Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 39 – Stolen Holy Night

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Kureon forces his slime into one of the several Santa-sans Waizuru has taken hostage in order to eliminate Christmas.

On his way home, Melto spots Bamba who drops off some Christmas decorations at the local children’s center. He notices Bamba seems to be interested in the teacher, Akari.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

A surprised Bamba asks Melto just how much he’s seen. But two kids suddenly come running to Akari.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Towa has accompanied Asuna to buy Christmas cakes. But on the way home, her three cakes are magically turned into hagoita for some reason.

At home, Papa Naohisa explains the meaning of Christmas to Tyramigo, Chibigaroo and Pii-tan as Koh, Canalo and Oto decorate. But Canalo also doesn’t really know what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown, though Oto does.

Asuna and Towa come running in to tell them what’s happened with the cakes.

Melto, Bamba and Akari head inside to the classroom where all the Christmas decorations have turned into New Year’s decorations. When Towa calls Bamba about a Minosaur in town, they realize this must be its doing.

Koh, Asuna, Towa and Canalo find Kureon and the Minosaur. Asuna, enraged by her disappearing cakes, takes on the Minosaur herself while the boys deal with Drunns.

Asuna tries to henshin, but the Minosaur uses its magic wand to turn her Ryusoul into something else, preventing her from transforming. The Minosaur does the same to the boys’ Souls, preventing them from using their weapons.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

An enraged Bamba arrives and handles Drunns on his own. But the Minosaur changes his sword into a bouquet of flowers. That gives Kureon and the Minosaur a chance to retreat.

Over at the warehouse, Waizuru is ready to eliminate Christmas so he can be the biggest star. But Gachireus arrives and says this is all a waste of time when they are supposed to be destroying the Ryusoulgers. He tries to force Kureon to make Minosaurs of all the Santa-sans. But Pricious arrives and shoots right at Gachireus (through Kureon who is able to slime away).

Pricious reminds Gachireus this is his last chance. Pricious traps Gachireus inside an amber stone and leaves Kureon and Waizuru to their plan. Waizuru is upset at Kureon being so friendly with Pricious.

At Chez Tatsui, Asuna and Bamba are livid at Christmas being taken away. Towa is surprised that his brother is so passionate about Christmas. Melto tries to say it’s really about a girl, but Bamba silences him.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Canalo asks Oto what she’s doing here on land and Oto says it’s so she can be with Melto since you’re supposed to be with loved ones on Christmas Day.

Melto has a plan for Asuna and Tyramigo to dress up as Santa-sans. And it works. Drunns appear to take them both in. Koh, Towa, Pii-tan and Chibigaroo follow them.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Meanwhile, Akari has brought the children to the Christmas concert venue only to have Kureon and the Minosaur appear. Bamba arrives and saves Akari and the children.

Bamba tells Akari to take her clothes off. That is, her Santa suit off so as not to attract any bad people.

Melto and Canalo join Bamba. They henshin and take on the Minosaur.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

At the warehouse, Waizuru is driving the Minosaur birther to despair. But Asuna and the Kishiryu arrive just in time. Asuna henshins to take on the Drunns as Koh and Towa unchain the Santas for Tyramigo to bring to safety.

Bamba and Melto are able to destroy the Minosaur’s magic wand. They and Canalo uphenshin to finish off the Minosaur for good.

After Koh, Asuna and Towa finish off Drunns and drive Waizuru away, Gachireus bursts out of the stone and immediately embiggens. He knows this is really his final shot and decides he will destroy the Ryusoulgers even if he dies trying.

Koh hops into KishiryuOh Jet, but it isn’t enough for Gachireus. Canalo joins Koh and they combine into King KishiryuOh. With a Big Bang Evolution finisher, they finish off Gachireus for good.

Gachireus’ heart card melts in Pricious’ hands and says it’s too bad. Pricious laughs as he walks away, wondering if Waizuru will be the same.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Later, the Ryusoulgers have gone to help the school children celebrate Christmas. Asuna gets to enjoy her cake.

Melto encourages Oto to have fun and play with the other children.

Akari thanks Bamba for all his help. Towa is proud of his brother for wanting to protect Christmas for the kids. Melto tries to say it’s also because of Akari, but Bamba stops him.

Koh notices Canalo watching the scene. Canalo says he’s never been to a party with so many people before and it has made him remember their mission as Ryusoulgers is to protect the smiles of the people.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 39 Recap

Bamba, however, says this could be their last happy day for a while.

Episode Thoughts

It was a good Christmas episode, but definitely a little underwhelming of an end to Gachireus. I thought we’d see him and Waizuru until at least the final episodes. But that wasn’t the case and it looks like Pricious is here to stay. Should be interesting to see how the villains will play out.

But I feel like Gachireus was kind of wasted, especially since Pricious arrived. I thought we’d be seeing more of the rivalry between Gachireus and Waizuru, but the promising potential of the Druidons having their own interesting story kind of fizzled out lately. And the focus of the story has shifted back more towards the Ryusoulgers themselves.

As for the Ryusoulgers, the episode was good as each of them all had something to do during the episode. Though sadly Ui was absent from the Christmas festivities.

This is one of those good episodes where they are able to blend lighthearted and comedic elements with great action and legit drama without getting very heavy. Asuna being badass at the Minosaur was awesome.

The CGI mecha scenes with KishiryuOh Jet and a few with King KishiryuOh were AMAZING! Loved that refreshing scene since we’re used to the mini cardboard Tokyo for the mecha battles. It’s been a while since Dino Force Brave which I think was the first series to use CGI extensively. And while we’ve seen it sometimes on the main Sentai series since, it hasn’t been used in extended periods and more like the usual over the years. But I quite enjoy the full, longer CGI scenes. They’re done well and definitely open up so many great and visually appealing possibilities.

Overall, a solid and fun Christmas episode, but I would’ve liked to have seen more for Gachireus’ demise.

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