Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 34 – The Separated Best Match

Build 34

Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi hurry outside and are shocked to find Gentoku holding his dead father in his arms. Evolto introduces himself as Kamen Rider Evol and the guys quickly henshin to take him on.

Build 34

Even their top forms are no match for Evolto though. After injecting Sento with a poison, he forces Ryuga and Kazumi to dehenshin as well. Evolto explains that it is a poison that does not exist on Earth and will kill Sento in three days. Misora tries to summon Vernage to help Sento, but she does not appear.

Evolto says he is the only one who can cure Sento.

Build 34

Fast forward two days. Gentoku wanders the city, unsure what to do next. The acting PM of Touto wants to engage Seito in talks. Nanba looks forward to finally getting his hands on Pandora’s Box.

A struggling Sento is in the hospital, but the doctors are unable to do anything to help him. EvoltIchi calls Sento’s phone and Ryuga answers. He gets them to meet at Nascita.

Build 34

Ryuga and Misora get to the lab where SoiVolto has already ransacked the place looking for Pandora’s Box. He offers a deal, Pandora’s Box and all of Touto’s bottles in exchange for a cured Sento.

Misora steps forward saying how disgusting it is for Evolto to be using her father’s body for such a despicable act. Evolto mocks Misora for not even knowing he was possessing her father.

Build 34

She grabs his coat and screams. Suddenly, Vernage makes an appearance. But even Ryuga can realize that Vernage’s powers are weaker now. Evolto also sees this and sends VernaSora flying. Ryuga hurries over to Misora, but Evolto gives him one last chance to accept the offer.

And he does. Ryuga takes Evolto to the location of Pandora’s Box and says the FullBottles are on their way.

Evolto says it’s amazing that Ryuga would go through all of this for the man who wanted to kill him.

Build 34

Evolto explains what happened in that apartment a year ago. Evolto killed Satou Taro and wiped Katsuragi’s memory because he had figured out their true identities. That is, Soichvolto and Ryuga’s identities.

“We are one. We are the same lifeform,” Evolto says. “You were once a part of me.”

“You and me combined… is the real Evolto!”

Build 34

Ryuga refuses to believe such a thing. But Evolto assures that is the truth. Katsuragi had called them both to the apartment to try and kill them after discovering their identities.

Katsuragi had first confronted Evolto about coming to Earth to destroy it. He planned on using the Driver and FullBottles to defeat them, but Evolto had swapped out the real Driver with a prototype. When Katsuragi refused to reveal the location of the Evol Driver, Evolto knocked him out. And that’s when Satou Taro arrived.

Build 34

Just then, the ambulance carrying Sento, Kazumi and Sawa has arrived. Kazumin has the FullBottles and asks Ryuga if he’s sure they can trust Evolto. Ryuga says they have no choice.

Ryuga demands Evolto cure Sento before they hand over the FullBottles. But Evolto says Sento can only be cured if they can defeat him.

Ryuga and Kazumi henshin. Evolto does as well. They battle.

But Evolto easily forces Kazumi to dehenshin. Sento’s condition continues to worsen. Evolto excitedly points out his “partner” Ryuga’s rising Hazard Level.

Ryuga asserts that Sento is his only partner. Evolto laments Ryuga wanting to help such selfish lifeforms as humans who are the ones who started this war in the first place. But Ryuga says all the people he’s met so far have fought for what they believed in and fought to bring peace and happiness.

Evolto’s goading of Ryuga seems to be the plan as his Hazard Level continues to rise. Ryuga only grows more angry, but Evolto delivers an Evoltec Finish at him, forcing him to dehenshin.

Build 34

Ryuga prepares to immediately henshin again, but Kazumi warns it is dangerous to henshin immediately after being forced to dehenshin.

Evolto says either Ryuga lets Sento die or he gives up his life for Sento. Ryuga says he probably would never say he’d die for others. But that was before he met Sento who has changed his life.

