Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 7 – “Things are about to go off the rails!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 7 – A Friend Indeed

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Blaze and Roxy create Railtron to steal Beast Bot data for Scrozzle to figure out a way to control the Megazord.

Over at GBHQ, Devon and Ravi have just wrapped up training together. Smash offers Ravi a blueberry drink, but he doesn’t want it. Devon takes it instead even though Cruise just arrives with his favorite drink, though a little late. Devon is annoyed Cruise keeps forgetting the shortcut he showed him.

Devon and Cruise leave and Smash offers to help Ravi train. But Smash is a little too gentle with Ravi and ends up wiping off a little bit of green stuff onto Ravi’s “new” shirt. An annoyed Ravi decides to leave instead.

Meanwhile, Zoey is annoyed that Jax got party supplies instead of office supplies. Jax says the clerk must have given him the wrong bag and asks the Burke Sibs to help him get the right one.

Devon and Ravi arrive and Nate tells them to come with for mission training out back.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Devon, Ravi and Zoey share how they are very annoyed with their Beast Bots and wish they would just mind their own business and do whatever they order them around to do like obedient slaves.

Outside, Nate runs the Rangers over with a hologram SUV. He’s equipped their blasters with holograms. Cruise, Smash and Jax come outside to invite the Rangers to take a break, but they tell them to leave them alone.

Just then, Tronics pop up and the Rangers morph. Nate hurries Cruise, Smash and Jax to safety.

As they are fighting, Railtron sucks up Cruise and Smash’s memory data. Zoey is able to shoot at Railtron before he can take Jax’s data as well. Blaze appears and whisks Railtron away.

The Rangers find Cruise and Smash have rebooted and are now more robotic than before. Back inside, Nate finds Railtron has taken Cruise and Smash’s memory data, which includes their personalities and memories that they have befriended the Rangers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Nate starts working to recover the lost data, but Devon and Ravi tell him that’s not important since they prefer having someone to order around like slaves anyway. They laugh as they walk out.

But Nate tells Zoey that unlike Devon and Ravi, he would never take a Beast Bot partner for granted. He would appreciate someone to talk to and help him when he needs it, like a brother. Zoey tells Nate that brothers can be a pain in the ass, like Jax.

Nate doesn’t respond and instead goes back to work on fixing Cruise and Smash.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

On the other side of town, Devon is riding Cruise and asks him to take the shortcut he always tells him about. Cruise obeys his command and takes him straight through trees with low hanging branches, slapping Devon in the face. Cruise then drives straight through mud, splashing Devon all over.

Devon finally tells Cruise to stop, which he does.

“Are you trying to hurt me?!” asks a completely pissed off Devon. Cruise replies that he’s just following the shortcut Devon told him to take. Devon realizes he did tell him to do that. But now angrily orders Cruise to not take any more shortcuts.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Over at GBHQ, Ravi asks Smash to help him train, but this time, to not go easy at all and to treat this like a real fight, not even to wait until Ravi is ready. Smash follows the orders and immediately punches Ravi straight across the room at the shelves on the wall.

Ravi is upset Smash punched him when he wasn’t ready, but Smash reminds him exactly he just said. Ravi realizes that and says he didn’t mean it.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Zoey asks Jax if he’s seen her tablet. He says he plugged it in at the lab, but Zoey insists it’s not there. She asks Jax for the code to this room so she can check, but he says he doesn’t know.

An annoyed Zoey stomps away.

Devon and Ravi whine and complain to Nate about Cruise and Smash and their “mistakes.” Nate is speechless and just walks out, amazed at how dense they can truly be.

Zoey comes in and whines to Devon and Ravi about Jax. They all agree with Zoey that it would be better if they didn’t have Beast Bots at all.

But Jax hears every word that’s just come out of her ungrateful mouth. He rolls over to the shelf where Zoey’s tablet was exactly where he said it was. She had thrown her coat over it, so it was really all her fault in the first place.

