Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 44 – Monarch of Humanity

Zyuohger 44

Bado looks for Larry to show him the cube he picked up from Azarudo’s body.

At the treehouse, Uncle Mario arrives home and the Zyuohgers want to give him his surprise present. But he instead gives them a surprise. He takes his clothes off to reveal he wants to join them as ZyuohHuman.

Zyuohger 44

Yamato and the others explain everything to Uncle Mario with the help of flashbacks. They say it isn’t easy for him to just easily take Zyuman power, especially when it means taking a part of the Zyuman’s soul. That reminds Misao of Ginis basically raping him.

Bado and Larry also discuss how power can be transferred between living beings.

Up on the Sagitariark, Azarudo asks Ginis out of nowhere if he’s from Earth since he actually doesn’t remember anything before he was picked up by Owner. In a flashback to that pick-up, Ginis tells Azarudo that he had been in bad shape and picked him up because he wanted to play with him.

Ginis says he wouldn’t know anything about Azarudo’s origins as he’s not interested in anything other than Azarudo’s bloodthirst for the Blood Game. Azarudo drops the issue, but he feels funny in his chest.

Zyuohger 44

Back at the treehouse, Misao recounts his traumatic experience. Uncle Mario apologizes for not realizing how much pain Misao has been in all this time. Yamato steps up and say it is his fault for keeping this all a secret.

The Zyuman4 belatedly realize they’ve been huge jerks this whole time as well and apologize to Uncle Mario, but not to Misao.

Zyuohger 44

The Zyuohgers introduce Uncle Mario to the Zyuoh Cubes.

Uncle Mario says now he understands he isn’t needed in their fight. But Yamato and the others say he is needed. All he has to do is what he’s been doing this whole time. Smiling when they come home. Cooking food for them. Misao thanks Uncle Mario for welcoming him into his first friend’s home.

Uncle Mario takes that as ZyuohHuman’s task. Amu hands him his Christmas present.

Back on the Sagitariark, Naria body scans Azarudo and finds the foreign objects inside that are giving off similar signals to the Zyuohgers. Azarudo remembers his fight with Bado and realizes the swap.

Next morning, Larry asks if Bado will be able to survive having a different King’s Mark and being in a weakened state. Moebas appear and Bado tells Larry to bring Azarudo’s cube to Yamato-tachi.

Zyuohger 44

Episode Thoughts

As soon as the roll call started playing, I knew this would be a recap episode. But hopefully that means it’s all story and climax from here on out.

The best part of the episode though was Uncle Mario being empathetic to Misao’s trauma. And also the others, kinda, admitting they’ve basically been assholes all season long.

I’m a little disappointed though that keeping the secret from Uncle Mario all season long appears to have merely been set-up for this recap episode. Eeek.

Going into this episode I thought maybe Azarudo’s backstory could be really interesting. But this episode kind of hinted at a very basic explanation.

They also threw in something about Bado probably dying, but completely no build up to that twist at all.

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