Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 7 – Always Being Saved

The Pats are enjoying a meal at the bistro. Tsukasa tells the guys about people suddenly disappearing from a fancy restaurant, Steak House Takada, yesterday. Sakuya is disappointed as he was hoping to take Umika there for a date.

Sakuya asks Umika if he can take her out to lunch tomorrow, his treat. Sakuya looks to Kairi and Tooma for some backup, but they’re busy doing other things. Umika says she has to work tomorrow. Sakuya hopes maybe another day? But Keiichiro and Tsukasa tell Sakuya to quit the flirting as they’ve got work to do.

Sakuya gives Umika his number before Tsukasa drags him out the door. Umika tosses Sakuya’s number in the treash.

One the way back to HQ, Tsukasa tells Sakuya to hit on girls when he’s not in uniform. Keiichiro asks Sakuya how serious he is about Umika. Sakuya says maybe he actually just wants to hang out with a cute girl. Keiichiro and Tsukasa can’t believe it.

Back at the bistro, all the customers have left and Kogure appears with their next target: Merugu Arita.

Merugu Arita enters a fancy restaurant and proceeds to eat the peoples. The Lups arrive, morph and take him on. But Merugu Arita opens his huge disgusting mouth to swallow Tooma. He aims for Umika next, but Kairi jumps in front, pushes her aside and gets eaten next.

The sight of Kairi getting eaten reminds Umika of when her friend Shiho was frozen in the ice block. She hides behind the counter and Merugu Arita decides to leave.

Umika heads back to the bistro, alone. She calls Kairi an idiot for saving her when he doesn’t even help out at the bistro. She then feels guilty, thinking that she’s always the one being rescued instead of the other way around.

Umika flashes back to elementary school when was being bullied by some of her classmates. That’s when Shiho comes in to defend her. Since then, Shiho and Umika became close friends. Umika then remembers the day Shiho got frozen in the block and she had not been able to do anything about it.

Kogure appears out of nowhere to try and encourage her and tell her not to give up. He reminds her of the day she decided to become a Lup and Kogure handed her a VS changer. He says that day already changed her for the better.

Kogure says Merugu Arita’s Collection piece allows him to expand his organs. So if Umika is able to retrieve it, the boys will be free. Kogure leaves.

Umika gets to thinking and realizes Merugu Arita visiting all the restaurants in a foodie magazine, in order. She sees the next restaurant that might be targeted and decides to go there tomorrow. But not wanting to go alone, she invites Sakuya to join her.

Sakuya dresses up in a dapper suit and waits for Umika to arrive at the restaurant. He falls for her even more seeing her all dressed up as well. They trade compliments just as Merugu Arita arrives.

Sakuya morphs and fights Merugu Arita. Umika hurries into the restroom to change into her phantom thief clothes.

Merugu Arita gains the upper hand on Sakuya as Keiichiro and Tsukasa arrive just in time. The Pats battle Merugu Arita and Sakuya is ready to deliver a finisher, but Umika swings in and stops him. She takes the Collection piece and that releases all the eaten people, including Keiichiro and Tooma.

The Lups morph to finish off Merugu Arita’s first life. Goche embiggens him, but the Lups aren’t interested in finishing him off for good. They leave. Good Striker is sad, but perks up when the Pats call him over.

The Pats hop into PatKaiser and use the Bike for the first time as their arm. With the bike, they are able to deliver a Lock-Up Strike to finish off Merugu Arita.

Next day, the Pats walk into the bistro. Sakuya says he’s been trying to call Umika, but she wasn’t answering. She had forgotten about the date. Kairi and Tooma tease her about needing to make things right with Sakuya. She turns to him and says she lost her phone. But she thanks him for yesterday.

Sakuya says he’s just happy she’s alright. He then apologizes for his work interrupting them. Umika again apologizes for putting him in that situation and to make up for it, their lunch here today is on the house.

Sakuya thinks he’s really fallen for her now.

Tsukasa can’t help but be amused at Sakuya. But she turns to look at the three bistro proprietors and for some reason sees the three Kaitous. She can’t believe it.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a solid episode. It was a nice focus ep for Umika and we got to see a little more of her backstory which was good. It was very interesting to see she had been bullied as a kid. It’s a good explanation for some of her personality, but I certainly hope they can dig deeper into that and her growing up in the future.

I also hope she gives Sakuya a chance in the future. They’re cute. Hee.

The most exciting part of the episode though is Tsukasa’s eyes suddenly being opened to the fact that these nice bistro owners are the Lups. Very random, but I love that it is Tsukasa who realizes it first. I hope they explain why she thinks it’s them next week.

Overall, a good solid episode.

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