Jax rolls away. Devon, Ravi and Zoey run after him and follow him to the room that’s been decorated with the party supplies from earlier.

Cruise, Smash and Jax planned to throw the Rangers a surprise Thank You party for the Rangers. Jax explains Cruise was late earlier because he was helping to decorate. Ravi realizes the green stuff from earlier on Smash’s hand was cake icing.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Jax says he, Cruise and Smash see how hard the Rangers work and just wanted them to take a break for once with this Thank You party. The Rangers agree this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for them.

Zoey apologizes for being a complete jerk today and every day she’s taken him for granted. Devon and Ravi feel the same way.

Nate comes in to say the data stolen from Cruise and Smash includes how to pilot the zords. Jax offers to act as bait. But Zoey says even though she didn’t want to be his friend before, she’ll start being one now. And she won’t let him put himself in danger. Ravi says this could be the only way. Jax says he trusts the Rangers can keep him safe.

They head to the rail yard to enact Jax’s plan. Railtron finds Jax rolling about and prepares to take his data. But the Rangers pop out from behind hologram crates.

Railtron drops the memory discs. Zoey picks them up and order… asks Jax to bring them back to Nate.

The Rangers take on Railtron and finish him off. Scrozzle sends an alpha model Raildrone and Gigadrones. Nate just finishes returning Cruise and Smash’s memories. They all hurry to their zords and form the Megazord to finish off the Gigadrones.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Back at GBHQ, the Rangers surprise Cruise, Smash and Jax by throwing them a party with the food and supplies the Beast Bots had already set-up and prepared earlier. Except, the Rangers had a new banner made saying the Beast Bots are their friends.

Nate comes in looking for Ben and Betty. Smash knocks on the cake and they pop out.

Meanwhile in the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle continues working on his secret plan.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7

Episode Thoughts

So this was an interesting episode because it was definitely a good story concept, but it lacked a good foundation to make it believable.

First of all, let us remember this tweet from last week:

So this belittling of the Beast Bots is certainly a theme it appears. And I definitely would’ve liked to have seen the Rangers actually get a bigger comeuppance than just mud or getting punched in the gut, to be honest.

Now first of all, I think this is a very reasonable plot. That is, the Rangers taking their Beast Bots for granted and then realizing how wrong and how big of a jerk they’ve been to them. That is a very good lesson to have.

BUT! We actually haven’t seen the Rangers and Beast Bots be “friends” in the first place. And even more, the Beast Bots have been pretty invisible these first six episodes. So when Nate talked about the memories of the Rangers and Beast Bots “befriending” each other, I just had to give a:

Rangers befriending the Beast Bots?! I don’t think so. We never saw that at all.

And that’s a shame because there’s really a great story here about the Beast Bots really caring for the Rangers. And add to that Nate talking about how he could love to have a Beast Bot friend himself. We of course know Nate has grown up very lonely.

That’s why I wish we saw more of him dragging the Rangers for their poor attitudes. This should’ve been more of a Nate-Beast Bots-focus even.

The way the Rangers were treating the Beast Bots, I would’ve wanted to see Beast Morphers directly adapt the Buddy Roids Go on Strike episode. Have the Buddy Roids just leave the Rangers be and have them really feel what’s it’s like without these friends and partners who’ve been there for them all this time. (In that sense, this episode comes a little too early.)

After all, the Buddy Roids/Beast Bots can pilot the zords without the Rangers, but the Rangers can’t do ANYTHING with the zords without the Buddy Roids/Beast Bots.

It definitely worked better in Go-Busters since there’s an actual backstory between the Go-Busters and the Buddy Roids. Whereas here on Beast Morphers, the Beast Bots have been invisible and barely even introduced.

They should’ve pointed that out very bluntly in this episode. Though the Sentai footage probably isn’t there, having Gigadrones pop up, but the Rangers being helpless without their Buddy Roids would’ve been great. Or even have the Buddy Roids finish off the Gigadrones themselves to really deliver a bigger slap in the face to the Rangers. Lol That would’ve been very sweet.

