Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 11 – Don’t Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!

Horobi has rebooted Assassin-chan. Jin tells Papa Horobi about Assassin-chan targeting their friend last time. But Horobi says that’s good news and that Assassin-chan is closer to awakening than Jin is.

Jin pouts. Horobi tells Assassin-chan his next target is Owada.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Over on the drama set, Aruto is trying to convince Owada not to quit. But Owada says he wants to create a drama that can entertain people. And Enji’s acting just doesn’t cut it as it lacks human depth and connection. He’s just a machine and cannot bring out true human emotion.

Aruto says while Humagears are indeed machines, they can change depending on their interactions with people. Having sincere interactions with Humagears results in positive effects. While making light of Humagears will have the opposite effect. And that is similar to how people interact with each other.

Aruto says while the drama can indeed help improve Hiden’s image to the public, more than anything, he wants to help people understand the great potential of Humagears.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

While Horobi turns Enji into a Magia, Aruto continues his plea to Owada by telling him about how a Humagear saved his life.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

On set, Enji transforms into a Magia and rampages. Yua henshins and battles him. Aruto henshins and hurries over, but he must face off against Horobi instead.

Yua finishes off Enji with a Thunder Lightning Blast Fever finisher and grabs the damaged Key to take to her boss.

Yua asks Gai how he knew they would be able to obtain a Zetsumerise Key today. But Gai does not answer. Instead, he proposes to make his script a little more dramatic.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Aruto heads back inside the damaged studio and finds Enji’s burned script. Owada watches him.

Later, VP Jun says they must shelve the drama now that Owada wants to quit and Enji has been destroyed. VP Jun puts all the blame on Aruto though SVP Sanzo points out that VP Jun declared himself the executive producer of the series.

Just then, Owada arrives and says that just like how a Humagear saved Aruto’s life, it was acting that saved his. Owada says his life was going nowhere until he got into acting. That’s why he wants to try and believe in the potential of Humagears, particularly actor Humagear Enji.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Owada says he will train the new Enji from scratch.

The drama resumes production on a rooftop with Owada encouraging the new Enji.

During rehearsals, Yua arrives and asks Aruto to come with. He is surprised when she takes him to ZAIA HQ and when she admits that she originally worked for ZAIA before being assigned to help A.I.M.S. with their tech.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Yua leads Aruto to her boss’ office. Gai pushes a button and his plain office turns into a fancy mansion living room. He introduces himself as the President and CEO of ZAIA Japan.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

They exchange business cards before Gai gets right to the point. He wants Aruto to sell Hiden to him and warns that he should make the decision soon.

Back on the rooftop, they begin filming. The scene involves Owada’s character getting shot. But the crew freezes when they see Owada still on the ground, unresponsive.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Turns out Assassin-chan shot Owada for real. Assassin-chan declares that his Master has been assassinated.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Horobi is pleased.

The crew rushes over to Owada. Isamu, who is standing guard along with other A.I.M.S. troops, hears the commotion and hurries up the stairs where he runs into Assassin-chan.

Both Isamu and Assassin-chan henshin and they battle.

Aruto rushes to the rooftop. The director declares that Humagears are killing machines.

Aruto cannot believe it. Horobi pops in to reaffirm their mission as Humagear to rise up and eliminate all humans.

Aruto says that is nonsense. He and Horobi both henshin.

But as Assassin-chan forces Isamu to dehenshin, Aruto is forced to uphenshin to Breaking Mammoth.

Aruto delivers a Breaking Impact at Horobi, but it does nothing to him.

Both Horobi and Assassin-chan leave unscathed.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Later, news reports on Owada having been shot, but is expected to recover. Gai seems pleased with the news.

However, authorities are now raiding Hiden HQ after another Humagear attack on humans.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 11 Recap

Aruto is in his office, thinking about his meeting with Gai earlier. Gai had warned Aruto about making a decision soon as well as warning him about an imminent emergency at the film set that would harm Hiden.

Meanwhile, Satellite Zea has sent data to begin production of a new Key.

Episode Thoughts

A very interesting episode. It was definitely an episode to fully introduce Gai and set up the possibilities with him. Of course, we get an even more sinister first impression of him than we already had with his secret meetings with Yua. So Gai definitely adds a brand new angle to the story and perhaps opens the door to exploring more about the origins of the Humagear technology and where in the process things got twisted to result in what they are experiencing today.

I would like to see Gai separate from Horobi though. That is, both are working for completely different endgames and are not related/connected. If only because I enjoy when villain factions are done well. (Though, we’re not sure if Gai is friend or foe just yet of course.) Also, it would be interesting to see Horobi not know everything for once and to see him taken by surprise. It would add a lot to his character if ever that happened.

I liked the plot with Owada. I was wondering where they were going with his idealistic views on acting at first. But when he later said that acting basically saved his life and got him on the straight and narrow, that was a very interesting connection to make regarding Aruto’s life being saved by Humagears. It makes sense for Owada to regard acting as something more than just a money-making or image-making scheme. It saved his life and he hopes he can perhaps save other people’s lives too through his acting. At the very least, entertain people and make them happy.

Perhaps that’s the same for Humagears. Initially created just for profits and moneys and power, but really something that could truly help instead. Just as Aruto believes.

Owada is just another person who originally regarded Humagears as simple machines, but learned that they could be much more than that. I think each story like this builds up to some kind of big reveal regarding a big truth about the Humagear later on.

Overall, a good episode. Certainly planting many seeds for the future. And nice character moments for pretty much all our main characters as well. Everyone was present this episode even if just for a few lines. And it all came together well.

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  1. That gif of pouty Jin though! 😍 My gosh, Daisuke Nakagawa is the hottest guy evah on Kamen Rider or Sentai!

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