Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 43 – The Man Who Returned

Noel has again snuck into the office to use Jim Carter’s computer late at night.

Next day, the Lups are fighting Tokagale Nakushaku who they find actually has an empty safe. Tokagale says someone asked to see his treasure and he let him, but the guy ran off with it. Tokagale says he always does what he is told.

Before the Lups can ask what that man looks like, the Pats arrive. They fight, allowing for Tokagale to escape. The Lups also escape and the Pats, particularly Keiichiro and Tsukasa, are surprised when the former Patren 2gou Shinonome Satoru pops up in front of them.

Sakuya returns to the GSPO and tells Noel about Satoru being 2gou before he joined the team. Noel knows Satoru was transferred to France HQ. And Commander Hilltop says Satoru has returned to Japan for a special mission.

Keiichiro and Tsukasa are still by the water catching up with Satoru. They reminisce about how they struggled against the Ganglers before they got the toys. But now the Pats can go toe-to-toe with the Ganglers.

Tsukasa asks Satoru what his special mission is. Satoru says there’s a leak in the Japan branch to the Ganglers and he’s here to catch that leak.

They head back to the office. Sakuya introduces himself to Satoru who has chocolates for them.

Noel tries to introduce himself to Satoru who does not take his hand. Satoru has heard a lot about him, especially about Noel working with the kaitous. Noel says he has his reasons.

Sakuya says Satoru’s chocolates are delicious. Satoru says they’re his new favorite chocos, but Tsukasa remembers he didn’t like sweets. Satoru gives a non-answer and Tsukasa does not pursue.

Satoru asks to speak privately with Keiichiro. They head out to the hallway and Satoru says there is talk Noel has made deals with Ganglers. Keiichiro says Noel isn’t the kind of person to do that.

Satoru points out that despite the Pats trusting him, Noel has made deals and worked with the Lups. Keiichiro has no response to that.

Satoru says he doesn’t trust Noel and suggests Keiichiro keep his guard up.

On the other side of town, Tokagale finds a present addressed to him. It’s a Collection Piece. He excitedly puts it in his safe.

Down in the underworld, Dogranio is surprised that “X” would do something like “that,” but this has cheered him up since losing Destra.

The Lups find Tokagale in his human form. They are confident thinking he has no Piece, but are surprised when Tokagale is able to attack them with his gift.

Tokagale says Noel gave it to him. He is able to bounce away from the shocked and confused Lups.

Noel gets a call and gets some kind of instruction which he confirms to take care of.

Back at the HQ, Satoru says there is evidence of someone accessing France HQs server to steal information… from Jim Carter’s computer. Satoru asks who could have had access to this room and Jim Carter says Noel has been using his computer from time to time.

Satoru says his suspicions have been confirmed, though the Pats still can’t believe Noel is working with Ganglers. Keiichiro says they must question Noel then. Satoru says they can immediately bring him in as he knows where Noel is at this very moment.

Noel arrives at the warehouse where Tokagale is. Tokagale sees Noel is the one who gave him the Piece and thanks him for it.

Just at that very moment, Satoru and the Pats arrive to see Noel and Tokagale in this compromising position.

Satoru asks if Noel is really a Gangler spy, but he doesn’t give Noel a chance to really answer. Instead, Noel grabs his X Changer and shoots at his comrades.

Noel understands that trying to explain right now wouldn’t help, so he decides to run. Keiichiro points his VS Changer at him and tells him to stop or he’ll shoot, but he can’t bring himself to do it.

Satoru grabs the VS Changer and shoots at Noel himself. Tokagale runs off. Satoru tells Tsukasa and Sakuya to go after him as he goes after Noel.

Tokagale runs into the Lups who morph and take him on. Kairi uses Victory Striker to gain the upper hand on Tokagale. That allows Tooma and Umika to grab the Piece. They wonder if Tokagale really got the Piece from Noel as they don’t believe he would ever do that.

Goche appears and asks the Lups if they really think that.

“The blood flowing through X’s veins isn’t human.”

Goche saw that fact when she used Gueris le Monde on Noel. So she wouldn’t be surprised if Noel was using the Lups as well. Kairi wants to know what the hell Goche is talking about.

“Oh, didn’t you know?” Goche says. “X isn’t human.”

The Lups are shocked. They can’t believe they were tricked like this.

Tokagale tries to escape again, but Sakuya and Tsukasa stop him and finish off his first life.

Goche embiggens Tokagale and says things are getting interesting thanks to X.

Good Striker flies in and notices the Lups are speechless. The Lups pull themselves together and hop into Victory LupinKaiser. Good Striker is surprised by the Lups going all out against Tokagale and realizes they are all angry.

