Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 39 – Bet on This

There’s no one in the office yet so Noel decides to snoop around for some new intel. He sees the file on Zamigo being Status Double Gold, but can’t look for more info as Jim Carter arrives.

Meanwhile, Kairi unsuccessfully tries to avoid Keiichiro who approaches him with some small talk. Kairi is not in the mood, however, and is able to brush him off. Just then, a big explosion nearby.

Noel heads to Jurer to ask Tooma and Umika about if they know anything about Zamigo. Tooma says they’ve never heard of him. Umika is surprised, but goes along with it.

Tsukasa and Sakuya meet up with Keiichiro where they run into a mother and son who said the ebi fry exploded. The Pats are surprised to see it is the work of Gangler Iselob who, last they saw, was frozen by Zamigo.

Iselob says he’s been thawed out. Tsukasa reasons that he must have been transported somewhere else, not killed. The Pats morph.

The Pats fire at Iselob, but Iselob uses his Collection Piece power to prevent them from moving as he makes them float into the air, allowing direct shrimp hits at them to enable him to safely escape.

Kairi sees Iselob’s human disguise and hopes the Pats don’t find him first.

Back at HQ, the Pats ask Noel if he’s ever heard of a Gangler with Zamigo’s freezing power, but he says no. The Pats decide they must be careful about that especially without knowing where the frozen person is transported to.

Jim Carter shows the Pats that there have been exploding shrimps raining down all over the city since yesterday. The Pats head out to look for Iselob.

Umika is by herself, thinking about them realizing Zamigo is the key to getting their loved ones back without Kogure’s help. She decides Tooma was right not to tell Noel since he’s part of the Lupin family.

While looking for suspicious ebi fries, Sakuya spots Umika and heads over to her. He notices she is down and asks if there’s anything wrong. She decides to tell him about a dilemma she says.

Umika says she and her friend have a problem and their new friend might know how to fix it, so he wants to ask him. But her old friend doesn’t want to. Sakuya asks if her friendship or fixing the problem is more important to her. If fixing the problem is more important, Sakuya says, then Umika should talk to the new friend even if it means fighting with the old one.

Umika thanks Sakuya and runs off.

Tooma texts Kairi to ask where he is. Kairi says he’s tailing a possible Gangler. Tooma is suspicious of Kairi doing it by himself.

Umika arrives back at Jurer and tells Tooma that they should tell Noel about Zamigo. She knows he’s a Lupin person, but they haven’t gotten any new information for a long time. She reasons that they must get their loved ones back as soon as possible.

Umika decides to call Noel over and they tell him everything. Tooma apologizes for lying earlier, but Noel says he understands.

Umika says since Zamigo doesn’t have a Collection Piece, they can just destroy him and their loved ones will be saved. Noel says that makes sense. He tells them about the information the Pats have gathered on Zamigo. Umika says they should tell Kairi.

Tooma sees Kairi has sent them the location he is fighting Iselob at right now.

Iselob uses his Collection Piece power to freeze and float Kairi, but Kairi uses his kaitou tricks to break free of it. He then is able to unlock Iselob’s safe and take the Piece.

Suddenly, Zamigo appears.

Zamigo is pleased Iselob has been able to catch him a Lup after thawing him out on a whim. Zamigao morphs to his Gangler form and says he wants to play with Kairi.

They battle. Jim Carter alerts the Pats to the situation.

The other Pats arrive and Zamigo is excited for more fun.

Kairi decides to use Victory Striker to go Super. Zamigo thinks that looks cool. He shoots at him, but Kairi realizes he can predict Zamigo’s moves.

The Pats arrive as Kairi continues being one step ahead of Zamigo.

Zamigo laughs and says Kairi is awesome. Kairi calls his friends Blue and Yellow over and they turn his dials to power up a big attack. But Zamigo is able to freeze Iselob and yank him over to block the attack from hitting himself.

Zamigo acknowledges Kairi may have won this battle, but he’ll be ready next time they meet.

Keiichiro notices Lupin Red appears very upset.

Goche arrives to embiggen Iselob. The Lups hop into Victory LupinKaiser. Iselob shoots hot oil on the ground to fry up the Lups and the whole city into ebi fries. The Lups put the fire out. Iselob tries flying away. But Good Striker puts Victory LupinKaiser into Flying Mode. They deliver a Good Striker Knock-Down Kick to finish off Iselob for good.

Back at the GSPO, Keiichiro thinks about why Lupin Red was fighting with a different rage against Zamigo than any other Gangler.

At Jurer, Noel promises not to tell Kogure about Zamigo. He assures them that he is their ally and will also let them know of any info he steals from the Pats.

Umika is sure everything will go back to normal when they defeat Zamigo. She’s excited for that moment. Kairi is sure as long as they have Victory Striker, they’ll be fine.

Kairi then realizes Noel didn’t know who Zamigo was. So who took the person he wants to save?

Down in the underworld, Destra is drunk. Goche knows he’s upset because the Lups took his Piece. Destra is ashamed to face Dogranio. Goche offers to help him get revenge if he would like.

Destra does not immediately accept, but he pauses to think after.

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. Still a little too slow moving with respect to the big picture, but at least it’s a step forward. It’s funny how Umika talks about them not getting any new information for a long time. Indeed, the story has stalled for quite a while.

The biggest development is just making Noel more suspicious. And now having the Lups seemingly more weary of him as well.