That would’ve been an even better way to teach the kiddies not to take people for granted like the Rangers did. Again, this is a very good and important lesson to teach the kiddies.

Instead, we end the episode with the Rangers basically throwing the Beast Bots a party using the party the Beast Bots themselves spent time preparing. Uh… okay. Lol

So overall, this was a great story on paper. But it really didn’t have the foundation to be a truly great episode.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 7 – “Things are about to go off the rails!”

  1. As much as it was nice to see Beast Bots FINALLY getting spotlight, the episode felt weird, awkward, and weak, due to lack of friendship between Rangers and Beast Bots.
    Beast Bots just felt more like a plot device rather than character, since they barely had any screen time, so it really hard for me to convince they are considered to be “friend” by Rangers.
    Even after their memory were stolen by MOTW, Rangers (Devon and Ravi) still treat them more as “pets” (sort of) rather than moping and concern, which is pretty jarring and why this episode felt flat.

    It’s kind of odd to see a MOTW based on Electric Train, even though Blaze and Roxy got it from steam locomotive and probably the ONLY steam locomotive in the city.
    Never thought Hasbro would adapt an episode with (Japanese) Electric Train MOTW at train yard; maybe this might be hint/sign for ToQger (train motif) adaptation? lol XD

    Beast Bots getting data from OPTICAL DISC (CD) felt bit weird, since they could have used USB or SD card, something that is NOT prone to scratch; especially in 2019, where discs have become more niche format.

    Nate wanting Beast Bots was kind of sad to look at, especially since it reminds us that he’s the only child and his parents are away. It demonstrates loneliness as only child pretty well.
    I sense foreshadowing of new ranger and Beast Bot.

    The party at the end were nice and sweet and even Ben and Betty made some contribution; but I can’t help but feeling that it would have been so much better and rewarding had it been more character development for Beast Bots and interaction with Rangers in previous episodes. Without it, it just felt bit forced and tacked on, which is really a shame and wasteful, to what could have been one of the greatest moments of the season.

    The ending is probably the best part of the episode, where Scrozzle is gathering the parts he stole at hanger in previous episode, along with head of Beet J Stag/Silver Ranger, working on his secret plan… without any help of Blaze and Roxy, which makes rivalry between Scrozzle and Blaze/Roxy stronger.

    I agree that episode had interesting concept on paper, but the execution felt very flat due to lack of screen time and character development for Beast Bots, whom were just standing on the background, only useful when plot required… and that’s not really a character, but plot device (…ok, maybe not that bad). They sure are friend “indeed”. lol
    Probably the weakest episode of the season so far, but at least this episode took place at this timing, rather than taking place 3~4 episode before season finale (16~20), which what Saban Brands Era would have done.
    Much like the previous episode, I found villain subplot to be better and enjoyable than ranger, which still feels weird to see in Power Rangers these days.
    I’m curious how Beet J. Stag/Silver Ranger would turn out though, since based on where it’s going, it looks like we are going to see Silver before Gold.

    1. Definitely agree. This might have been my favorite story plot so far this season, but it was the weakest episode overall because it fell flat and not meaningful.

  2. I felt sad, when Rangers wasn’t very nice for their Beast Bots.
    And Beast Bots prepared surprise thanking party for them. Aww, how sweet!
    I wonder who can be new Ranger? Well, we’ve to wait.
    For me it was very instructive and clever episode about the fact how friendship is one of the most important things in the world 🙂

  3. It was a good episode.

    The only problem was Railtron. I mean, how can a train steal data from the Beast Bots? The previous robots used their gimmicks logically. Maybe if they added a scene where Blaze and Roxy installed the data stealer on the robot, it would have been easily solved.

    This one felt like a filler episode, but at least we got the ending where Scrozzle is about to finish that “Cyber Gate”.

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