“Noel, isn’t human?” Umika says. Good Striker replies with “Huh?! Didn’t you know?!”

Meanwhile, Satoru continues chasing after Noel who is able to evade all of the shots from the VS Changer.

But Keiichiro manages to block Noel’s path as he runs down the Toei ramp. Thunder begins to clap as Keiichiro and Noel face each other.

Keiichiro asks if Noel really betrayed them. Before Noel can answer, Satoru comes running and continues shooting at Noel who runs off.

Keiichiro stands there as rain begins to fall.

Episode Thoughts

So finally something big actually happens. And I feel bad that I’m not jumping up and down about it.

First of all, I feel I should be surprised that Noel isn’t “human,” though this is certainly the kind of thing I was hoping for. Something bigger than just Noel wanting to save someone or him and Zamigo being brothers or something like that. Why do I feel like I’ve heard Dogranio, Destra or Goche refer to an “X” before? Though why would Goche then be surprised to see Noel does not have human blood?

I dunno!

But I think the reason why I didn’t absolutely love this episode was that I think too much happened in it. It felt like one big expository dump and kind of lessened the impact it would’ve had with a little more set-up. Instead of the fillers we got through the 30s, really building up the tension with Noel (and Kogure) instead of the off episode or two would’ve really made this episode that much more impactful.

Yes, we’ve seen Noel be sketchy for several episodes in the last 40. But after his initial arrival, we haven’t really had the Pats doubt him or lose trust in him. Even as Noel continues working with the Lups.

I would’ve reinforced the bond and trust the Pats have with Noel to the highest level so it could come crashing down in this episode. Though obviously, Noel’s been set up (by Satoru most likely) and he’ll be unable to explain himself yet or reveal his true identity. Gangler, inanimate object or otherwise.

I don’t remember if we got an episode for Noel like Kogure’s focus where we see him kind of feel bad or regret what he was doing to the Lups.

I really wish we had more character focus episodes these last few months instead of all that filler. That way we wouldn’t have needed Goche to be our exposition dumper here.

With Satoru, he’s obviously either a Gangler or just some corrupt, bad cop. He seems to have been the one who set Noel up most likely and was very eager to catch Noel, or even kill him on the spot.

Anyway, I knew Seiya Motoki was good at parkour, so that chase scene was pretty amazing. Probably what I enjoyed the most this episode. And the scene when Noel shoots at the Pats was well done as well.

But the final scene was pretty amazing and dramatic. The slow motion, the music and of course the dramatic rain. It was great.

Again, I just wish it had the foundation to support the impact. I’ve certainly had this criticism of other Sentai and Kamen Rider seasons in the past. They can have big, flashy final episodes. But is there any substance or depth to them? I’d say here on LuPat, it’s 50/50. A lot of missed opportunities to truly set up this pivotal episode. But we’ll see how next week turns out.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 43 – The Man Who Returned

  1. Now THAT was pretty surprising! Noel isn’t a human? I sensed that Noel can to have something on conscience, but what is it, we can find next time. Satoru suddenly liked chocolate or is he just pretending? I watched special episodes “Another Patren 2gou” and I don’t think Satoru can be mischievous, although I have a doubts.

  2. Now that you mentioned it, I think this episode feels kind of rushed too. This sudden plot feels like they compact everything into it. Just to be honest, Victory LupinKaiser is way better without using Splash and Magic. It looks kind of ugly in their default formation. In any case, I’m looking forward to what Siren Patkaiser can do. Hopefully its finisher and power up abilities on Crane, Drill and Biker isn’t lame enough that they had to make Lupins more superior on using it with their default formation. I mean, I was looking forward to what PatKaiser Splash can do ON ITS OWN but with Magic, I think it’s all just bonuses to make it waters stabilised into bubble and pop it with a snap.

    If Satoru is not a Ganglar in disguise or something I’ll be surprised. Futhermore, the fact that Noel isn’t human can also means that he was once human but used some sort of power, maybe Lupin Collection to stay in the present time, like Igasaki Yoshitaka from Ninninger using the End Shuriken.

    The fact that the calling card was pasted with Noel’s face was so ridiculous. There’s no way he would give a collection away and what kind of idiot phantom thieves would paste their true faces and names on a calling card?

    If you asked when did the Ganglars higher ups start to address Noel as X was on episode 21, his second appearance after the debut in episode 20. Both Gauche and Destra are respectively arguing that Noel was Lupin and Patran but their boss was fed up with the bickering and claimed to just settled it with only X. Even Lupins agreed to use that code-name, off-screen presumably because even mere civilians apart from Kairi and the rest cannot possibly know that a member of GSPO was a Lupinranger.

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