Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 12 – “Science can be fun.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 12 – Real Steel

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 12 – “Science can be fun.”

Nate is busy finishing up new weapons, but Steel wants to go out and do fun human things like skiing and swimming. Nate says neither is going to make him a real human anyway.

Zoey tells Nate that Steel just wants to explore and suggests he accompany him and take a little break. But it’s too late because Devon has already offered to teach Steel how to play basketball.

Downtown, Blaze turns a photocopier into a Robotron and it is able to scan other people to take on their appearance.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

Back at the lab, Steel tries to fix the basketball he poked a hole in. But he gets distracted by pizza and the basketball ends up flying around the room, knocking everything over and almost destroying Nate’s precious Cheetah Claws. Nate is angry at Steel. And despite Steel apologizing, Nate warns him he will be forbidden from the lab if something like this ever happens again.

Steel apologizes again. But Commander Shaw calls the Rangers to alert them to Blaze and the Robotron creeping around downtown.

The Rangers hurry out with Nate giving Steel a dirty look.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

At the park, Blaze distracts the Rangers while the Robotron scans Nate. When the Rangers notice the Robotron, Blaze summons Tronics and they fight them.

Nate begs for help from anyone, but Steel instead first helps Devon who is struggling against Blaze. Nate breaks free of the Tronics and engages the Robotron. Steel tells Nate to get out of the way so he can shoot the Robotron. But a Tronic bumps into Steel, causing him to fire a shot right at the Robotron and Nate. The Robotron manages to escape and Nate yells at Steel, saying he let the Robotron go on purpose.

Back at GBHQ, Commander Shaw asks to speak with Nate and Steel. Nate tries to blame Steel for all their trouble. Steel says he apologized, but Nate says apologizes don’t fix everything. Commander Shaw says apologies can be a good first step though.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

Commander Shaw tells them to work their squabble out so they can work as a team again.

Steel holds out his hand for Nate. But Devon walks in with a new basketball and Nate stomps out of the room.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

Nate leaves GBHQ to go pick some stuff up and Blaze sees this as the perfect opportunity to have the Robotron walk in as fakeNate so he can destroy the zord computers.

Steel finds fakeNate and apologizes again. He has cleaned the entire lab to make up for everything. fakeNate forgives Steel and gets him to go unload the supplies he supposedly went to pick up.

Steel heads to the parking lot as the real Nate just arrives. Steel goes to help with the boxes, but Nate refuses his help and snaps at him. Steel is confused.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

Zoey chases after Nate to say she thinks he is just jealous of Steel and Devon playing basketball together. But Nate says it’s not just that. He doesn’t know how to play any of the sports Steel wants to play. He never had a brother who could do that stuff with him. And now, he does have a brother who wants to do fun stuff. But that brother thinks Nate is boring.

Steel overhears everything. But just then, fakeNate comes walking by. Steel follows fakeNate to the lab and realizes he is a clone. He stops fakeNate from destroying the zord computer.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

The other Rangers hurry over to the lab where the Robotron has now copied Steel. fakeSteel tries to convince them he is real. But the real Steel apologizes to Nate for not realizing Nate didn’t want to play basketball because he didn’t know how.

Steel says he didn’t think there was anything Nate couldn’t do. He apologizes for hurting Nate’s feelings and Nate says yes. They brohug.

The Robotron shoots at the computer. Nate and Steel work on fixing it together as the others chase after the Robotron. They morph and battle.

Scrozzle deploys an Alpha model Gigadrone. Nate tells Devon his zord is available, leaving Ravi and Zoey to deal with the Robotron.

After the Robotron is defeated, Ravi and Zoey can join Devon in their zords to form the Megazord and finish off the Gigadrone for good.

Back at GBHQ, Steel helps Nate learn how to play basketball and they all have fun together.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12

Episode Thoughts

It was a pretty solid episode. And I think why it worked so well is with less of a focus on action scenes, the problems Beast Morphers has with that were less obvious.

Instead, this was a pretty good character episode for both Nate and Steel. I think for Steel especially. At first, Nate’s reactions felt very unreasonable and out of place. But as we learned why he felt that way, it made sense and was a nice bit of insight into his character.

This might be Steel’s focus ep though as we got a pretty great character-driven story for him. This is the kind of episode that each of the Beast Bots should’ve gotten as well. But for Steel, it really was a great look at who he is and definitely made him a full, relatable character. I think the same can’t be said for the others so far.

For the action scenes that we did get, the unmorphed fight at the beginning of the episode was pretty good and definitely a refreshing change from the flat battles and fight scenes of the recent episodes.

Overall, a solid episode and perhaps even a little better and more enjoyable than last week. Thus making this one the best post-hiatus episode for me.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 12 – “Science can be fun.”

  1. It’s kind of interesting to see Nate and Steel argue/bicker each other for once.
    Up to this point, both of them get along together quite well, so it’s nice to see sibling rivalry between human and robot.

    Abraham Rodriguez did a pretty decent job portraying Evil/Copy Nate (nice touch with evil red eyes).
    I really enjoy episode that involves copy/evil/clone/doppelganger rangers and it’s been a while I’ve seen one this good.

    Nice to see Nate is working on new weapon (claws) for Red Ranger.
    I like that even for filler episode, there’s something developing for upcoming plot; something that’s been lacking in last few years (too many fillers to be precise).

    A solid episode that further develop brotherly relationship for Nate and Steel.
    I agree that episode like this should have happened for other 3 Beast Bots who’s just …there.

  2. It was a good episode.
    I think it is just me, but it feels like the show now spends more of its time with the plot instead of the fights. And even so, most of the fights still are original footage.

    1. They are using less and less zord footage as well. I do notice they spend more time on the plot and non-action scenes. Which has pros and cons. I don’t think they’ve found the right balance right, though I appreciate them putting more effort in plot.

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