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Ex-Aid 14

Emu heads back to the CR to check on Shirakawa-san. Emu doesn’t want to give up on him even though he has cancer. He says he wants to give Shirakawa-san back his smile.

Upstairs, Hiiro asks Poppy what the hell is going on. She doesn’t know either. They flashback to the two Emus arguing over who’s who and ore and boku and who between Alhambra and Genm they should defeat first. Both end up disappearing.

Emu dehenshins and is back to being one person again. But he falls unconscious.

Very strange. Taiga wonders what’s going on as well. But Nico pops up again asking if Taiga finally wants to defeat M.

Taiga is annoyed by Nico’s presence, but decides to get information on M that she apparently has. She says M never used “ore” or “boku” before. Taiga demands she tell him her connection to Emu.

Ex-Aid 14

Elsewhere, Kuroto Dan knows that a human will immediately die from an overwhelming Bugster virus attack if they used that Gashat. But Emu is obviously still alive. Parado points out Emu is not like other Riders and that makes him very giddy.

Ex-Aid 14

Kuroto says he is the gamemaster and will not have anyone else creating games without his approval. He vows to retrieve the Gashat and erase all the data.

Ex-Aid 14

Next day, Emu asks Hiiro to get rid of Shirakawa’s cancer. Hiiro says he will not force someone to get an operation they do not want. But Emu insists Shirakawa does want it. He points to Alhambra wanting to eliminate Hiiro which would be a cause of stress for Shirakawa. That’s why Shirakawa-san must have hope a genius surgeon like Hiiro can cure him.

Emu says because Shirakawa is also a talented surgeon, he would never say it out loud.

Hiiro is firm on not forcing someone to have a surgery. Emu says Hiiro is just afraid of performing this high-risk surgery which, if a failure, would tarnish his reputation.

Emu asks for his Gashats back.

Hiiro goes to speak with Shirakawa and expresses his confidence in a successful surgery. Shirakawa does not want Dr. Hiiro to take such a risk to his reputation, but Hiiro says the decision lies completely with the patient.

Alhambra barges into the hospital to look for Hiiro, but Emu stops him. He henshins.

Ex-Aid 14

Hiiro enters the operating room to start Shirakawa’s surgery.

Emu uses Kiriya’s Gashat to try and deliver a Bakusou Critical Strike at Alhambra. Emu takes Alhambra for a ride, but runs into Kuroto Dan who henshins and goes Dangerous.

Kuroto also uses a “memento” of Kiriya’s (the bow) and he and Emu battle.

Ex-Aid 14

Taiga and Nico arrive. She says this is Taiga’s chance, but Taiga says to wait.

Kuroto Dan forces Emu to dehenshin and says he will delete the new game.

Ex-Aid 14

Emu says he’s not playing a game. He’s performing an operation. He goes Mighty Brothers XX and splits into two.

Ex-Aid 14

This time, the two Emus decide they are one and will work together. They are able to knock Kuroto around and finish off Alhambra with a Mighty Double Critical Strike.

But Kuroto Dan collects Alhambra’s data. He says they may have changed the patient’s fate, but not that of the bigger picture.

Emu dehenshins and is back to being one. But again he falls unconscious immediately afterward. Taiga approaches him and takes a sample of his blood before he wakes up and runs back to the hospital.

Emu and Asuna wait outside the operating room as a very sweaty Hiiro comes out and says there is nothing he cannot cut. They take that to mean the surgery was successful. Emu bows and thanks Hiiro.

Ex-Aid 14

Hiiro smiles as he leaves.

Taiga uses a DNA Analysis Apparatus to analyze Emu’s blood and finds that he is positive with the Bugster Virus.

“Ex-Aid… you have Game Syndrome.”

Ex-Aid 14

Episode Thoughts

Interesting. I doubt it’s simply just that Emu has Game Syndrome. That definitely wasn’t a shocking development as we know something is different about Emu or even something has been done to him. But I assume that’ll remain a mystery for a while longer.

This episode basically just finished the introduction of Mighty Brothers XX and just added another weird thing about Emu. There might some hidden, deep meaning there. But I’ll wait until it’s spelled out for me on-screen lol

This episode also did drive home the idea that Hiiro is a genius and a miracle worker though. lol

Overall, it was a solid episode that I assume is laying the groundwork for the next big real twist.

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  1. I really like how Hiiro was characterized in this episode. Yay, we actually get to see him in action at the operating room. That was what I was longing for with the premise. And the guy genuinely smiled at the end, yey!

    Though,if you think of it, patient Shirakawa is not out of the woods yet, if you know how cancer works. That’swhere the sad party comes in.

    Also, that Mighty Brothers XX debut fight was just downright fun.

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