ve happened to him, they shine a light on all the good backstory and development they threw out the window with the “fake memories” plot twist.

For me, it is most upsetting because Isamu was such a great character. He enjoyed even better character development than Aruto.

The whole premise of the “episode” just spat in the face of Isamu’s character.

Not only that, Ryutaro Okada is such a great actor and he got some great material up to now which he has absolutely hit out of the park.

Taking Isamu’s character and just using it as a plot device for whatever reason (part of it is to prop up Gai?!) will truly be one of the biggest negatives of what has otherwise been a great season so far.

The dubbing was horrible. They even reused the same scenes a few times in this episode. It was an annoying mess.

Again, remembering the limitations of the coronavirus, they were still able to do a relatively interesting clip show last week. Kiramager‘s direct deleted scenes recap was also good. Why didn’t they just do that here? I’m sure they have plenty of deleted scenes from Zero-One. If not, they should’ve just done a direct recap of the series up to this point. It would’ve been easier to put together and wouldn’t have required as much effort as what they put into this mess of a clip show.

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