Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 16 – The Paradox of Defeating M

Ex-Aid 16

Poppy is in a pppanic after Hiiro and Taiga attacking Emu. But their attention turns to Nico redecorating her CR room with a bunch of stuff. Nico can’t stand breathing the same air as Emu and her stress level goes up again. Emu thinks he might have an idea of what’s causing the stress.

Hiiro tells his father about Emu having Game Syndrome and says he will separate the Bugster from Emu’s body. Speaking of, Emu calls Hiiro and asks if they can talk. Hiiro leaves for the roof while Taiga hugs Director Kagami.

Kuroto Dan asks Parado why he did not retrieve Emu’s Gashats. “Did you forget why I’m helping you in the first place?” Parado asks. Kuroto seems angry at the response.

Parado says he wants to enjoy the most exciting game as a player in Kamen Rider Chronicle. And without a high-level opponent like Emu, it won’t be fun. Parado declares that he will be the one that defeats Emu.

Ex-Aid 16 Ex-Aid 16

On the rooftop, Emu asks Hiiro why he attacked him. Emu believes it has something to do with Nico and that Hiiro knows what’s causing her stress. “Do I look like I care about the patient?! I’m doing this because you…”

Hiiro stops himself and just says Emu is annoying. He henshins. But suddenly, the Rivol Bugster and some friends arrive and they decide to protect Emu. They attack Hiiro. Emu has a realization and henshins himself.

They take the battle to a different stage. Emu’s attacks don’t work on any of the Bugsters and Revol says of course not since they’re allies. “I’ll help Ex-Aid win and become complete!”

Before Emu can head back to Nico, Kuroto Dan arrives. Back at the CR, Taiga arrives to take an excited Nico back with him.

Ex-Aid 16

Kuroto Dan prevents both Emu and Hiiro from leveling up. Instead, they dehenshin. Kuroto takes Hiiro’s Gashats and turns to take Emu’s as well. But something activates inside Emu again and he is able to knock Kuroto away very easily.

Ex-Aid 16

Parado laughs and says he doesn’t want Kuroto to get in the way of his fun. He tells Emu that he wants to play with him next time.

Emu and Hiiro are back on the rooftop. Emu promises to retrieve his Gashats and thanks Hiiro for giving him a clue about Nico’s condition. Emu leaves to the CR. Hiiro is sure now more than ever that there’s a Bugster inside Emu, but he can’t do anything anymore without a Gashat.

Emu gets to the CR and Asuna and Director Kagami tell him about Nico going with Taiga.

Nico wants Taiga to says he’s worried about her, but he says he’s just using her to bait Emu here. Emu arrives and says he finally remembers Nico.

Ex-Aid 16

Flashback to the tournament. Nico was genius gamer N at 12 years old who faced genius gamer M and lost. Emu had congratulated and complimented her who was being hailed as an homage to M. Taiga adds that since then, Nico has become a pro gamer who makes over 100 million yen a year.

Emu thinks that’s pretty cool, but Nico just elbows him and throws things at him as she’s upset that he is the only one who’s ever beat her.

“That’s the only reason?!” Asuna asks the question we’re all thinking.

Ex-Aid 16

Nico demands Taiga tell her how to become a Kamen Rider so she can beat M. But Taiga slaps some sense into her as she knows nothing about what they as Riders are going through. This isn’t just a game to them. “We both fight desperately with the one life we have.”

Nico is annoyed that Taiga is lecturing her right now and she leaves. Asuna follows her out. Taiga wants to get back to fighting Emu.

Ex-Aid 16

Emu says he knows Taiga isn’t doing all this just to enjoy the games. He knows Taiga wants to prevent Game Syndrome from doing any more damage in the world. Taiga refuses to admit it.

Emu believes he is the cause of Nico’s stress which is why the Bugsters are protecting him. That is why he asks Taiga to do the operation to save Nico. “Is this really the time to be worrying about others?” Taiga asks before he henshins. Revol Bugster appears again to protect Emu.

While Taiga takes on the Bugsters, Kuroto and Parado arrive to play with Emu who doubles up.

Ex-Aid 16

Asuna stays with Nico who grows weaker, but doesn’t want any of Asuna’s help. Asuna drags Nico to show her Emu and Taiga fighting the Bugsters with their lives.

The two Emus take on Parado while Kuroto moves to take Taiga’s Gashats. Nico watches and starts to realize the true risks Taiga (only) is taking to save her life. Nico grabs a mop and tries to attack Kuroto who just knocks her away.

Asuna takes Nico to safety and Taiga delivers a Drago Knight Critical Strike at Kuroto.

Ex-Aid 16

Parado uses his powers to force Emu to dehenshin. Revol Bugster shoots at Parado and repeats that he will help Ex-Aid win to become complete. Parado switches to Fighter and delivers a Knock Out Critical Smash at Revol to destroy him. Kuroto is annoyed. Parado turns back to Emu and says he looks forward to their real fight next time.

Ex-Aid 16

Emu has a headache again and tells Asuna that’s he’s been having them after every dehenshin.

Nico says Emu must suck at games now that he lost. Emu is just happy Nico is cured. She tells Taiga to say something. Taiga vows to take his Gashats back. Nico follows her new boyfriend primary care physician.

Emu and Asuna pity Taiga.

3Ex-Aid 16

Episode Thoughts

Starting with no opening credits, I was expecting another possible big episode. But there really wasn’t anything major major in this ep.

Seriously, Asuna asking “That’s the only reason?!” after Emu and Nico’s past is revealed was exactly my reaction as well. I knew it would come and end up simple, but I still was disappointed with the “reveal.”

Nico hasn’t really contributed much since her arrival other than as a way to introduce flashbacks to Emu’s gamer days and to add another female cast member, that is.

I did enjoy Taiga and Asuna both trying to knock some sense into her more immature attitude. Taiga getting upset and Hiiro’s “…because I care about you!” (

Another possible development, but not Earth-shattering was the Revol Bugster’s interesting “We must protect Emu” to complete him. Not sure where that could go. But then again we also still don’t know about Chronicle or whatever Kuroto Dan is actually up to. As well as Parado’s seeming connection with Emu.

Overall, a pretty typical episode which is a little bit of a disappointment for me since I expected something big with no credits.

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  1. I would say better paced than the previous one, but still “Eh, that’s it?” Still got a few interesting points, though. Im guessing that Emu’s game syndrome is connected to Parad. On an interesting side note, Parad is pretty much the only High level Bugster at this point. Considering that Asuna/Poppy Pipopapo technically has the same Bugster powers as him., maybe her becomeing the next Bugster higher up is one twist they are still keeping locked up.

    Oh, and I guess Nico sill be a semi-regular now. I hope they do have an actual story in store for her to make her inclusion here worthwhile.

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