Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 10 – “They’re as useless as a concrete parachute.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 10 – Thrills and Drills

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10

Evox is growing frustrated with Blaze and Roxy’s incompetence. But Scrozzle has developed data chips that can collect the Rangers’ Beast powers data during battle which he can then use to upgrade Blaze or Roxy with all three animal powers.

Roxy says she has a plan for how to get one of the chips on a Robotron.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10

Over at Riptide, everyone is training. But Ravi’s tooth is bothering him. He doesn’t want to go to the dentist though, having had a bad experience with one when he was a kid.

The Rangers get a call and hurry over to where Roxy is spotted downtown.

Roxy turns a drill into a Robotron and installs a data chip on it as the Rangers arrive. Roxy summons Tronics and the Rangers morph. They battle. But Ravi’s tooth is getting in the way. Roxy and the Robotron tunnel into the ground

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10

Ben and Betty bring Ravi to their family dentist, but they are freaked out when they mistake a repairman putting a shelf together for the dentist drilling a hole into someone’s face. They run out screaming.

Meanwhile, the Rangers haven’t found Roxy yet. Nate figures Roxy and the Robotron are in the storm drains so he asks Ravi to come with him and Steel to check them out.

The storm drains are filled with cobwebs and that freaks Nate out since he is afraid of spiders. They head in and run into Roxy and the Robotron who are planning to drill up into a Morph-X tower. Roxy tells Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone to the other side of town to distract the Rangers.

Commander Shaw deploys Devon and Zoey in their zords to that Morph-X tower to meet the Gigadrone when it arrives.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10

Nate overcomes his fear of spiders when one crawls on his shoulder. They morph and take on Roxy and Drilltron.

Ravi uses his super strength against Drilltron and the data chip records the data. Roxy takes the chip.

The Drilldrone arrives underground, but they need Ravi to form the Megazord to defeat the Gigadrone.

Ravi takes on Drilltron and finishes it off for good. Nate and Steel take care of the remaining Tronics. Roxy leaves. Ravi joins the others and they form the Megazord. They use a Hyperstrike against the Gigadrone underground to finish off that one for good as well.

Roxy reports to Evox, getting neither Morph-X nor killing the Rangers. But she happily presents the gorilla data. Blaze says he has a plan to get more data.

Ravi decides to finally go to the dentist. The others meet him afterwards and Ravi thanks Nate for encouraging him to overcome his fear.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10

Episode Thoughts

Hmm… it was an okay episode. But again, it was a great example of how Beast Morphers can be really slow and flat. Like, everything feels very properly done. But it lacks excitement and a sort of kinetic energy that gets your blood pumping as you watch it.

Like, the plot itself was fine. For the Rangers, it was about overcoming your fears. For the villains, it was the same scheming we usually get.

But the episode, and the season, just feels flat and even lifeless. It makes you long for the days of KalishKoichisplosions and RPM‘s shaky camera, etc to at least make things visually interesting.

Especially as I watch this episode after having just watched the latest Ryusoulger episode, which was a pretty great character ep, this Beast Morphers episode felt even more boring than usual.

I don’t know, it’s very strange. I feel no connection to most of the characters. (The hiatus definitely didn’t help.) And Evox’s endgame plot feels so drawn out already and it’s only Episode 10.

I will say, Steel is fun. Kind of like a more loose Robo Knight.

Otherwise, a forgettable, uninspiring episode. And it’s getting to be a little disconcerting. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. It’s just there.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 10 – “They’re as useless as a concrete parachute.”

  1. It’s interesting to see a ranger, afraid to go to dentist.
    Though to be fair, I (along with pretty much almost everyone else) also HATE going to dentist as well, so can’t blame Ravi for that.
    Even strongest ranger of the team has something be afraid of.
    It would have been nice if Smash was there to motivate and cheer Ravi up for once, especially since his character is very lacking so far.

    So not only Ben and Betty father is General of Grid Battleforce, but they have their family dentist as well, which I find it interesting. They must have one wealthy family.
    I like the drill gag in that scene BTW, despite being silly and corny.

    Nice to see REAL spider again, since episode 8. Even though spider is likely tamed (as it should), it must have been traumatic for Nate’s actor, Abraham Rodriguez, to interact with big spider crawling on his body and has to remove it; something I could never have done it… EVER. lol

    Since all 5 rangers are together in beginning of battle, it’s nice to see morphing sequence of 5 rangers; though, much like Gold’s mantis, I’m still not keen on scarab motif for Steel, since the morphing roaring animation looks still awkward IMO.

    Overall, it was decent episode for rangers (Ravi and Nate) to overcome their fear; I hope Devon overcome his fear of dog eventually.
    I felt the villain plot was more interesting than ranger, where they are collecting Ranger’s Beast power on data chip. One down (Ravi) and two more to go.

    We’re in halfway of the season (not counting 2 Holiday Episodes) and quarter of the series overall, if you count “Super” half, and so far the season has been good IMO. Not as great as first 10 episode of Dino Charge, but better than most of the first 10 episodes of Neo-Saban/Saban Brands seasons so far.
    I find it interesting that villain seems to have more focus and interesting plot than rangers so far; which something we haven’t seen in while. I’m more curious of how Evox is going to get his body than how rangers are going to rescue Blaze and Roxy.

    Regarding comparison with Ryusoulger, I find 10 episodes of Beast Morphers to be much interesting so far.
    At least characters are doing something to the plot (good or bad), rather than someone who has been completely wasted (Gaisorg) and forgotten (Tribe’s Elder… who hasn’t appear since Episode 6) so far; even Beast Bots Trio had more screen time and somewhat of importance (sort of) than most of Ryusoulger characters.
    Even the plot are flowing better, where at least something is happening in Beast Morphers, especially for villain side which has gotten little too much focus, than Ryusoulger which so far doesn’t have much in terms of plot (hero and villain), where it just seems to go no where… til recently, where it started to move on, which I find it just too late.
    No offense BTW.

    1. Good point about Smash. In Go-Busters, this would’ve been the perfect episode to explore the Rangers relationship with the BeastBots more. Smash should’ve been the one encouraging Ravi rather than Nate. But it seems Beast Morphers really don’t want to develop the Beast Bots as their own characters. Which is very sad.

  2. I personally didn’t like go to dentist when I was little, but later it didn’t matter for me, nobody told me, I just stopped to afraid myself! So great job Ravi and Nate for overcome their fears. I really liked this season of “Power Rangers” since Hasbro took care for everything 😁

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