Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 21 – “Are you telling me to die?!”

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 21 – Objection! That Trial

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Round 3 of the Hiden-ZAIA Showdown will take place in the court of law.

The case at the center of it all deals with Sakaki Yuto who is accused of swindling money from his fiancé Yoko Chiharu. The prosecutor Ichimori uses ZAIASpec while the defense attorney is President Tsurugi Humagear Bingo. If Yuto is found guilty, ZAIA wins. If Yuto is acquitted, Hiden wins.

Aruto doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have someone’s life be the subject of their competition, but Gai insists Aruto would want a Humagear to prove Yuto’s innocence, after all.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Aruto and Izu meet with Attorney Bingo who says Yuto is innocent, based on his built-in lie detector system and he is determined to find the real culprit.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Prosecutor Ichimori delivers his opening statement laying out the facts in the case. Yuto and Chiharu had been dating for a month when Yuto proposed marriage. But soon after, Yuto allegedly texted Chiharu for money for the wedding venue. Chiharu immediately deposited the money, but police discovered the account belonged to a con group. Not only that, Chiharu saw a post on Yuto’s social media bragging about how he conned money out of her.

Yuto denies he texted her or posted the tweet. But Chiharu already alerted the police and that’s when they took him into custody.

Prosecutor Ichimori says Yuto had money problems in the past and this was all part of his scheme to take Chiharu’s money. Yuto maintains his innocence.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Attorney Bingo makes his opening statement and says Yuto’s text messages and social media accounts could have been hacked. He shows the courtroom video of Yuto at a Humagear comedy show at the time the text was sent and he was not using his phone during that time.

Attorney Bingo is incensed that someone would use the internet for evil and commit crimes.

Later, Attorney Bingo tells Aruto and Izu that he would like this case solved for both the accused and the victim. Just then, a Raider appears and attacks Attorney Bingo. Bingo begins showing signs of connection to the Ark, distressed about fighting outside of court. Aruto tells Izu to take him to safety while he henshins and faces off against the Raider.

Isamu arrives and he and Aruto take on the Raider until it is able to run off. Aruto finds a ZAIA Spec on the ground and they decide to go to a detective for help finding its origins.

Over at ZAIA, Gai gives Prosecutor Ichimori a brand new ZAIASpec to replace his old one. Yua asks Ichimori if he knows anything about the attack on Attorney Bingo. But Ichimori says none of that has anything to do with ensuring a guilty verdict.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Meanwhile, Isamu brings Aruto and Izu over to see Horobi. Aruto wants to know if Horobi is still hacking Humagears. Horobi just says that all Humagears have been taught that humanity must be eliminated because of their malice.

Aruto and Izu remember how the Humagears from the first two rounds of the competition went berserk because of human malice toward them.

Horobi says they chose to go out of control. And the development of the internet has only allowed for the more rapid spread of human malcontent all over the world. From human to human. And from human to Humagear.

Aruto does not want to believe it. He runs out of the room.

Isamu says this is not like Aruto. Even Isamu acknowledges that while Humagears once threatened his life, a Humagear also saved it. So he encourages Aruto to find a way to teach Humagears to be better and smarter. Isn’t that the goal of the company, he asks. Aruto says yes it is.

Aruto, Izu and Isamu head over to meet with the detective Narusawa, who arrested Yuto, who has the results of the ZAIASpec.

Turns out this ZAIASpec is registered to Prosecutor Ichimori. Narusawa believes Ichimori must have attacked Attorney Bingo out of fear of losing the trial.

Aruto, Izu and Attorney Bingo immediately meet with Gai and Prosecutor Ichimori to confront them. But Ichimori denies his involvement.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Attorney Bingo uses his lie detector on Ichimori, but he checks out. He isn’t lying.

Gai suggests this is slander and decides Attorney Bingo must be scrapped.

“Are you telling me to die?!”

Gai continues berating him and Attorney Bingo connects to The Ark.

Gai asks Aruto if he backed up Bingo’s data. Izu confirms and Gai says there shouldn’t be a problem if he destroys him then. He punches Aruto and whips out a Zetsumeriser which he slaps onto Bingo.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Attorney Bingo morphs into a Magia and Gai henshins. Aruto also henshins and they take the battle outside.

Aruto goes Flaming Tiger, but that just gives Gai the opportunity to jack his power again. Gai delivers a Jacking Break at Bingo who explodes.

Aruto is enraged at Gai. But Gai says Humagears are just tools and humans can decide when tools can be thrown out.

Aruto goes Shining Assault Hopper and charges at Gai.

Gai says Aruto can never control his emotions and he is no different than the Humagears who should be scrapped.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Aruto’s eyes glow red in anger.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 21 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This was a good episode as it kind of knocked Aruto out of his idealistic world regarding Humagears. It’s not that he has been wrong about Humagears and his hopes and dreams for the technology. But he is now forced to acknowledge the flaws present in Humagear technology as well as humanity’s very real part in causing any kind of rebellion.

We’ve had two very strong examples of human malice the last four weeks, in actually very harsh and brutal situations. Obviously, the situations are egged on by Gai (more on this slimeball in a moment lol), but it will be interesting to see how Aruto squares the noble mission of Hiden and Humagears with the harsh realities of the world.

The social commentary in this episode on the negative aspects of the internet is very nice since it is absolutely true. The internet has become a huge part of our world and in many positive ways. But it has also given rise some very negative aspects in society as well. And it is very interesting to see Kamen Rider addressing that here. Though the case deals with criminal activities online such as those involving money, Horobi’s mentioning of the internet seemed to point to cyberbullying and things like that instead.

Kind of overall, the theme seems to be showing how there are both positive and negative aspects of technology. And there’s a little bit of a realization on Aruto’s part that there are indeed negatives, even in Humagears, when previously he only looks at the positive.

I have no doubt he’ll figure out a way to deal with the negatives. But it’s a great angle to look at here.

Now back to Gai. He is such a slimeball. Seriously! Like this sleazy, selfish asshole without a conscience.

And I love it! lol Well, obviously he’s some kind of sinister figure for now. But I do enjoy his sketchiness. If only because I am hoping he either gets a huge comeuppance in the future, he’s actually not a bad guy or some other big, satisfying twist.

I’m setting myself up for disappoint with that high expectation, for sure. lol But Gai does serve a great contrast to our hero Aruto.

Elsewhere, I had to laugh at Yua seeming like she was surprised at the idea that someone’s social media account could be hacked into. Like it was some shocking thing she never heard of. Umm… isn’t she supposed to be this tech wiz or something? Even so, the way she was so shocked at the idea of it was kind of hilarious.

Definitely fun and great to see Keisuke Minami and Arisa Komiya (in her 2nd Rider role!). Especially when they’re from two of my favorite seasons of course.

Overall, another good episode of Zero-One that opens up nice dramatic possibilities.

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