Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 4 – The Testimony Will Be Zero

Build 04

Sento wakes up at the lab after Soichi found him and brought him home. Sento distinctly remembers the cobra symbol on the kaijin’s chest. Just then, Ryuga calls to tell him that he and Sawa have safely arrived in Seito thanks to Reika who also gives them Seito money and a van to use.

Sento tells Ryuga about Nabeshima being the Smash from last night and warns that sending Ryuga and Sawa to Seito might be a trap.

Sento remembers seeing a panel with a similar pattern to Pandora’s Box at Faust’s lab. Creating Smash must involve whatever power came from Pandora’s Box.

Just then, Misora finishes another Fullbottle, this time a ninja Bottle. She’s ready to go to sleep, but Sento asks if she can have Mitan gather information on the Skywall Tragedy.

Build 04

Over at Faust, Night Rogue has injected the Smash element into Nabeshima for a second time to experiment what the effects of a 2nd dose are. The Smash appears to be more powerful. Night Rogue proceeds with more experiments on Nabeshima as part of their goal of developing the perfect lifeform.

At the Institute, Sento shows Gentoku video of the Skywall (unearthed by Miitan’s fans). Nariaki grabs Sento’s tablet, but Gentoku say it’s okay and orders the Pandora’s Box guards to leave the room.

Sento grabs his tablet back and shows them the video, but with a filter to reveal the Box without the blinding light. When the astronaut tried to open the box, there were colors on its sides and the two green ones came off. But the Box maintained its shape meaning it has a dual structure.

Sento asks if the two panels were stolen, but Faust. Gentoku is intrigued that Sento would know of that name. But he admits the panels were stolen three years ago. They kept this from the public as Seito and Hokuto are both after the energy inside the Box.

Build 04

But how could anyone have gotten through the tight security. Gentoku says there were rumors of a traitor and points out the astronaut himself.

Over in Seito, Ryuga and Sawa have a quick bite to eat before going to see Nabeshima’s family. They have to be careful as there are surveillance cameras everywhere. They manage to take over a just arrived delivery truck and use the uniforms as a disguise to get them into the apartment building.

Build 04 Build 04

Ryuga and Sawa find Nabeshima’s wife and assure her they’re here to keep her and her daughter safe. While packing, Mrs. Tomoe Nabeshima explains that her husband never talked about his work, but suddenly told her to go to Seito with their daughter Haruka.

Haruka shows Ryuga her different cat’s cradles, but he doesn’t know if they’re good or pretty since he’s never done it before.

Anyway, Sawa says they must hurry back to Touto so the Nabeshimas can reunite. Haruka is very excited.

Ryuga asks her if she loves her papa that much. She says she super loves him and knows that when she shows him her cat’s cradle, he will praise her very much.

Ryuga has the mother and daughter hide in an appliance box. But Faust robots, which look like Guardians, attack. Ryuga takes his Fullbottle out and uses it to give him enough extra power to fight them off.

Build 04

Just then, Sawa comes crashing through the cement wall in the van and Ryuga, Tomoe and Haruka hurry in.

Sawa quickly drives back to the ferry, but a suicide bomber Faust Guardian hops on to the roof. Reika is at the ferry wondering where they could be just as they come speeding toward her yelling for them to start the boat up immediately.

The ferry captain revs the ferry up and it starts to leave the dock. Sawa says they must jump out. She speeds the van up as fast as she can. Tomoe hands Haruka to Ryuga and the four adults leap out of the van. It explodes just as it hits the water. But the four are safely on the ferry.

Build 04

Back at the café, Sento arrives just as Sochi leaves to his part-time job. Before Soichi can leave, Sento recounts how Soichi had asked him to be Build one year ago and fight. But otherwise, Sento doesn’t really know anything about Soichi or Misura.

Soichi says Sento knows he can’t eat pasta and is afraid of the bidet. He tells Sento to just focus on the present.

Soichi leaves. But on Sento’s phone, a photo of Soichi… as an astrounaut?!?!

Misura comes upstairs to show Sento a Smash sighting, but this one is different as it mentions test subjects and elements. The report is signed “Blood Stark.”

Build 04

Sento heads out and finds the Smash. He immediately henshins and they battle. But the Smash is very powerful and chops out some blocks from the surroundings to hurl at Sento.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure arrives lurks about and shoots at the Smash, causing it to embiggen!

A disembodied voice says he injected a new kind of gas into the Smash that even if Sento restores the human, it will have lingering effects.

The Smash is about to finish off Sento, but Ryuga arrives just in time to help. With the Smash distracted, Sento Builds Up to Hawk Gatling. That allows him to fly into the air and attack the embiggened Smash from above.

Build 04

With a Full Bullet, the Smash is back down to normal size. Sento collects the Smash elements and they are shocked to see it is Nabeshima.

