Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 9 – “Cool camera!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 9 – Rocking and Rolling

Cosmo Royale introduces the next contestant, Stonedozer, and upgraded foot soldiers called Bashers.

Down on Earth, the Rangers visit Levi at the arena as he prepares for his concert tonight. It’s the beginning of his world tour and he says he should be gone for 3 months. But they can just call whenever they need him.

Brody says they should talk about that. But first, Levi meets his #1 fan, Mary. He whips out his StarBurger to take a selfie with her.

They feel an earthquake, one in a series of them lately. Mick tells them the epicenter is close by so they should go check it out. Levi’s concert is starting soon so he asks if they can handle it themselves for now.

The Rangers are in their ninja training uniforms as they ninja their way to the epicenter location.

They see Bashers collecting rocks out of a mine. Brody and Sarah go inside to find out what’s going on while Preston, Calvin and Hayley morph to fight the Bashers.

Stonedozer explains his plan to the Bashers. He will force a major earthquake to cause the arena to collapse, bury the Rangers and allow him to take their Power Stars.

Brody calls Levi to try and get him to stop his concert, but he is already on stage without his Ninjacom.

When Stonedozer spots Brody and Sarah, he begins the earthquake. They rejoin the others above ground and hurry over to the arena.

Victor and Monty successfully crash the stage to try and become famous. They end up smashing into the band as the earthquake begins to rock the arena.

Brody and Sarah fill Levi in on what’s going on and the Rangers work to get everyone out of the arena and to safety.

Levi saves Mary outside before she is crushed by rubble.

The Rangers make sure the arena is empty. Ripcon informs Stonedozer that the Rangers are all inside the arena, so he intensifies the earthquake. The arena completely collapses.

But the Rangers are able to ninja their way out and meet Stonedozer at the quarry. They fight off Bashers with Levi taking on Stonedozer himself.

Brody tosses Levi the Alien Ranger/Ninja Storm-powered Ninja Clone Star which allows him to multiply himself and deliver the necessary attacks to continue to wear Stonedozer down.

Levi delivers a Tornado Slash Final Attack at Stonedozer and takes a selfie with his StarBurger before he explodes. The Galaxy Warriors audience overwhelmingly approves a Gigantify for Stonedozer.

Stonedozer embiggens. Levi summons his Robo Rider Zord and Bull Ninja Zord. Levi hops in and finds a Ninja Master Mode Star. He upmorphs and takes on Stonedozer.

Seeing Levi needs some help, the others hop into the Rumble Tusk Megazord. Levi combines his two Zords to form the Bull Rider Megazord. Together, they deliver their Final Attacks and Stonedozer is turned to dust.

Back at the high school, Levi holds a press conference where he announces that he will postpone his world tour. He apologizes to the others and says he realizes now that being a Ranger come first for now. He’s also looking forward to finishing high school now.

Victor ends up in his underwear somehow.

Episode Thoughts

Well, it’s definitely great to finally have Ninja Steel back. We’ve been through six years of this Nickelodeon 20-episode schedule, but it still sucks. Such a mess.

But anyway, this was a pretty good episode. I liked the very high sense of danger. I mean, an arena collapse? That’s pretty intense. And considering recent world events, it definitely resonated a little more than it would have otherwise.

Actually filming inside the arena helped too. Of course they didn’t actually fill it with people, but the director definitely made great use of the location to build that tension and danger.

My favorite part of the episode though had to be seeing the ninja training uniforms again. One of my biggest (only?) complaints about the first eight episodes really is that there wasn’t enough ninja-ing. I think the season lacks enough ninja stuff so far. Whether it’s training or even just basic ninja moves, I feel like they need to up the ninja factor. So I was glad we saw that little scene of them ninja-ing their way to the location.

And with that, lots of great original NZ footage too. Loved the fight choreography for Preston, Calvin and Hayley.

For Levi, it was a fresh post-6th Ranger intro episode. A common 6th Ranger story is he (or she) doesn’t immediately join team for some reason or another. For Levi, it was potentially his world tour. That’s certainly not a common 6th Ranger problem to have. lol But I think the whole plot of the episode was good and it worked.

Overall, a good, enjoyable and exciting episode. And being the first one back also added to that excitement. I assume we’ll be getting the next 11 episodes with only a week break somewhere so that should be great.

Oh! And I loved seeing that familiar hamburger pop up after all the horror and disgust by some fans at the idea that it would even make an appearance. lol

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  1. It was an amazing episode, and just like you wrote, the earthquake in the arena was intense. I mean, the Rangers helping the people to evacuate, gotta say, that was the most realistic danger-situation in PR I’ve ever seen. And of course, lots of original fighting footage.

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