Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 14 – GO! GO! Ghost 2015

Zi-O 13

Woz reads his book and says Tsukasa’s arrival and Another Ghost separating Sougo’s soul from his body is all part of his keikaku which actually isn’t part of his book, so he stops talking about it.

Geiz and Tsukuyomi are at the hospital where Sougo has been admitted. He hasn’t awakened yet even though there’s nothing wrong with him. Geiz says their only choice is to go to 2015 and defeat Another Ghost. He leaves for 2015.

Tsukuyomi asks Takeru to stay and watch Sougo as she chases after Geiz, but he has already zoomed away.

Zi-O 13

Sougo asks Takeru to tell everyone he’s hanging around, but Takeru says they wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Sougo asks how Takeru can see ghosts. Takeru shows him a Ghost Watch he received one day and he’s been able to see ghosts ever since. Sougo pieces together that the Ghost Watch Geiz has is Takeru’s.

Sougo has come up with a plan. He asks Takeru if he would like to time travel with him.

Zi-O 13

Geiz finds Another Ghost in 2015. He henshins and they battle. Ora hurries to tell Tsukasa about it and says they must stop him. She offers him a ride, but Tsukasa has got his own way to travel to other “worlds.”

Zi-O 13

Geiz uphenshins to Ghost. But Tsukasa arrives and he uphenshins to Ghost too.

Tsukasa and Another Ghost take on Geiz. Geiz struggles and Tsukasa tells him to fight harder to save his demon king. Geiz goes tsundere and that allows Tsukasa and Another Ghost to deliver finishers at him to force him to dehenshin.

Zi-O 13

Tsukasa walks over to grab the Ghost Watch from Geiz and destroy it. Tsukasa tosses him a Decade Watch as a consolation prize.

Zi-O 13

Meanwhile, Sougo guides Takeru through the Time Mazine to get them to 2015 and the day Mika’s brother dies. They arrive at that moment and Takeru uses his powers to will the steel girders away from Mika and her brother.

Now that Mika’s brother is safe, Sougo returns to his body in 2018. He wakes up in his hospital room and Woz is there, disappointed that his overlord has messed with time again.

Mika and her brother thank Takeru and he walks away. But Takeru is met by Heure who uses the Another Ghost Watch to summon some basic Ganma to attack him.

Zi-O 13

Makoto-niichan arrives and asks why in the world Takeru isn’t henshining. Takeru’s memory returns as does his Driver.

Takeru and Makoto henshin. They fight off the basic Ganma and then easily finish them off.

Heure freezes time as Schwartz arrives. Heure hurries over to shove the Watch into Makimura and turn him into Another Ghost.

Heure leaves and unfreezes time. Schwartz is relieved everything is back to as it should be.

Takeru and Makoto-niichan dehenshin.

Zi-O 13

At the hospital, Sougo feels strange. Woz knows that Another Ghost has been born again and he admits he has been talking to the enemy.

Makoto asks Takeru what’s going on, but Takeru says it’s complicated. Mika asks them if they’ve seen her brother.

Sougo appears back in 2015. Takeru asks Makoto-niichan to take care of Mika and to give his regards to the Takeru here.

Zi-O 13

At the shop in 2018, Geiz, Tsukuyomi and Uncle Junichiro are sitting down for lunch when Takeru and Narita come in. Uncle Junichiro goes to the kitchen to get two more bowls of pasta for their guests.

Takeru tells Sougo that everything’s ready. Geiz and Tsukuyomi ask who in the world Takeru is talking to. Narita fires the Akari’s upgraded Shiranui to reveal Sougo who’s standing right next to them.

Uncle Junichiro is surprised Sougo is back so soon. He heads back in the kitchen to see if there’s any pasta left since he assumes Sougo must be hungry from his trip.

Sougo says he doesn’t feel hungry though.

Zi-O 13

“I know, right?!” Takeru excitedly says.

Takeru proceeds to explain how Sougo’s soul has been separated from his body. Sougo thanks Geiz for fighting for him. Geiz goes full-on tsundere, denying he has done any such thing.

Zi-O 13

Sougo says they should return to 2015 and defeat Another Ghost now. Tsukuyomi reminds him that Mika’s brother will die if that happens. But Sougo says that’s why he and Takeru traveled to the past, to keep Makimura fom dying.

Takeru gives Sougo the Ghost Watch.

Sougo and Geiz travel back to 2015, but Heure and Ora both pursue them.

They fight each other in their Time Mazines with Sougo and Geiz henshining. Sougo and Geiz uses Ex-Aid & GENM and Build & Cross-Z faces to power up their Time Mazines.

Zi-O 13

After driving Heure and Ora away, Sougo and Geiz find Another Ghost rampaging and they henshin again.

Zi-O 13

Tsukasa watches from above. Woz asks if he’s going to join the battle, but Tsukasa says he will just observe.

Geiz tosses the Decade Watch to Sougo for him to use to uphenshin to Decade Armor. Geiz goes Faiz.

Zi-O 13

Woz makes the proclamation and Tsukasa asks who the hell he’s talking to.

Sougo realizes there’s another Watch slot on the Decade Watch so he inserts the Build Watch and he uphenshins to Build Final Form.

Zi-O 13

Woz starts to make another proclamation, but Tsukasa tells him to shut up.

Sougo takes on Another Ghost who powers up as well. Sougo finds he can switch between different powers on his new HeiSaber.

Zi-O 13

Sougo then uphenshins to Ghost Final Form.

Woz asks Tsukasa why he gave Sougo his Watch. Tsukasa says it’s no fun beating on weaklings.

Geiz finishes off the basic Ganma as Sougo delivers the Decade Heisei Riders Ultimate Time Break finisher at Another Ghost.

