Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 19 – “I’m always saving your butts.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 19 – Target: Tower

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 19 – “I’m always saving your butts.”

While the Rangers try to grasp Evox now having three MegaTransporters, Nate finds Roxy’s StasisPod life system has been corrupted. That means if Roxy doesn’t wake up soon, she dies. Zoey reminds them all they have to do is destroy Roxy’s avatar.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

They want to rush out to kill avatarRoxy. But Commander Shaw reminds her son not to let his emotions cloud his judgment. They must first focus on figuring out what Evox is planning with the Transporters.

Devon, meanwhile, is at his father’s reelection rally. Commander Shaw tries contacting him, but the Mayor is in the middle of a speech.

The Burke Sibs somehow stumble upon a van with the Transporters. But they have to speed off on their bikes when it is full of Tronics. The Tronics chase after them and they all end up at the Mayor’s rally where they shoot into the crowd.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

The people run to safety. The Mayor’s assistant says he must get to safety as well, but the Mayor says just like the Power Rangers, they can’t leave until they are sure everyone is alright.

Devon runs off so he can morph, but the Mayor, not knowing why, cannot believe his son could be such a coward. Devon meets up with the others as they take care of the Tronics hounding the Burkes. The Sibs point the Rangers toward the van full of Transporters.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Blaze and Roxy order Scrozzle to transport the Morph-X Tower to the Cyber Dimension already. But Scrozzle says that is impossible when the Transporters are sitting in a van and about to be taken back by the Rangers.

Blaze orders Scrozzle to send in a Gigadrone to distract the Rangers.

The Rangers are able to secure the Transporters. Ravi asks his mother for an update and she says Roxy’s condition is deteriorating. She tells Ravi his #1 priority right now though is to return the Transporters while the others deal with the incoming Gigadrone.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Roxy has a plan to distract Ravi. She tries to lure him away from the Transporters. Ravi remembers his mother warning him not to stop for anything. But Ravi decides to chase after Roxy so he can destroy her for good.

Roxy morphs and she and Ravi battle. The others hop in their zords to take care of the Gigadrone.

Ravi goes ape and GBHQ detects his body temperature rising. Smash is worried he is about to overheat. Commander Shaw can’t believe Ravi’s insubordination.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Ravi is able to grab hold of and destroy Roxy’s morpher. Ravi is able to overpower Roxy and shoots her repeatedly until the avatar explodes.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

The sprinklers turn on, cooling Ravi down.

Ravi is relieved that Roxy is saved. But Blaze has gotten behind the wheel of the van and has driven away with the Transporters. He reports back to Evox who is upset that Roxy has been destroyed. But Blaze ensures him that the Morph-X Tower will be transported.

Ravi hurries back to GBHQ, but the real Roxy still hasn’t awakened and her condition continues to worsen.

Commander Shaw demands Ravi face her. She reprimands him for disobeying her order and putting the entire city in danger. Ravi says he will accept responsibility if the entire city is killed by Evox.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Commander Shaw comforts her son and says she is sorry about Roxy.

Just then, the Burke Sibs call in to say they’ve found one of the Transporters. The Rangers hurry out and they realize Evox’s target is the Tower.

Mayor Daniels calls Devon over and scolds him for running off. He believes Devon is a complete bum.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Blaze appears with an army of Tronics. Devon, Ravi, Zoey and Steel fight off a group of Tronics while Nate tells the Burke Sibs to ensure the Transporter is returned to GBHQ.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Mayor Daniels sees Tronics surrounding Ben and Betty so he goes to help them by fighting off some Tronics. Betty hops into a shopping cart with the Transporter and Ben pushes. Betty uses groceries in the cart to fight off the Tronics along the way.

The Rangers morph and take on the Tronics.

Blaze activates the two Transporters. Ben and Betty load their Transporter into a GB SUV, but don’t close the hatch. That allows Blaze to just take the Transporter and reposition it. Before he can activate it though, Devon kicks him and they battle.

Mayor Daniels comes running and hides behind a tree to watch the chaos. Blaze has Devon all tied up and forces him to demorph. Mayor Daniels is shocked.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Blaze is able to activate the final Transporter and the Morph-X Tower, along with Blaze and Devon, are transported to the Cyber Dimension.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Mayor Daniels runs to his son, but it’s too late.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

The Rangers head back to GBHQ. The plan is to rebuild Scrozzle’s Cybergate so they can go directly to the Cyber Dimension to rescue Devon.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Just then, the Pod alarm sounds and Roxy finally wakes up.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Ravi tells her to take it easy, but Roxy has big news. Her mind was connected to evilRoxy the entire time and she knows the big plan.