I definitely like them all keeping secrets from each other. Like that first scene with Tooma, Umika and Noel before they ended up telling him anyway (thanks to Sakuya’s advice!).

Interesting to see that little hesitation from Tooma regarding Kairi. I hope that leads to something as well. Kairi going rogue or something and Tooma and Umika not agreeing with him.

I feel a little more hopeful about what Noel’s big secret could be. It seems like even the endgame might have something to do with Noel. I think I mentioned before that in the spirit of being undercover and playing all sides, that Noel might even be in cahoots with the Ganglers. Or that he might be a Gangler himself.

He did seem sincerely out of the loop about Zamigo, which is kind of surprising considering everything that’s happened. That would lead me to believe they are definitely involved somehow probably. Maybe Destra as well.

It’s also finally great to see Zamigo in an extended fashion this episode. I really can’t help but really like him despite knowing almost nothing about him, obviously because of the lack of screentime he actually gets.

Special mention of that sincere moment between Sakuya and Umika too:

Overall, a welcome step forward for the story.

7 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 39 – Bet on This

  1. The Writers team pretty much what happen in series and out series (Ha)

    You can see look like he not sure gather collection or defeat zamigo will bring their’s loved ones back.

    I mean where are they now ? if zamigo didn’t kill them ?

    inside kogure’s book ? become slave in gangler’s world ? hell probably zamigo already butcher them and sell skin body to another gangler .

  2. The Writers team pretty much acknowledge what happen inside the series and outside the series (Ha)

    You can see Touma’s face that look like he not sure gather collection or defeat zamigo will bring their’s loved ones back.

    I mean where are they now ? if zamigo didn’t kill them ?

    inside kogure’s book ? become slave in gangler’s world ? hell probably zamigo already butcher them and sell skin body to another gangler .

    1. The more interesting, though sad, thing would be if Zamigo really killed them all and they can’t be brought back. But I know they wouldn’t do that on Sentai most of the time.

      Will be interesting to see everything get revealed finally.

  3. What a surprise! Looks like Zamigo didn’t kill Lups’ loved ones, but they’re imprisoned! I wonder where?
    Kairi was pretty incredible. He was able to take Gangler down by himself and wanted to settle things with Zamigo alone! Well, we’re slowly approaching the end, and everything gradually begins to explain 🙂

  4. Well, I rather not jump the gun about Zamigo’s abilities yet though. We only have proof that he apparently did killed a Ganglar but in reality he did not. We don’t know for sure about the humans that he attacked over a year ago. Honestly, anything can happen to those people while the Lupins are struggling to gain every single one.

    Honestly, this episode should have come 10 episodes earlier. The recap on episode 29 was pretty much useless if you ask me considering the episodes that come afterwards. Not to mention, Zamigo was interested in Lupins but did not bother do anything to bait them out before if he’s bored. In addition, the fact that Pats did not even fight him before makes me doubt the stated villain will be defeated by just Lupins instead of both teams combined forces. If it’s not because of Victory had the ability to predict the opponent’s movement and they did not obtain it recently, I doubt Red would be able to avoid Zamigo’s moves, mainly because there’s an unexpectedly long gap between their encounters. Plus, he might have to be prepared that this Ganglar had a new secret moves or anything. In addition, if Zamigo’s ability was confirmed to be true, it would be a shame to have only Lupins gain the victory on their own, considering that Pats was the one who figured it out for them.

    I only realised this now but the Lupins struggling to obtain every Lupin Collection is similar to the characters in Kamen Rider Ghost that try to obtain 15 Luminary Eyecons to get a wish granted. Though in this case, we don’t know how many that Arsene Lupin collected, including the ones that are in Pats hands. Considering that thick book Kogure was holding, there would be around 200-300. Of course, that’s just my assumption so the real one is lesser because every collection was described in two pages, including the pictures.

    That’s it I want to say. We’re reaching the end of the show already plus no more toys are released so I give up on Pats getting to use Splash and Siren Striker. What I care now is about the plot moving forward rather than having fillers at this stage. And yes, I really hope Pats have some significant role from this point onward even though they are supporting characters, mainly because they’ve been behind the scenes too long. Otherwise, the point of their existence was totally meaningless in the first place considering how good this series were in the first half.

    Although what I want to say after this has no more meaning, here’s what I thought they could do to make the toy sales increase. Give Magic to Pats and Splash to Lupins, then the remaining ones go to their respective owners or the episodes afterwards had more like in Episode 18 (where we had Hensoku PatKaiser debut) but with more justified reason, like Red, Nigou and Sangou were too injured to go and pilot their mecha, leaving only Ichigou, Yellow and Blue to form Hensoku LupinKaiser or anything. That way, even kids would actually try to buy Trigger Machines because we can mix and match the arms and heads. I would have like it that way better if the Siren and Victory had the name LupinKaiser in it but one or two core Pats joining them, even though it would violate the principle that Thiefs and Polices should never work together if possible.

    1. Yeah, they’re doing a lot of these filler-type episodes too late. I wish they’d get on with the big story by now.

      And I agree, I hope the Pats and Lups finally team up soon. I think they will have to work together to beat the main villain, whomever that will be.

      With the toys, they really could’ve done a few episodes of story where they can switch VS Vehicles. It would definitely encourage people to buy all the toys if they can switch between the Lups and PatKaisers

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