Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 47 – The Saviors’ Promise

Kyuranger 47

The Kyurangers see Don Armage beginning to suck up Earth’s Planesium in order to restore the immortality of Tsurugi’s body. They realize Commander Ronpo must have been turned into Planesium as well as he was sucked in.

And the same could happen to the rest of the galaxy. Raptor calculates that Don Armage will be fully restored in 99 hours.

The Kyurangers are still uncomfortable with the thought of killing Tsurugi.

Lucky steps forward to say he has a plan, but it will require them all to put their lives on the line. He doesn’t want to force them to do it, but if they are on board, they can meet here on the bridge tomorrow.

Kyuranger 47

Garu accompanies Hammie to the dining hall. She is really upset that Lucky would need to ask if they want to fight or not. After all they’ve been through together, Lucky should know the answer.

Hammie and Garu remember how they were very annoyed by Lucky at first. But they both grew to believe in Lucky’s luck.

Kyuranger 47

Naga tells Balance that for the first time in his life, he feels scared. Balance congratulates Naga on feeling such a huge emotion. Fear means that there is something you don’t want to lose. Balance says Naga won’t be losing anything because they’ll always be together.

Kyuranger 47

Raptor and Spada are on the bridge. Raptor says it should be okay to cry at a time like this. Spada says just because tears roll down her face, doesn’t mean she is crying. Raptor thinks of Commander Ronpo’s sacrifice, saying of course she can’t forgive him for that. Spada encourages her and says they can take back the galaxy while keeping the Commander’s sacrifice in their hearts.

Kyuranger 47

Champ and Kotaro approach Stinger. He remembers first getting involved in this battle while looking for his brother. Champ asks Doctor Anton to watch over him in this final battle for justice. Kotaro asks if he’s become stronger. Stinger says Kotaro is the strongest Earthling and believes he can become stronger than Tsurugi one day.

Stinger leads Champ and Kotaro in a song.

Kyuranger 47

Next morning, Lucky waits on the bridge. And to his surprise, the others all walk in. They are all ready to put their lives in Lucky’s hands.

Kyuranger 47

The Kyurangers head back down to Earth.

Kyuranger 47

They stand on the cliff overlooking the hundreds of thousands Jark Matter troops of Indavers, Tsuyoindavers and protoChamps. Lucky asks everyone to promise him that they will meet in front of Don Armage. They promise.

Kyuranger 47 Kyuranger 47

They morph and charge forward, doing their role call as they battle against the endless flow of Jark Matter soldiers.

The Kyurangers split up. Stinger, Champ and Kotaro focus on the protoChamp-flanked troops. Naga and Balance team up as well. Raptor pilots Uncle Orion II and Spada is in his Voyager taking on embiggened Tsuyoindavers and Moraimarz robos.

Kyuranger 47

Lucky, Garu and Hammie push forward. Champ is forced to demorph from an attack. But he still steps in front of another shot aimed towards Lucky. He tells Lucky and Hammie to continue on. Now alone, the Indavers and Tsuyoindavers are closing in on Garu.

Garu jumps up into the air, but then immediately gets hit by a barrage of fire.

Kyuranger 47

A Moraimarz robo aims at Raptor and Spada flies over to block it. The impact ejects him from his Voyager and sends him down to the ground demorphed. Raptor takes care of the two remaining Moraimarz robos and hurries down to Spada.

Raptor says she will protect Spada now. Spada has to be there to cook delicious food when they return to the Orion after this is all over. Spada says Raptor has to be there to eat it too. They are now surrounded by hundreds of Indavers and Tsuyoindavers who immediately attack.

Kyuranger 47

Stinger, Champ and Garu are also surrounded. But they are not giving up either. They charge forward only to be met by explosions and blasts.

Kyuranger 47

Naga and Balance are back to back with the Indavers and Tsuyoindavers beginning to surround them. Balance falls to the ground and loses consciousness. Naga remembers the priceless emotions he has gained thanks to Balance.

Kyuranger 47

He thanks him as he breathes his last breath.

Lucky and Hammie reach Don Armage who speaks like Tsurugi and says his body is almost complete. Lucky and Hammie morph and charge at Don Armage.

Don Armage insists he is Tsurugi who has accepted his being. Hammie refuses to believe that. She uses a Chameleon Impact to hit Don Armage right in the chest.

Kyuranger 47

Noticing Don Armage is moving slowly, Lucky believes he has not fully taken over Tsurugi’s body. Don Armage shoots at Hammie and forces her to demorph.

Don Armage begins to suck in the lifeless bodies of the other Kyurangers, including Hammie. It suddenly becomes dark and it is only Don Armage and Lucky.

Don Armage hits the Saiko Kyutama and it is destroyed, forcing Lucky to demorph.

Kyuranger 47

Lucky recalls when he first hated Tsurugi when he first arrived. But he soon warmed up to him and learned so much from Tsurugi along the way. Lucky acknowledges Tsurugi is indeed a legendary savior. That’s why he knows Tsurugi would never die as Don Armage.

“You are my friend!”

Lucky runs at Don Armage who tries to deliver a finishing blow. But Lucky slides under Don Armage and is able to grab hold of his scythe. Lucky calls to Tsurugi to lend him his power.