Sougo returns to his body and wakes up. Tsukuyomi asks how he’s feeling. Sougo says he feels kind of hungry.

Zi-O 13

“I know, right?!”

Zi-O 13

Later, Sougo and Tsukuyomi arrive home and Uncle Junichiro tells Sougo that a customer has just ate his dinner. He apologizes and heads to the kitchen to cook some more.

That eating customer is actually…
Zi-O 13


Tsukasa introduces himself as a passing-through Kamen Rider. He takes Sougo’s picture and thanks Uncle Junichiro for the meal before leaving.

Zi-O 13

Woz watches from the stairs and says even if Sougo makes little changes through history, with the arrival of Tsukasa, the flow of history will start accelerating. Just according to keikaku.

Tsukasa says Sougo will never become king because this world will end with him destroying it.

Recap: Episode 14.5 – The Pink Devil

Zi-O 13

Geiz and Sougo are worried about the pink guy. Geiz worries about the pink guy being a threat. Sougo is upset about the pink guy eating his dinner.

The pink guy, Tsukasa, pops in to say it’s not pink, but magenta.

Zi-O 13

Tsukuyomi comes in and says there’s no difference. The point is why is a man wearing pink. Woz comes in and says Decade is the first male Rider who wore pink and that allowed future Riders to have pink as well. Like Ex-Aid being pink and Zi-O having pink eyes.

Zi-O 13

Tsukasa reiterates that it’s magenta.

Geiz asks why Riders began wearing pink. Woz reads in his book that producer Tsukada arrived at work wearing a pink t-shirt one day and somehow it ended up being mazeta.

Tsukuyomi says that doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, Tsukuyomi asks what Decade’s good points are. Woz suggests that it is bringing about the possibility of Riders wearing other colors than red, black, green or blue. Tsukuyomi says that’s actually a bad thing.

Zi-O 13

She’s a girl, but she only wears white and not pink.

Tsukuyomi wishes she could wear pink on the show.

Zi-O 13


Zi-O 13

“What’d you say that for?”

Episode Thoughts

My goodness, this Ghost arc may have been the best so far on Zi-O! WTF?! lol

Seriously though, this has been the best and most well-told arc of the season so far. A great mix of callbacks to the original season, great use of the returning legends and a solid MOTW story. And that’s only anything Ghost-related too, not including all the stuff with Tsukasa.

Tsukasa and really, Masahiro Inoue is obviously a huge return and a big name and character. But that didn’t take away from Takeru and all the Ghost-isms. This was the complete opposite of the OOO “tribute” that really was more a GENM/Kuroto tribute than anything.

I get the plan to allow Makimura to still become Another Ghost, but change history so he didn’t die and won’t die when he no longer has a Watch inside him. However, that presents the moral dilemma of playing God of course. Which, come to think of it, is something Ghost didn’t do well with tackling either (neither did Ex-Aid and Kuroto’s insanity, but that’s another story lol). So this really has been the best tribute arc for Ghost! lol Matches perfectly!

Seeing Makoto-niichan was fun as well and this episode really made me forget about the Specter movie even!

But really, the story and the use of the Ghost powers worked very well here. And it moved the greater arc of the season forward as well.

The things that Sougo continues to do seem to be having interesting, though still unclear effects on the future and the timeline. Obviously, we can’t keep track of the mess he’s made with all the previous rewrites to history with each Legendary Rider so far. But hopefully we do see those effects as the season moves along. Some consequences, good or bad.

Woz says everything is going according to his plan. Not sure if he means his original plan all along or just his plan to get his overlord demon king back on track.

With Tsukasa, again I wish I had finished Decade by now. But everything about him in these episodes and even 14.5 is in line with everything I’ve seen of him so far in movies and other guest appearances on other seasons. Should be interesting to see how his extended stay plays out. (Or maybe this is just promo for the Forever movie out in about a week lol)

Elsewhere, the Time Mazine battle felt very Sentai. Especially with the face changes which are nice gimmicks.

I don’t know why I laughed so hard at Takeru’s “Ain’t that the truth?!”/”Ain’t that right?”/”I know, right?!” re: not being hungry as a ghost. They way he said it was just funny. But at the same time, I know for a fact they barely, if ever talked about Takeru not being hungry or needing to eat as a ghost until like the last two episodes. lol

I also liked the “HEI-SEI” chant for the attack. It’s just fun and amusing and even exciting. It’s like a nice, proud cheer for the Heisei Period too.

Geiz was high-key tsundere this week.

The Decade Armor suit looks very interesting. A little awkward with the huge card face. But it makes sense with being functional in how they want to swap out the slips for whatever final attack finisher they’ll be using at any given time.

Now Episode 14.5. It was funny. But at the same time, a little awkward and sad because of the implication or joke about pink being too girly for a hero.

Especially since Toei did a pretty near-perfect job in ToQger of “normalizing” guys taking on an all-pink suit with zero complaints or side comments or remarks about being “girly” or feeling inadequate in a pink suit.

Not to mention of course the aforementioned Decade and Ex-Aid, both with predominantly pink suits.

I know it was all jokes here on 14.5 and really all X.5 episodes shouldn’t be taken seriously. But they were playing up the guys all acting feminine when they got pink scarfs and all that. It’s just, I don’t know. It makes it hard for me to truly enjoy or laugh out loud at 14.5.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this Ghost arc on Zi-O. Perhaps more than I remember the Ghost season itself. I think the most well-put together arc so far.

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    I couldn’t restrain to write this! I loved that sound immediately and it reminded me of a lot of fans. Of course, the whole episodes were funny and great 🙂

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