Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 6 – "I'm going to put my nose where it doesn't belong."

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 6 – My Friend, Redbot
Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 6 – "I'm going to put my nose where it doesn't belong."

It’s time for a dance at school. Redbot’s been reading all about a grand ball in his book and he decides to ask Hayley if she would like to go to this similar dance with him. She laughs at him, thinking he’s joking and says of course not. She says bye and she’ll see him later.

But Redbot is sad since he wasn’t joking at all.

Everyone is getting the school ready for the dance. Including Victor who wants to preview his sweet dance moves. But he only twirls himself into the refreshments table and spills punch all over Brody and Hayley.

Brody and Hayley go to their command shop and find Redbot is missing. Kody barks. Brody asks what he’s saying.

“I don’t know! I don’t speak dog!”

Hayley explains how Redbot asked her to the dance and that she rejected him. Brody says that must have hurt Redbot’s feelings. But robots don’t have feelings! Hayley says. Brody says Redbot is different. He’s very advanced.


Hayley offers to look for Redbot with Kody. Kody easily follows Redbot’s scent to the forest where they run into Badpipes. Badpipes uses his bagpipes to control Hayley’s mind and get her to hand over the Power Star. But Redbot arrives just in time to save them by having Hayley jump on his back so they can fly away while Kody runs along on ground.

Redbot ends up crash landing and alerts that he is emergency malfunctioning. Hayley finds her Ninjacom is also broken so she attaches it to Kody’s collar and tells him to go back to school and alert the others.


When Kody is gone, Redbot’s reboot is already complete, much to Hayley’s surprise. He was able to repair himself. Redbot apologizes for the rough landing, but Hayley hugs him and says he saved her life. Redbot says she doesn’t have to thank him, but it’s nice to be appreciated.

Hayley realizes that Redbot really does have feelings. She says he is special and apologizes for hurting those feelings earlier.

“I didn’t know you were so human.”

Redbot says he’s not human, just a bunch of gears and circuits. But Hayley says being able to laugh, love and cry; that’s all you need to be human.

“I am sort of human!”


With Redbot up and running, Hayley summons the Mega Morph Cycle. She morphs and they drive off.

Kody finds the other Rangers and he leads them to the forest. He suddenly stops and that saves the Rangers from getting hit directly by the attacks of Badpipes and Ripcon.

Badpipes tries controlling the Rangers, but Hayley and Redbot arrive just in time. Unfortunately, Badpipes and Ripcon attack and force them to demorph.

Just then, Kody grabs the bagpipes. The Rangers are able to shoot at it and destroy it.

“It’s not crushin time. It’s morphin time!”


The Rangers morph. Ripcon wants to fight Brody while the others take on Badpipes.

Brody uses a Ninja Scarecrow technique to outsmart Ripcon who decides to just retreat. The others finish off Badpipes’ first life and he embiggens after the Galaxy Warriors audience approves the Gigantify.

The Rangers hop into the Megazord.

“I’m going to put my nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Brody summons Rumble Tusk to form Ruble Tusk Megazord. And after a nose to nose battle, the Rangers unleash a Double Axe Final Attack to finish Badpipes off for good.

Galvanax is upset with Ripcon again and warns that if he fails again, he will be killed.


Meanwhile, Madam Odius uses her mallet to get into a secret room on the ship. Here she seems to have a secret prisoner, somehow connected to the 6th Power Star.

Back at the high school, it’s time for the dance. Sarah and Calvin have a great dance performance. Victor, on the other hand, gets help from Monty’s automatic dancing shoes. Unfortunately, Victor’s “dance o’clock” time gets cut short when the shoes malfunction and catch fire.

Calvin asks Hayley to dance. But Hayley has something else she wants to do first. She heads to the command shop and asks Redbot if he would like to dance.


Redbot is excited to finally get to live his grand ball dream. He says yes and Hayley shows him how to dance. The others come in and join the fun.


Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a great, fun episode. It was a Hayley and Redbot focus and I thought the ep did great for both characters. It’s nice to see Redbot have some of his own story apart from Brody. I did kind of expect to see maybe his backstory with Brody. But I thought this ep’s plot was great to expand on his character without Brody.

Similarly, it was good to learn more about Hayley as a person apart from Calvin. Even though I do enjoy Hayley and Calvin’s relationship being a refreshing story on Power Rangers, I definitely like getting to see characters individually and in their own focus eps too outside of their usual maybe relationships and pairings.

Also, is it bad that I might ship Hayley with Redbot more right now than with Calvin? Hehe. Just kidding.

On the nitpicky side though, I wish we got more training scenes, even if just a minute or two or even a mention at least. Maybe not as much as Samurai focused on training. But then again, if the other Rangers start doing random Scarecrow attacks without Brody at least filling them in on it, then that’d be really sloppy writing. The transition to Ninninger footage was very evident this episode, especially with so much original footage taking up most of the ep.

Other than Brody, the Rangers have no experience being ninjas. So if they will be using ninja techniques in the future, I think a little bit of expository scenes of them learning would be nice to add more depth and foundation to the action.

Madam Odius and the, we assume, Gold Ranger will be interesting to see play out. Definitely different from Ninninger‘s treatment, so should be interesting to see how it works here on Ninja Steel.

Overall, a great fun episode.

And I see you Peter Adrian!



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  1. This has been my favorite episode so far. The story was well-handed, and of course, as always, lots of original footage. I hope the rest of the episodes to be like this one.

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