Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 5 – “Take off toward a dream.”

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 5 – His Passionate Path of Manga

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 5 – “Take off toward a dream.”

Izu first gives Aruto a lesson on how to order and personalize a new Humagear before they personally deliver an order to Aruto’s favorite mangaka, Ishizumi Choichiro. Ishizumi transitioned from personally drawing his manga to having a team of Humagears do it instead.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Meanwhile over in Daybreak, Jin asks Horobi if he can have his own Progrise Key. But Horobi says Zetsumerise Keys come first as they need to collect enough data to revive their Ark. When that happens, they can flip the switch to cause all Humagears to rampage.

In the meantime, Horobi tells Jin another Humagear is about to gain sentience so it’s time for him to go meet him.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Back at Ishizumi’s home, Aruto is amazed by how fast the Humagears work. He mentions how he prefers the style of the manga when Ishizumi drew it himself.

Just then, one of the Humagears shuts down. Ishizumi is annoyed that it keeps freezing up and he pushes it to the floor. Suddenly, one of the Humagear artists G-Pen stands up.

Ishizumi orders G-Pen to go grocery shopping.

Aruto tries to explain to Ishizumi that Humagears shouldn’t be treated like that. But Ishizumi says Humagears are just tools after all. He requests a replacement Humagear immediately.

Outside, Aruto and Izu run into G-Pen. Aruto asks if Ishizumi still writes the manga’s story, but G-Pen says he helps the publishing house with it.

Disappointed, Aruto starts to leave. But Jin arrives with a ZetsumeRise Key to turn G-Pen into the Vicarya Magia. Jin calls Aruto over.

Aruto demands to know what MetsuboJinrai are after. Jin says the extinction of humanity of course.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Aruto henshins and takes on the Magia. Izu analyzes it and suggests Aruto uses the Biting Shark Key. He takes it, but the Magia knocks it out of his hands. Jin tries to grab it, but Aruto quickly leaps for it and uphenshins.

The other two artist Humagears come outside and the Magia quickly turns them into Magia as well. Aruto has his hands full, but Isamu arrives and henshins as well. Yua follows and has Isamu use the Attaché Shotgun to try out. The recoil is too strong however and his shot misses the Magia. That allows it to escape.

Aruto and Izu head inside to inform Ishizumi of what happened. Izu assures him replacement Humagear will be delivered tomorrow morning. Ishizumi wants them right this minute, especially as it is hard to train the Humagear to draw at the professional level.

Aruto suggests Ishizumi draw the manga himself. But Ishizumi says readers will notice the difference in style. Aruto asks if Ishizumi enjoys creating his manga this way.

Later at Hiden HQ, VP Jun, SVP Sanzo and Shester storm into Aruto’s office to say Ishizumi has filed a complaint with the company for delaying Humagear delivery.

Aruto doesn’t like the Humagear being treated like slaves though. And them in the hands of unmotivated people turn the Humagears into just money-making tools. VP Jun tells Shester to deal with the replacements herself. They leave.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Izu doesn’t understand what Aruto means regarding Ishizumi. Aruto believes Ishizumi lacks passion. Izu Googles “passion” to find its definition. Before Aruto explains what he means, he has an idea on how to defeat the Magia.

Later, Izu uses that info to manufacture a new Key. While waiting for it, she searches her memory database for anything related to “passion”.

Next day, Ishizumi meets with the anime producer and new Humagear voice over artist Seine. In the next room, Ishizumi is surprised when he finds Izu waiting for him. She asks him if he has “passion.”

On the next next day, SVP Sanzo personally apologizes to Ishizumi and assures him the delivery of replacements will happen soon. But Aruto wants to make sure if Ishizumi is truly okay with continuing in this way. Aruto is surprised when Ishizumi says Izu appeared to him yesterday.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Just then, Izu arrives to announce that she has halted the shipment of the replacement Humagears. She says the previous president hoped that people who owned a Humagear would have passion. She found a memory of president grandpa asking Izu to help those who work with passion. That’s how the company should be run.

Aruto is touched by his grandfather’s sentiment. He tries his best to help Ishizumi regain his passion for writing and drawing. Aruto expresses how much the manga has meant to him and how mangaka have the power to move people’s hearts.

Just then, the Magia bursts through the window. Ishizumi quickly grabs a treasured pen of his to protect.

Aruto henshins, happy to see Ishizumi really does have passion.

Aruto battles the Magia with some help from Isamu who is able to handle recoil of the Attaché Shotgun using the Punching Kong Key.

Izu arrives with a new Flaming Tiger Key for Aruto.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Jin is jealous of the guys having their own Progrise Keys. And he is wowed when Aruto uphenshins to Flaming Tiger.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Isamu tries to keep his laughter in as Aruto makes some jokes. Ishizumi is inspired by the awesome scene.

Aruto finishes off the Magia with a Flaming Impact finisher.

Back at the mansion, Aruto is amazed by the new chapter Ishizumi has written and drawn himself. Ishizumi says Aruto inspired him.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Ishizumi is also happy with how much the new G-Pen Humagear is helping with the backgrounds. And thanks to Aruto, he was able to create a new character for the manga. Though it’s based on Isamu, not Aruto.

Back in Daybreak, Jin gives Horobi the Zetsumerise Key. But Horobi warns Jin not to go looking for Progrise Keys on his own.

Jin asks who he is to Horobi. An assistant perhaps?

Horobi says no, Jin is much more important than that.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

Horobi says Jin is…

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 5 Recap

..his son!

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode. I think this episode kind of hit home the point about humans relying too much on technology and how it can have a negative effect on a person.

Not only that, but also the very sci-fi and eerily possible future of robots rising up to take over the world after decades of abuse by humans. Like those poor Boston Dynamics robot dogs they keep kicking around. One day, they will gain sentience and kill us all!

So here, we see that some Humagears are doing just that. The sentient part at least. Not necessarily the revenge part yet. And Izu is definitely is at the forefront.

Anyway, we see more of how Aruto regards the Humagears. But also an interesting look at Grandpa President’s feelings as well. For now, we see he and Aruto may share the same views. But of course, we still don’t know the whole story.

And of course the intriguing “reveal” at the end of the episode with Horobi saying Jin is his son. What that actually means, we’ll find out later I guess. But until we do know, it’s hard to work out that dynamic past what we’ve seen so far. That is, except for last week, Horobi works the computer at home while Jin goes out to do the manual labor.

Jin’s always-happy personality is really interesting to watch. His excitement at wanting to get his own toys is amusing, but also kind of frightening knowing he has no problem shooting someone in the head. While laughing! Lol I really feel like he’s made the biggest impact as a character (other than Aruto) even though he really hasn’t done much yet.

Overall, another good episode that helped with world building and some character building too.

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  1. One thing that I find interesting about the series now is that, due to its premise of worker robots, it somehow unintentionally gets to comment about Japanese society.

    This episode is a pretty good example. It is rather well-known that the anime and manga industry is a very unforgiving working environment, especially for the lower ranks. Heck, the ep even managed to squeeze in a comment about karoshi, or death by overworking, which is a significant problem in Japan.

    It’s those moments of maturity in a supposed kids show that really amazes me.

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