Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 31 – The Great Naga Rescue Strategy

Kyuranger 31

The Kyurangers head back to the Orion and fill Hammie in on what happened in the past, including Commander Ronpo and Champ staying behind. With Don Armage still ruling the galaxy, they wonder if going to the past was a mistake.

Lucky says no since he got a new power up out of the ordeal.

Kyuranger 31

Anyway, they have to just push forward and find a way to defeat Don Armage in the present. But to do that, they have to save Naga. Kotaro and Garu have been taken prisoner by Naga who vows to kill Balance with his bare hands.

Echidna walks into the bridge much to everyone’s surprise thinking she is Naga. Hammie breaks the news to them and Echidna drops the bomb that she must kill Naga as punishment for breaking the no-emotions law.

Balance returns after having gone missing for a while and he has a plan he wants them all to help him with.

Kyuranger 31

Meanwhile, Echidna has gone out to battle Naga and fulfill her mission. But Naga is too powerful for her. He brags about how wonderful having emotions is and that gives him power.

While Naga is distracted by his own perceived greatness, Echidna quickly whips out a blaster. But Naga paralyzes her and then controls her. He forces Echidna to point her blaster to her head. But before Naga can force Echidna to commit suicide, the Kyurangers arrive.

Lucky, Balance, Hammie, Tsurugi and Spada morph. They battle newly arrived Indavers while Balance takes on Naga. Naga is just too powerful as he completely whacks Balance around. Naga attempts to deliver a Dark Galaxy Black Hole attack at Balance, but Lucky hurries over to block it.

Kyuranger 31

Suddenly, a huge explosion and Lucky and Balance seem to have disappeared. Dead? Tsurugi, Hammie and Spada put on an acting workshop in grief and shock as Naga celebrates killing Balance with his own hands. He leaves.

Echidna says this was an avoidable tragedy. But the others fill her in on the plan. Balance analyzed the people who were under Akyanba’s emotional control and found little micro-sized Indavers invaded their brains. The same must be happening to Naga, so Balance used the Kenbikyu Kyutama to shrink him and Lucky to get them inside of Naga.

Lucky and Balance search through Naga’s body for goodNaga’s sleeping soul. Balance says if they can wake him up, then he could be back to normal. However, they run into the microIndavers. Lucky says he’ll take care of them while Balance looks for goodNaga.

Kyuranger 31

Tsurugi, Hammie and Spada head to the warehouse and are met by Akyanba. That will allow Stinger to save Kotaro and Garu.

Balance finds goodNaga, but can’t get close because of Micro Tsuyoindaver, the Daikaan of Naga’s body. Micro Tsuyoindaver summons a micro-darkNaga who morphs and takes on Balance who also morphs.

Kyuranger 31

Regular-sized Naga keeps watch over Kotaro and Garu, but he starts to have a headache from all the activity in his brain.

Balance asks Naga why he is so angry. Naga says he just hates Balance’s guts. Balance says he’ll take it all then, not problem. Naga is annoyed with Balance’s carefree attitude about being attacked so he decides to go finish off the sleeping goodNaga.

Balance gets in front of the Black Hole attack and absorbs it instead, forcing him to demorph.

Regular-sized Naga stumbles outside where Akyanba has forced Hammie, Spada and Tsurugi to all demorph.

Kyuranger 31

darkNaga asks Balance why he would throw his life away for “that guy,” referring to goodNaga. Balance says for the first time in his 300 years of existence, he found in Naga a partner he could trust with everything.

“I can’t even consider a galaxy without Naga.”

darkNaga decides he’ll kill both of them then.

Just then, Hammie cries out and makes her way to regular-sized Naga and hugs him. She and Spada try to reach out to Naga with their heartfelt pleas.

Kyuranger 31

Akyanba just laughs at them. But Stinger, Kotaro, Garu and Raptor also lend their voices to call out to Naga. Lucky continues holding off Micro Tsuyoindaver to call out to Naga as well.

Suddenly, regular-sized Naga stops and pauses. Balance asks Naga to remember all the times they spent together and his ultimate wish in life.

Hammie, Spada and Tsurugi are shocked to see a tear roll down Naga’s face.

Kyuranger 31

The memories start to swirl around Naga’s brain. Micro darkNaga refuses to let this overcome Naga and he charges toward Balance and goodNaga. Balance is ready to die, but suddenly, goodNaga has awakened and is able to block darkNaga’s Kyusickle with his own.