“This sucks. It’s your fault I can’t stop being a stupid human. Thank you.”

Ryuga gets up, turns toward Sento in the ambulance and says “I’m leaving the rest to you.”

Ryuga henshins direct to Magma.

Build 34

It is now evening. Back at the lab, Misora wakes up and finds herself alone. She worries about Ryuga.

Kazumi screams at Ryuga to stop this. He won’t survive. Ryuga does not care. Sento is on his last breaths. Sawa tries to get him to hang on.

Build 34

Ryuga’s giving Evolto everything he’s got, much to Evolto’s glee. Evolto excitedly calls out Ryuga’s Hazard Level.

Ryuga proclaims his magma is overflowing. He gathers up all the firepower, literally, he has and delivers a big punch right in Evolto’s chest. Evolto declares Ryuga has reached Hazard Level 5.0.

Build 34

Sento flatlines. Ryuga and Evolto both charge at each other with their most powerful finishers, a Volcanic Knuckle and an Evoltec Finish. The explosion is huge and reverberates throughout Touto.

Kazumi and Sawa are shocked to see Ryuga standing right where the explosion occurred. They believe Ryuga has defeated Evolto.

Ryuga waves his hand and the poison appears to leave Sento’s body. Kazumi asks how he did that.

Sento regains consciousness. Ryuga opens his mouth to speak, but a different, familiar voice is what comes out.

Build 34

“I helped an enemy in need. Aren’t I nice?”

Kazumi, Sawa and a new fully awake Sento realize what has happened.

Evolto has possessed Ryuga’s body. Evolto henshins to become Kamen Rider Evol Dragon.

Build 34

Episode Thoughts

An interesting and exciting episode. Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised about any of the developments or reveals in this episode. But at the same time, everything still felt so exciting and at times even epic. There was a sense of things being very big.

I think seeing Papa PM die in that way, not only protecting Gentoku, but not fading away or disintegrating into glitter really set the tone.

First, I enjoyed it being only Ryuga and Misora meeting SoichiVolto. Obviously the two characters most affected by him. I think they did just enough with Misora expressing her anger at Evolto for taking over her father’s body. (Though again, I’m still a little disappointed that Soichi may not have had any part in whatever Evolto made him do.)

And then the big reveal about Ryuga’s true identity. Honestly, it did feel kinda weird as it played out. They’re both one being? Very strange. lol I half-expected, as it was playing out, that Evolto would be Ryuga’s father or something. That would also be very strange considering how Ryuga’s mother would get pregnant and all. But it does set up Evolto eventually taking over Ryuga’s body at the end of the episode. Could be more interesting that way.

Especially looking forward to seeing Akasi Eiji as Evolto. Following the actors on their social media, Akasi Eiji is so different from Ryuga and obviously will be even more different playing Evolto. It’s always fun to see actors playing characters who are so different from their real personalities and doing it well.

The full explanation of what happened in the apartment with Katsuragi made a lot of sense. And I do think the show has been slowly redeeming Katsuragi’s character, probably to set up Sento regaining all his memories in the future and not having evil stuff hanging over his head.

Add this episode to the list of ones that again highlight the bond that Sento and Ryuga have forged through the course of the season. “I only have one partner,” Ryuga says. And insert flashbacks of the very first bike ride together. It was great.

It was also interesting to hear Kazumi pointing out that it’s dangerous to immediately rehenshin after being forced out of one. I don’t know that it has ever been mentioned before. Even on Sentai. Getting forced to dehenshin would usually mean it’s time to rest or it’s the cliffhanger of the episode. But actually pointing it out was definitely an interesting moment since it’s really something like an unspoken rule almost. Lol

I was again spoiled this week seeing a pic of messy-haired Ryuga and even without context, I knew it had to mean Evolto possessing him or something. So it wasn’t a surprise, but like I said, the whole episode was still very exciting. Everything worked and was executed well. I liked it a lot.

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