Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 13 – The Best and Worst Day Off

In the underworld, Naiyo Kapaja visits Dogranio, She and Goche aren’t really BFFs. Naiyo asks if she can take Goche’s place by Dogranio’s side if she can take over the human world. Dogranio says sure.

Tsukasa heads to the theme park on her day off so she can get a cute new, exclusive plush toy when you collect six stamps from different attractions. But when she gets there, the individual tickets are sold out. There are only pair tickets left.

Much to Tsukasa’s surprise, Umika is also here to do the stamp rally. Neither is too keen on the idea of being together, Umika with a cop and Tsukasa with anyone who knows her. But they have no choice and they reluctantly take care of the stamp collecting.

They get to the last one and it is a haunted house. Tsukasa offers to hold Umika’s hand through the haunted house if she’s scared. But Umika is already inside. They walk through and it turns out it is Tsukasa who gets scared.

Umika thinks that’s cute. But she then remembers how Shiho was also scared of haunted houses. Umika gives Tsukasa a backhug.

Outside, Naiyo arrives at the theme park and uses her Collection piece to put up a barrier to keep the cops and thieves out while she makes the peoples’ lives miserable.

Continuing through the haunted house, Umika tells Tsukasa about coming here today so she could get the Fuwapan plushie for her dead friend who loved it.

Suddenly, two guys are thrown into the hallway in front of them. But they’re not part of the haunted house act. They say it was a Gangler. Tsukasa, unafraid of Ganglers, tells Umika to look after the people and stay safe in hiding while she goes to take care of the Gangler herself.

Afraid Tsukasa is going to kill the Gangler before she can get the Collection piece, Umika finds a thief costume and joins Tsukasa who morphs and takes on Naiyo.

Umika calls the boys while the Pats are also notified of what is happening at the theme park.

Tsukasa and Umika end up getting into a fight, slapping each other as they try not to have the other get in their way. This allows Naiyo to chain them up together, hindering their ability to fight.

Naiyo is able to force both Tsukasa and Umika to demorph. She prepares a finisher, but Tsukasa and Umika are able to slip away for now.

Tsukasa and Umika can’t get the chains off. Tsukasa has an idea to get Naiyo to shoot at the chains herself, likely the only way to get them off. They get up to find Naiyo, but Tsukasa seems to have injured herself. Umika says she’s worried about her, but Tsukasa says she will fight through the pain.

Tsukasa explains that she and the Pats refuse to have any more victims of the Ganglers after they were not able to protect some in the past.

Tsukasa and Umika find Naiyo outside. They shoot and engage and get Naiyo to use her sickle on the chain, separating them. They both morph, not willing to outwardly express their gratitude for each other’s help.

They battle. But Naiyo gets the upper hand and shoves Umika into Tsukasa. Suddenly, as Naiyo charges toward them, Umika spins Tsukasa around, putting her right in the line of Naiyo’s sickle attack.

Tsukasa has a slash across her chest and is forced to demorph. Naiyo turns her attention to Umika, but this is was all a plan.

Tsukasa gets up and shoots at Naiyo. That allows Umika time to retrieve the Collection piece. Turns out Umika had placed her mask into Tsukasa suit to protect her from any slash.

Kairi and Tooma arrive and they finish off Naiyo’s first life. Goche revives and embiggens Naiyo. As Keiichiro and Sakuya take care of Tsukasa, the Lups hop into LupinKaiser and finish off Naiyo for good.

Later, Umika gets back to the bistro after grocery shopping and finds the Pats having some coffee. Tsukasa is happy Umika is fine, but she’s also sad she wasn’t able to get the plush toy.

But that’s okay. Umika was able to get her one. Umika hands the wrapped stuffed toy to Tsukasa. She excitedly rips the plastic off, but is disappointed. She wanted the Jagaton toy, not Fuwapan.

Episode Thoughts

I was actually looking forward to this episode since it would focus on Tsukasa and Umika, arguably the best members of their respective teams. But this episode had to be one of the most predictable episodes I’ve seen in a long time. The only surprising twist was Tsukasa wanting the other toy and not the one they kept showing earlier in the episode.

Trapping people in a theme park is definitely a recycled Sentai plot. I can’t even count how many times that’s happened. I think even on Kamen Rider.

The episode also didn’t really add anything new to either Tsukasa and Umika’s characters. That is except the odd decision to make Tsukasa afraid of haunted houses. It would’ve been good if it was a way to add to Tsukasa’s character, kind of establishing that she’s not this invincible person. But that she can have simple fears as well. But they dropped the point about a minute after they introduced it.

If anything, I feel like the whole plot was a way to get some fan service-type of deal to get Umika to give Tsukasa that backhug.

With Episode 11’s guys growing boobs and girls growing penises “gag” and the coy “Tsukasa and Umika are on a date” stuff here, I think the show’s just delivering some sort of fantasies for whoever. Which would be fine if the episodes were enjoyable enough. But they really haven’t been.

And of course, they still needed to insert scenes to remind us the Lups are awesome and the Pats are fools. Like Kairi and Tooma literally stepping on Keiichiro and Sakuya’s heads, using them as stepping stones/launch pads.

Oh well. A very predictable and recycled plot that wasn’t all that fun or enjoyable.

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  1. I love this episode, the ending was so hilarious and it’s amazing to see a potential friendship between Umika and Tsukasa and before the series I had a dream that Kairi was the lupinranger that Tsukasa got chained with. My dream came true despite it was a different lupinranger.

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