Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 45 – Undone Seal

Zyuohger 45

Bado feels weak after defeating the moebas. Over at the treehouse, Tusk helps Uncle Mario make Zyuland speciality, Jungle Rice. But the tails go hard before they can enjoy the lunch.

The Zyuohgers, less Misao, hop into ZyuohKing Octopus and ZyuohWild as a fleet of Triangulars descend upon Japan. Azarudo uses one of the Triangulars to get himself into ZyuohKing, saying he only wants to confront the orange guy. Leo and Sela fight Azarudo, but the chaos in the cockpit causes ZyuohKing to fall from the sky and onto ZyuohWild.

Zyuohger 45

Misao is at the river hoping to catch some fish to give to his doctor for saving his life as well as bring some home to the treehouse for everyone. Larry finds Misao and asks to see his rod and flashlight.

The others split up to look for Bado. Amu suggests Yamato go home… his real home. She says she’s always wondered about Yamato’s family and just realized Misao’s doctor is his father.

Zyuohger 45

Yamato says he merely has a bad relationship with him. He was never around. Then, his mother died and he never even came.

Zyuohger 45

Yamato flashes back to that night. His father says he had an emergency.

“You’re not my father!”

Amu says Yamato and his father are much alike. Neither of them talk about what’s important and are completely oblivious of what others think. Yamato says it’s too late now, but Amu says they are in the same world so they can see each other whenever they want.

“It’s just you and your dad left, right?”

Yamato remembers Amu saying it’s only her and her mama.

Zyuohger 45

Over at the treehouse, Misao arrives with Larry. Larry fills Sela, Tusk and Leo in on Azarudo’s body cubes. Larry and Misao have figured out that the Deathgalien were able to make the rod and flashlight not from the King’s Mark, but using parts of Azarudo’s body.

After creeping at the Kazakiri home, Bado flies over the forest only to get shot down by Azarudo. Azarudo demands his body parts be returned to him.

Larry also has something to say about Bado, but the tails go hard and they must run out. Uncle Mario arrives and meets Larry. He offers some bananas.

The Zyuohgers hurry over to where Bado and Azarudo are fighting. Tusk fills Yamato and Amu in on what’s going on and says it’s time Bado and them fight together.

The Zyuohgers all morph together as Azarudo summons moebas. Ginis is looking forward to the show.

Yamato and Bado take on Azarudo to retrieve the Zyuoh Cubes and they are able to. Azarudo easily puts himself back together, now more powerful without the Zyuoh Cubes inside him.

Yamato tells the others to retreat and is about to go Whale. But Azarudo knocks the Whale Change Gun away. The others go help Yamato.

Bado picks up the Whale Change Gun and delivers a Zyuoh Final to Azarudo.

Azarudo suddenly has a flashback to when Ketasu first delivered that Deep Rock finisher. Azarudo is stuck in rock. But Bado demorphs and collapses.

The others hurry over to Bado. They wonder if Azarudo has been sealed. But Tusk realizes what’s going on.

Zyuohger 45

Azarudo breaks free of the rock and now has his memory back. Azarudo reveals his true form. He was the monster Ketasu sealed away with the Earth’s power.

Zyuohger 45

The Zyuohgers morph and charge toward Azarudo who easily knocks them around. They unleash their beasts, but that still doesn’t do anything to even leave a scratch on Azarudo.

Azarudo engulfs them all in fireballs up from the ground. The Zyuohgers fall unconscious in the new crater.

Now Azarudo turns his attention to Ginis.

Episode Thoughts

Okay. Okay. Not bad.

A simple little backstory for Azarudo, but it works. I think maybe the most consequential part of it is that Ginis likely knew all along. It’s just another example of Ginis’ twisted Most Dangerous Game.

It really shows how Ginis, even while just sitting on his body throne all season-long, is one of the most dangerous and scariest big bads in recent memory. Just a guy with absolutely no reservations. Someone who just wants to create a live show of death and destruction. Complete insanity!

You know when the episode starts out with the mecha battle, it’s going to end with something big. And I do think it was a good cliffhanger. Though a final battle with Azarudo could’ve had even more meaning had he gotten more material all season like Cubaru did. (And Cubaru, in turn, kind of got a lackluster end.)

I rarely include it in my recaps, but I’ve definitely noticed the looks Amu would give toward Yamato whenever it came to Yamato’s family. There’s another story that could’ve been fleshed out more. I didn’t even remember that mention of Amu saying it was just her and her mom. It would’ve been another great story to draw out more about Yamato’s past, but also give Amu more material to talk about her own.

I think only Sela ever got significant time to talk about her family back home. Amu, Tusk and Leo not so much. And one of the things I was looking forward to was the “fish out of water” stories the Zyuman4 could have all season. That never really happened. Oh well.

Anyway, should be interesting to find out what Yamato’s father’s secret is. Likely something to do with Bado or at least Zyuland.

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    1. Indeed! I know how lots of people (myself included) can get annoyed when the Big Bad never does anything him/herself until the last few episodes. But Genis is just a whole other story!

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