Kyuranger 47

Don Armage knocks Lucky down and is ready to slash at him. But a light suddenly emerges from within. Lucky punches at Don Armage’s chest and admits that he just shove Shishi Kyutama into his person.

Now there are 12 Kyutamas inside Don Armage, meaning the Kyurangers are all together. And together, they are powerful.

Lucky says they all made a promise to fight right here where Don Armage stands right now. The others slash through and Lucky opens Don Armage wide, forcing the once-dead Kyurangers out and back to normal.

Kyuranger 47

Don Armage loses his Tsurugi body and the Saiko Kyutama is restored.

Lucky is relieved to see his friends. He explains to Don Armage that Kyutamas won’t lose their power even inside of his body. So he believed that collecting the 12 Kyutamas inside of him would be what does the trick. The Kyurangers all agreed to the plan even though they knew there was no guarantee they’d survive.

They believed in the power of Kyutamas and in each other.

Kyuranger 47

Lucky proclaims that they are each superstars. And together, they are All-Stars. Together, there is nothing they can’t do.

Tsurugi thanks them for being legendary. He also says it’s thanks to Don Armage that he is completely healed thanks to all the Planesium he forced into his body.

Kyuranger 47

Don Armage begins to suck up every being from around the galaxy, turning them into Planesium. That allows him to gain a new galaxy form.

Kyuranger 47

Don Armage proclaims he is now truly the galaxy. But the Kyurangers will not allow any of this.

“The galaxy belongs to everyone!”

The Kyurangers run toward Don Armage

Kyuranger 47

Episode Thoughts

Wowowowow. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I think this episode would probably be most impactful if you’re fully invested in these 12, as I am. The set up was absolutely perfect. It started with Tsurugi basically getting raped by Don Armage and Commander Ronpo getting himself killed to protect the others. Then we have the start of this episode where the situation is dire and everyone is resigned to the fact that they are going to die, regardless of whether or not they save the galaxy.

Last week, I pointed out how Don Armage using Planesium to restore Tsurugi’s/Houou’s immortality would save both Tsurugi and Commander Ronpo in the end. It’s a simple, yet effective plot point. What I never expected was the Kyurangers getting themselves killed and sucked in as well only to cut Don Armage open from the inside. Again, very simple, yet it made absolute sense.

The biggest hook of this episode though had to be that first sequence. Starting with Lucky asking the others to risk their lives for his plan. Of course, we didn’t know his plan involved not-dying at first. But first Hammie being upset that Lucky would think they would all hesitate to go into battle. And then Raptor and Spada, who had been with Commander Ronpo the longest. Naga feeling fear and worry for the first time with Balance being his Balance-y self. And the three amigos Stinger, Champ and Kotaro with their usual chemistry.

That entire sequence was pitch perfect. Very emotional scenes that were fully grounded in their characters and what they’ve experienced all season long. Them discussing their fears and resolve are the quiet character moments that we sometimes see on penultimate or final episodes. But more often than not, are missing or just not effective.

So that sequence perfectly led us to the epic battle. Overnight!? battle, that is. I mean, there were some conflicting scenes there as Naga and Balance were in darkness and then (assumedly) sunrise. But the others were always in daylight. That’s okay. I’ll believe they were fighting overnight. It’s more epic that way. lol

Anyway, I would’ve liked to have seen even more of that. Just straight, unadulterated fighting and action. They were facing what looked like the biggest villain army I’ve certainly seen (or at least, can remember seeing). And it’s not like they just dropped down and played dead. They really, truly fought to the death.

I mean, if this were real life, they would’ve still felt all of that. The cuts and bruises. The punches, the slashes, the explosions. It wasn’t all pretend. And they didn’t just up and gave up as soon as they charged forward. They fought overnight against an unending army of Indavers, Tsuyoindavers and even protoChamps. That’s insane. And I think they absolutely could’ve even dragged the fighting on for a few more minutes just to emphasize the point.

Still, seeing the Kyurangers so beaten up and literally broken was tough. When Champ was first riddled with those shots, I was in shocked. At this point, I never even considered the plan they would eventually reveal. So I was like, “Wait, there’s no possible way he survives that!” Then we saw the same happen to the others and I was beside myself. Too shocked to even fully MaGMCM. Though I had already been teary thanks to the first scenes on the Orion.

But once the big plan was revealed, I let out a big sigh of relief. And found myself saying “Yeah? Yeah!!! That makes sense! That’s actually amazing.”

They honestly gambled their lives for the 1% chance that they would survive getting sucked into Don Armage. A better cliffhanger would’ve been to keep them all dead until next week. But seeing them all reiterate their belief in each other (among other things), and most importantly each other was just the best thing. And it’s a sentiment that admittedly might not feel as effective if you don’t care about these 12.

But I do. And this episode was just more than I expected.

The roll call as they charged into battle was the best so far this season. But I definitely hope we get the best, most epic one in the finale. And that finale is one that I have high hopes for. I’ve had high expectations for this final stretch. And to my own surprise, they’ve exceeded my expectations. I really don’t expect any less with the final.

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