Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 43 – The Christmas Witness

Zyuohger 43

Azarudo feels like he’s already won the Blood Game of Earth now that Cubaru is gone. But Ginis reminds him that the winner is the one who amuses him most. And Cubaru’s rebellion was very amusing.

At the treehouse, everyone is happy to see Misao out of the hospital. He also has a Christmas present for Uncle Mario, a whetstone to help sharpen his chisels.

Zyuohger 43

Tusk asks Yamato what Christmas is and he explains. Uncle Mario thinks it’s weird the Zyuman4 have no idea what Christmas is about. To keep Uncle Mario from asking more questions, Yamato suggests they have a party tonight to celebrate both Christmas and Micchan’s recovery.

The Zyuman4 head out to buy a present for Uncle Mario as well. They decide on a sweater, but they don’t have enough money. Even worse, their tails go hard as Azarudo’s Gakkarize terrorizes the plaza.

Gakkarize paints drawings that become real like masks on people’s faces or a giant Buddha.

Zyuohger 43

While the Zyman4 fight off the drawings come to life, Uncle Mario and Yamato work on decorating the Christmas tree back home. Uncle Mario remembers he and Yamato haven’t celebrated Christmas at the treehouse since Yamato started getting into girls in elementary school. He also asks if the others will be going home for Christmas and New Year’s. Yamato says it’s complicated.

Uncle Mario suggests they are like Yamato, but Yamato says while he chooses not to go home, the others can’t go home.

Uncle Mario reminds Yamato that he can always talk to him.

The Zyuman4 pass by a cake shop that’s been painted over by Gakkarize. They offer to help sell the cakes outside where people can actually see. When sales are slow, the Zyuman4 decide to go full-on Zyuman to drum up more interest. And it works as even the local news are reporting on them.

Micchan hurries to the treehouse to show Yamato what’s going on. Uncle Mario gets a call and he says he must now fly to Canada to buy wood that’s on sale so them kids should just have the party themselves. Micchan is a little sad, but he and Yamato must hurry out to get the others to stop messing around.

Zyuohger 43

Seeing the kids happy with the big animal people, Yamato realizes there’s a special connection between humans and Zyumans.

The Zyuman4 sell all the cakes and the shop owner gives them their pay. They hurry back to the store to buy the sweater, but they forgot about tax so they don’t have enough. Yamato and Misao arrive and Yamato offers to pay the difference. They object, but Yamato says he also owes his uncle for many things and for far longer than them.

Yamato tells them Uncle Mario is leaving the country for Christmas. They hurry as they want to give him his present before he leaves. But Gakkarize stops them. Yamato and Micchan say to leave Gakkarize to them while the Zyuman4 go find Uncle Mario. Azarudo stops them.

Zyuohger 43

On the way to the airport, Uncle Mario sees the explosions and commotion. He finds Yamato and the others after they’ve just been forced to demorph. Seeing they’re in trouble, he tries to find a weapon to fight off the Deathgaliens.

The Zyuman4 mock Gakkarize for his fake art, so Azarudo calls them out on their fake life forms living as humans. The Zyuman4 decide to show their true forms just as Uncle Mario comes back with a fire extinguisher.

The Zyuohgers morph once again and do a roll call to complete Uncle Mario’s surprise.

They Zyuohgers defeat Gakkarize and all the painting things disappear. Naria pops in to Continue Gakkarize who starts painting an army of Moebas who begin decimating the city.

As Yamato goes Whale to fight Azarudo, the others hop into Wild Tousai King.

The others are in trouble so Yamato summons Cube Whale to help. But when Cube Whale sees Azarudo, it attacks. Azarudo retreats.

Cube Whale gets rid of all the Moebas allowing the Zyuohgers to go Wild Tousai Dodeka King to finish off Gakkarize for good.

Zyuohger 43

Uncle Mario is confused.

Back at the treehouse, the Zyuman4 are sad they couldn’t give Uncle Mario his present. But Misao says to just give it to him when he gets back. Not a big deal.

The Zyuohgers get on with their Christmas party.

Zyuohger 43

Episode Thoughts

It was a pretty basic Christmas episode. At least they didn’t kill off a cool character or something like that. (Looking at you Ex-Aid.)

The most important part of the episode was Uncle Mario finally finding out about the Zyumans and the Zyuohgers. On one hand, I’m sad Uncle Mario didn’t know the whole time. But at the same time, it’s refreshing to have that “zomg it was them the whole time?!” moment. Hopefully that will come in the next episode. More of Yamato and Uncle Mario’s conversations too. This episode made me realize how the few we’ve gotten have been great.

The other interesting thing from the episode was of course the mystery over Azarudo’s possible true nature. With all the talk of “fake” and secret identities, maybe there’s some big twist with Azarudo’s past as well.

Overall, an okay Christmas episode.

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