The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition 13) – Leg 3 – China


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Leg 3 – This is the Impossible Dream!TARPHDM13

The 11 teams set off on the 3rd Leg of the Race as they must now fly to southwestern China and Liping County in Guizhou Province.

All teams will fly on the same flights out of Tokyo and via Shanghai that gets them into Liping at 11:30am.


Once in Liping, teams must make their way to Huanggang Dong Village.


For their first task of the Leg, teams will take part in a traditional Dong wedding ceremony which includes lighting fireworks and joining a procession of presents. Teams will receive the next clue from the newlywed couple.

That clue reveals the Detour: To Eat or To Wear.


In To Eat, teams will take newly harvested rice grain and properly prepare 10 poles on which the grain is set out to dry. They will then carry the poles of grain from the field to a nearby building where they will hang them and receive their next clue.


In To Wear, teams must properly set out loops of yarn to dry before taking previously dried yarn to properly prepare a loom. If the local can begin weaving a local fabric without any problems, teams will be given the next clue.


After the Detour, teams must search for the Double U-Turn board to check if it has been activated.


And after checking in at the U-Turn, teams must now head to Congjiang Train Station to search for their next clue.


Teams will learn that they must take a train from Congjiang Station to the city of Guiyang.


In Guiyang, teams must find the Zhucheng Square Monument where they will face an HOURS OF OPERATION! Teams will receive the next clue at sunrise.

That clue will reveal the Road Block: Who’s got good eyes and fast hands?


For this Road Block, teams will rappel over the top of the monument while paying attention to the video playing on the large screen. That video will reveal which of the dozens of flags hanging under the monument they must retrieve. If teams are able to retrieve the flag before the video stops playing, they will receive the next clue. If they fail, they must go to the back of the line. Three teams will be able to attempt the Road Block per round.


After the Road Block, teams will find that they have passed the Trigger Point for this Leg. The U-Turn or Yield  will be activated on the next Leg if more than five teams fail their first attempts at the Road Block.


After the Road Block, teams must make their way to Nanming River.


Here, teams will learn and perform a bamboo drifting performance routine. This mode of transportation-turned-performance art originated here in Guizhou Province. If teams can gracefully find their balance, they will be given their next clue.


And they will also be given a lusheng. Teams will learn a short piece on the traditional instrument. When they feel they have gotten the hang of it, they can make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at Jiaxiu Pavilion.


Teams can only be checked in if they can correctly perform the piece on the lusheng.

The first team to officially check in will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.


The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

So this is definitely a very full Leg. It’s also probably the most logistically difficult Leg of the season as well.

As is common in recent TARPHDME season and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve designed Legs around certain tasks or locations I feel would make for a great TAR task. For this Leg it is the bamboo drifting which I found fascinating and beautiful. And it would also definitely be hilarious fun to see inexperienced teams try it.

To get teams to Guiyang though appeared to be difficult and long. On any other season, I think this Leg would be paired nicely with a Leg in one of China’s big metropolitan centers. But it worked out pretty well once I started Google scouting the region.

During that Google scouting trip, the Dong (or Kam) people and villages looked perfect for visits by a TAR season. It’s a great cultural opportunity, especially to see a different region and culture in China than the usual. We should definitely maximize our time here and it might even have enough tasks for a full Leg on its own.

The wedding ceremony tasks are simple and straightforward and good for the start of the Leg. The Detour is also typical rural tasks, but each location is different and the people as well. Both have elements of being physical and tedious, always great for good drama and competition.

The train from here to Guiyang proved perfect. And that might even allow for a nice SuperLeg in Guizhou province.

The Zhucheng Square Monument Road Block is pretty typical of TAR. But I thought the timed element/race against the clock and the big screen clue would spice things up a bit. The Road Block is also easy for a Trigger Point.

Next is the bamboo drifting task. And after is the lusheng which I saw has a festival for it here in Guiyang and the surrounding area every year. These could easily be Detours for a full Guiyang Leg.

Taking the lusheng to the Pit Stop and having to play the piece correctly to be able to check in should be a nice, dramatic way to end this very full Leg. Always looking for ways to also spice up the Pit Stop and Mat.

The best part of the Leg though has to be the many opportunities for 4K UHD drone shots! The locations look absolutely stunning in photos, what more in 4K UHD drone shots. AMAZING!

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