Kyuranger 31

goodNaga says he understands darkNaga’s emotions, but those are not the emotions that he wants. The emotions he wants are the ones he will obtain with Balance and his other comrades in the future.

goodNaga deals the final blow to destroy darkNaga, but he still absorbs the emotions.

Regular-sized Naga screams out as a tear rolls down his cheek, cleansing him of the darkness and releasing Lucky and Balance from his body.

Naga is now back to normal, but with tears! The Kyurangers are so happy to welcome him back.

Kyuranger 31

Naga cries, grateful for what they’ve done for him.

Kyuranger 31

Micro Tsuyoindaver embiggens… to regular size. The Kyurangers morph, including Lucky straight to Orion. He takes on Akyanba himself and completely overpowers her. Hammie is wowed by Lucky’s new power up.

The others work together to take on Tsuyoindavers while the newly reunited Naga and Balance fight Micro Tsuyoindaver.

When Micro Tsuyoindaver is done, Naga goes over to help Lucky fight Akyanba and get a little bit of revenge. He thanks her since because of her, he can now control his anger. To prove it, he uses the Dark Kyutama to upmorph, but now without evil mind control.

Kyuranger 31

Naga uses a Black Hole and Lucky sends an Infinish Blast at Akyanba. But she’s not dead just yet. She says it was nothing personal, she was just having fun. She leaves. But Micro Tsuyoindaver embiggens one more time, this time into a real big black version of Naga.

The Kyurangers hop into KyutamaJin. Balance and Naga send a Happy Splash at the blackNaga and the others finish it off with a Super Galaxy Meteor Booster.

Kyuranger 31

Back on the Orion, Naga apologizes for all the trouble he caused. He bows his head and Balance joins him. Garu reminds him they are comrades, no need to apologize. The others say they’re just happy he’s back.

Balance turns around and starts to walk out. The others stop him and Lucky says he should be happier especially since he worked the hardest to save Naga.

Kyuranger 31

They ask Balance to say something. He turns around and it turns out he’s crying diamond tears of joy. He jumps and hugs Naga, so grateful and happy that he really is back.

Balance also thanks the others.

Echidna gets up. She says that she still does not believe that emotions are necessary. But she acknowledges that they are all strong because of their emotions.

“Naga… I leave the galaxy in your hands.”

Echidna leaves. Naga thanks her.

Naga tells the others that while under Akyanba’s control, he found a lead on Don Armage’s location.

That’s great news. They are all happy. But Raptor checks on The Orion’s condition.

Kyuranger 31

“Will you really not be able to move again? … Uncle?”

Episode Thoughts

Oooo! Yes. Big things are happening!

Let me just say right off the bat that when Naga first shed that tear, I also shed a tear. That was a wonderful moment. The build up with everyone calling out to him and then the tear just falling down goodNaga’s face and then darkNaga’s face going from one of agony to peace. Whew! MaGMCM right there! ANOTHER one from Kyuranger and we’re just on Episode 31. I’m betting they’ll have a couple more before the end of the season. And that would mean more MaGMC episodes than ToQger and Go-Busters combined! Wow!

But then right after this highly emotional moment, we get the sincerely hilarious gag of Micro Tsuyoindaver embiggening to just regular size. That was unexpected, but so funny. Especially after that emotional scene. This is the kind of emotional whiplash that works since it was all a very happy emotional, you know?

Rewinding back towards the beginning, that initial battle between Naga and Echidna was insane! I mean, Naga was going to have Echidna shoot herself in the head. Like WTF! That’s so grim! Very dramatic. Damn.

Speaking of, Yamazaki Taiki really did an excellent job during this arc. He played up every single character he was tasked with playing. goodNaga, darkNaga, Echidna. He was great with all of ’em. And you can tell he was having fun with it too. Definitely so much fun to watch as well.

So I hope that Dark Kyutama power up for Naga pops up in the future again. It’s pretty awesome that a non-Red gets their own exclusive power-up. And it’s Silver too, not a Blue or a Yellow, for example.

Balance’s diamond tears were also fun. I think the whole ordeal with saving Naga was just another great example of how close they all are. But this arc definitely helped solidify the special relationship Naga and Balance have with each other. A good focus and good development for them.

Finally, the final final shot of Raptor again mentioning that The Orion/Orion-gou is her Uncle? I really have high expectations for that story. And I hope it’ll be used for Raptor’s focus arc.

Overall, a great episode and a great conclusion to this arc. On to the next one!

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