Scrozzle begins the transfer of Evox into a physical body. And Roxy says once that happens, they’re all dead.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19

Episode Thoughts

Well, if only the rest of the half-season were this exciting, right?

This episode definitely packed a lot into it. I even feel like it packed two episodes worth of story into it. A few things didn’t have time to breathe, like Ravi’s battle with avatarRoxy or Mayor Daniels learning Devon was the Red Ranger. (It was a very underwhelming reveal, tbh.)

But this episode was definitely revving up for the midseason finale. And it really feels like a midseason finale too. The stakes are high, but not so high that you feel like it’s the end of the Beast Morphers. It really does feel like a midseason finale and you know there’s still a whole half season left after next week.

Still, it’s hard for this episode not to be exciting when so much was happening all at once.

Other than the sort of underwhelming reaction from Mayor Daniels, the rest of the episode was strong. This episode had probably the best and most dynamic New Zealand-original action sequences all season. Ben and Betty’s shopping cart takedown of the Tronics was even more enjoyable than most of the action sequences and fight scenes from the season. Creative and fun.

Ravi has really become the season’s most developed character. And the moment with his mother who went from reprimanding him to comforting him was so good.

Blaze actually being able to enact a plan was also refreshing. Like I mentioned after the last few episodes, the villains have been pretty pathetic when it comes to their plans and actually causing trouble for the Rangers. That’s why Vargoyle was such a welcome addition and definitely gone too soon.

So seeing the plan actually be successful this time was good. It gives the dire situation more legitimacy, so to speak.

What I’m most interested in is what actually happens after the midseason finale. I can only assume Evox ends up destroyed. (Otherwise, what’s the point of this midseason finale, you know?) So I’m very interested to see who becomes the new big bad.

I supposed it could be Blaze, to mesh with the Go-Busters footage. But thinking about the footage, I knew avatar Roxy would have to bid farewell before the end of this midseason. Should be interesting to see where Roxy fits in after she recovers.

Overall, a very exciting episode and great lead-in to the midseason finale. Definitely one of the strongest and most enjoyable episodes of Beast Morphers so far. But again, probably could’ve been great as Episodes 18 and 19 instead.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 19 – “I’m always saving your butts.”

  1. Nice to see conflict between Devon and his father, Mayor Daniels again.
    I like the father/son issue for this season, where Mayor Daniels doesn’t get along with Devon very well, since Mayor is completely unaware that Devon is ranger and he has to take care of that responsibility.
    Didn’t expect Mayor Daniels in action, where he fends off Tronics… with shovel!
    With that type of courage, I really hope he wins the election.

    Interesting how Betty was older than Ben; all this time, I thought it was opposite.
    I like how they were probably the most useful in this entire season, where they were the first to find stolen Mega Transporters and did their best to protect the last one, while fending off Tronics with groceries, such as banana (classic!) and sausages… until they forgot to close the rear window and stolen by Blaze; though, even if it was closed, Blaze would have broken the window anyway.

    I enjoyed the battle between Ravi and Roxy’s final conflict.
    It was well choreographed and great use of Ravi weakness of overheat, which was huge advantage. Even though she was Avatar, it’s somewhat gruesome and hardcore to see human faced villain, to blow up like that, which we haven’t seen in long time.
    Since Avatar Roxy is “dead”, the real Roxy is awakened, though not immediately; I’m curious if that USB gave her some other side effect.

    Nice to see all 4 Beast Bots together, even briefly at the end.

    Mayor Daniel found out Devon is ranger and now kidnapped, and Evox is about to get his body, how would it end? Such a great cliffhanger for upcoming season finale!

    As much as I enjoyed this episode, I agree that it felt bit rushed and crammed, where Mayor Daniels and Devon conflict and Ravi and Roxy final battle could have been its own episode.
    But regardless, it was very thrilling and exciting set up for season finale and end of first half.

  2. Man. Just when I thought last week’s episode was the best of the season, this one takes the cake.
    I like how this episode had a back-and-forth of set backs for both heroes and villains, makes you wondering which side will win.
    There was some amazing fights, especially Ravi vs Roxy, and it was all original footage, no less.
    Ben & Betty were surprisingly useful to the Rangers.
    The Cheetah Claws (and the Shovel XD) made a short but sweet return.
    This episode just had everything.
    I’ve never been so hyped for Power Rangers in a long time.

    1. Just like Ninja Steel, the comic relief duo only becomes useful during the penultimate and finale episodes. That’s too bad. There was really an opportunity to make Ben and Betty more than just using them for slapstick gags. As we saw in this episode. They can still be funny and also relevant to the story if the show wanted to.

      Ravi and Roxy’s fight was definitely one of the best choreographed fights this season. Most of the action scenes this season were nowhere near the quality of this one here.

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