Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 44 – Tested Bonds

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Kureon reiterates that he just wanted to be appreciated. Which is why he must find Waizuru so they can have fun times again.

Meanwhile, the Ryusoulgers find Saden in the forest and are shocked when he reveals he has taken Oto hostage. Oto apologizes for getting herself into trouble.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Canalo charges at Saden while the others take on the army of Drunns. But Saden warns he will kill Oto if they do anything rash, such as henshining. Saden demands they hand over Ryusoul Calibur. Oto tells them not to.

But Melto says they will. He looks at Koh and tells him to hand Ryusoul Calibur over.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Koh summons the sword. But just as he hands it over, he smiles and ducks out of the way. Melto has already henshined and uses DoshinSoul to punch Saden and the Drunns away from Oto. Canalo hurries over to ensure his sister’s safety as the others continue taking on the army of Drunns.

Koh explains that he understood what Melto was planning just by looking at his eyes. He had secretly slipped DoshinSoul to Melto behind his back. Melto says he was only doing what he knew Koh would do.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Oto runs over to Melto and thanks him for saving her. Canalo can’t believe it. But he says he now accepts Melto as his brother-in-law. Asuna says this isn’t the time for that.

They all henshin and finish off the remaining Drunns before sending Saden running. Bamba uses KikeSoul to track him.

Canalo tells Oto to head home. Oto tells them all to stay safe.

Down in the caves, Pricious is happy with how Gunjoji is getting their newest brother up to speed. Saden arrives and apologizes for losing their hostage. Pricious says that’s alright.

Just then, Eras births another new Druidon. Pricious says their ultimate team is almost complete. He tells Saden to continue Gunjoji2’s acclimation training while he and Gunjoji head into the city with Yabasword.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Oto hurriedly alerts the others to Yabasword rampaging in the city. Koh and Asuna decide to go deal with that while the guys proceed into the cave where Eras is.

Melto, Towa, Bamba and Canalo are greeted with explosions from Saden and Gunjoji2. They henshin and battle.

Koh and Asuna find Pricious and Co. and they also henshin to battle. Both Yabasword and Gunjoji engage Koh and Asuna. Koh goes Max and he shields Asuna from Gunjoji’s flurry of bullets.

As Melto and Canalo work together against Gunjoji, the brothers take on Saden who tells them they have much to learn. Bamba wants to take on Saden himself, but Towa reminds him they should work together. They uphenshin to their armor and Towa is taken aback when Saden seems to acknowledge them.

Back home, Oto finds a terrified Pii-tan hiding. Oto says they need him in the city, but Pii-tan says he can’t go out and face Pricious. Tyramigo pops in and tells him to snap out of it.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Back in the city, Pricious commends Koh and Asuna fighting back to back. But he quickly shoots them out of their henshin. Koh and Asuna refuse to give up, but Pricious sends in a fresh army of Drunns to attack.

Koh and Asuna reaffirm their trust in each other to which Pricious scoffs at.

Suddenly, Yabasword embiggens. Koh calls Tyramigo.

Before hurrying out, Tyramigo tells Pii-tan that if he runs and hides now, he’ll regret it forever.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Pii-tan says he really wants to go help, but his body just can’t move. Papa Naohisa walks in and says that whenever he is afraid of something, he just gives a shout.

Back downtown, Pricious mocks Asuna who is now by herself. But Asuna says she is not alone as their souls are all connected. Pricious sends a fireball at Asuna and Asuna counters with OmoSoul. But Gunjoji shields his Pricious-sama and Asuna is shocked.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Pricious laughs and sends an attack that forces Asuna to dehenshin. Drunns grab hold of Asuna and Pricious grabs her neck, gloating about his strong team.

Saden forces Bamba and Towa to dehenshin. Saden demands Bamba show him more. But Towa realizes something is off.