Build 04

They bring him back to the lab. He wakes up. Ryuga immediately confronts him, but Nabeshima doesn’t seem to remember anything. Ryuga grows upset and frustrated with Nabeshima’s reaction.

Sawa, Tomoe and Haruka come downstairs.

Haruka runs over to hug her father and show him her cat’s cradle. But Nabeshima has no idea who Tomoe and Haruka are.

Ryuga approaches Nabeshima and tells him to take a good look at his daughter. She practiced the cat’s cradle so hard for him. Ryuga says his own problem isn’t important right now as long as Nabeshima remembers his family.

“Don’t you remember me papa?” Haruka asks.

Sento uses a circuit to explain to Haruka that their family needs to make new memories in order for the old ones to return. Sawa says she will ensure the Nabeshima family will be safe.

Build 04

Before they leave though, Nabeshima runs over to the Fullbottle slots on the wall and says he saw them at Faust’s place too.

Blood Stark meets with Night Rogue who also has a slab of slots for Fullbottles.

“Isn’t Misora the only one who can create these bottles?” Ryuga asks. So why does Faust have some as well.

Misora avoids eye contact with Sento who starts to put the pieces together.

Build 04

Soichi arrives upstairs in the café when suddenly he hears loud banging. He runs downstairs to find Sento whacking at the wall around the Fullbottle slots.

Misora drops to her knees. Soichi tries to stop Sento. But Sento grabs the slab off the wall. It is a panel from Pandora’s Box!

Sento wants to know why Soichi has this. He does not answer. Sento asks if he is a member of Faust.

Episode Thoughts

A solid episode. I wish we spent more time in Seito, just to explore. It seemed pretty desolate. But I enjoyed Sawa and Ryuga’s short trip. Most especially those epic van scenes. Crashing through the wall, speeding towards the docks, jumping out of a moving van and landing on a ferry? That was badass. lol

I do wonder how the ferry can move around so freely without being detected. They established that it’s difficult to get visas and such to cross over into other territories. So you’d think random openings in the Skywall would be highly guarded.

Anyway, I liked the big twists at the end very much. First of all, Soichi has definitely been suspicious from the beginning. It’s going to be interesting to see just what his deal is. And having that Pandora’s Box panel right under Sento’s nose should provide for some good story next week. I assume Misora is fully in the know with what her father is or is doing. But I just noticed a scene in the opening credits of Misora looking all weird. Hmm…

Watching the episode the first time, I thought Nabeshima was only faking his amnesia. But then I saw Blood Stark mentioned that there would be damaging effects from the gas and 2nd injection of Smash essence.

I assume we’ll see Nabeshima and family in the future.

I hope we see more of Reika. She seems like a cool undercover agent or a member of a rogue rebellion or something, wearing all that leather. She was great.

There was no hair standing up for Sento this episode though. Even when Misora finished the Fullbottle at the beginning. Interesting.

Giving Ryuga some new emotions and character development was also very nice this episode.

Overall, another solid week for Build.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 4 – The Testimony Will Be Zero

  1. Wow! I like how action-oriented this one is turning out to be. Looks like they will be throwing in a lot of these large set pieces in line with the large-scale story this one has.

    Im guessing that this deal with the ferry is like a game of cat and mouse where they really need to stalk and wait for security to move on before sneaking in. But it would be interesting if Reika is indeed a member of a rebel organization. That would explain why she has the necessary connections to be able to smuggle Ryuga and Sawa into Seito.

    That whole twist with Nabeshima turning to have amnesia is just heartbreaking but also gives support to Sento’s on situation as an amnesiac as a result of the experiments done to him. Man, looks like their are really heaping the tragedy here despite the lighthearted feel of some scenes.

    hope they continue with this direction.

    Interesting trivia, Build’s OP is actually sung by a Filipina singer debuting in Japan. Hopefully it does get imported here (even if its for the sole reason of “Pinoy Pride”). It’s been a long time since a KR series got a Filipino dub.

    1. I definitely like the grand scope of the season so far. Good point about the amnesia. Should be interesting. It definitely adds to the tension and gravity of the situation when there are specific effects like that.

      And wow! That’s great. Just looked her up and I remember her now from GMA. GMA Pinoy TV would always run commercials for her songs before. That’s great.
      I think it was 2015, we were in the Philippines when GMA had just started airing dubbed OOO. It was fun to watch in Tagalog: Hehe

      1. If I recall correctly, they were not able to finish that dub. OOO didn’t really gain any traction locally compared to, say Faiz or Ryuki. The tagalog dubs of those were rerun a lot on both free tv and cable (Ryuki was an ABS dub while GMA did Faiz and both were also shown on Hero). I think that has got to do with bad time slot, GMA put OOO on a Sunday 7 AM slot where not a lot of its target audience would get to see it.

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