Canalo and Melto are able to throw Gunjoji2 on his back, but it loads itself with bombs. Turns out Pricious ordered him to become a suicide bomber if ever he were in danger and to take the Ryusoulgers with him.

Suddenly, Saden runs through and tosses his sword through Gunjoji2, spearing the two bombs out of its body before they explode.

Towa is sure now about his suspicions and demands Saden reveal his true identity.

Saden removes his head and reveals himself to be…
Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap
Master Black!

Meanwhile, Pricious is about slice Asuna’s neck open. But in flies Pteradon with Oto in the cockpit.

Pii-tan mustered up the courage by shouting out for Mark Dacascos. Oto has no idea who that even is.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

But working together, Koh and Oto are able to drive Yabasword back down to size. Pricious takes Gunjoji and Yabasword and they leave.

Koh and Oto reunite with Asuna and she says she definitely believed in them.

Back at the cave, Bamba demands Master Black explain. Master Black merely says their mission to come here and defeat Eras is futile. Bamba does not believe that and says Master Black is just a Druidon.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 44 Recap

Master Black is surprised Bamba doesn’t believe since he always used to.

Master Black brings them to see Eras. Canalo charges at it with Ryusoul Calibur, but it does nothing.

Master Black explains that he disguised himself as Saden in order to defeat Pricious. But Pricious had this all planned out from the beginning. Master Black is surprised when Melto says Ryusoul Calibur has grown weaker, at least according to Seto.

Master Black wants to speak with Seto.

Episode Thoughts

So I was definitely not a fan of how this final arc was shaping up, especially after last week. I always prefer endgames with real season-long development instead of out of nowhere threats that pop up in the final stretch.

But we’re here, after an almost-expository dumping of information in the last episode especially.

I’m a simple guy though. And I do still care about these characters. So a basic “we have a strong bond!’ episode will be enough to make me forget about the missteps I perceived in the last week or so. Lol

This episode definitely had a lot of great action. I think most of the episode was basically battles and action. But it was done with the theme of the Ryusoulgers working together (now including Oto) and the opposite with Pricious’ seeming disregard of his “comrades.” That is, the newly birthed Druidons from Eras.

The trust the Ryusoulgers have in each other is evident and has been for a while. I think especially after the Nada arc.

I kind of take issue with Kureon though so wanting to revive Waizuru even though he treated him like crap most of the time. I do think they softened Waizuru in the last couple of episodes. But I felt like Kureon’s story arc was him coming into his own and showing that he wasn’t just a lackey for any general and that he could either be a leader in his own right or that he would eventually turn over a new leaf and possibly align with the Ryusoulgers. Or just not be an accessory for the Druidons and whatever mission they had. (Do we still not know really what the Druidons’ endgame is?)

But Kureon wanting to be appreciated and wanting to hear some affirmation is definitely in line with the theme of the season when it comes to Minosaurs and birthers. So it would make sense to have his story culminate in him realizing that he does not need other people’s affirmations and instead be more confident in himself.

Again, I did enjoy the “bond” moments. Most especially Koh and Asuna’s scenes. And Asuna taking the spotlight as well in her battles, both side-by-side with Koh and alone once Koh hopped into KishiryuOh.

I loved Oto piloting Pteradon, but it’s also such a copout not having her actually become a Ryusoulger. I think they could’ve easily squeezed in a small story between last week and this week where she becomes a full Ryusoul Cyan or something culminating in her piloting Pteradon. I know Toei rarely, if ever, introduces a brand new costume in the last episodes of a season. But it would’ve been awesome here.

I was legit shocked that Saden was Master Black. And I am setting my expectations high for the explanation of how and why Master Black=Saden. Being a final arc revelation, it’s got to be pretty substantial and not some throwaway plot device.

I think I was more shocked by the Mark Dacascos shout out though. Lol It was fun.

Overall, a much better and more enjoyable episode for me this week compared to last week. But with my expectations set high after a very good run this season, I’m still holding on to hope that it finishes strong.

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