Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 40 – A Man's Aesthetic

Zyuohger 40

Azarudo’s yankee Kirumenchi, the bontan hunter, just ripped off a guy’s big, puffy parachute gang bontan pants. And he’s setting his sights on Leo’s pants next. They start headbutting each other before Leo morphs. They spar a little before Kirumenchi leaves.

Yamato and Misao try explaining what bontan pants are just as they see a bunch of bullies in bontan pants taking a little kid’s lunch money. The Zyuohgers hurry over to save the boy, Jun, and bring him back to the treehouse.

Zyuohger 40

Leo wants to go take the money back, but Misao explains that the bullies might retaliate and take it out on Jun. Leo asks what Jun wants to do. Jun wants to become a strong man that can defend himself and not be afraid against the big bullies.

While Azarudo and Kirumenchi enjoy all the pants, Naria expresses her concern over Cubaru’s regular absence. Ginis does not mind. But Naria secretly wants to get into Ginis’ head and be useful to her owner.

Zyuohger 40

Leo takes Jun out to the top of a mountain to throw him off the side of the cliff, like all little cubs do during training. The others think better of it. Leo wants to throw a huge boulder onto Jun’s back, but Amu suggests they start slowly.

First, Leo has Jun drink raw eggs before doing sit-ups and then a long jog, all through a modified Eye of the Tiger soundtrack. The others think this is pointless.

After training, Jun goes to confront the bullies to demand they return his money. He yells at them before the others reel Leo down from the rafters using Misao’s pole. The bullies toss the wallet back at him. Three of the four run, but the leader remains.

Zyuohger 40

Jun approaches the leader and makes a fist. He is about to punch, but Leo stops him. The bully runs. Jun wants some payback, but Leo says no and that Jun has not learned anything at all.

Jun runs away. Leo huffs off.

Meanwhile Cubaru zaps the three bullies and they collapse.

Back at the treehouse, the others are relieved they got Jun’s money back. But they all feel like failures.

Jun runs into the leader in the park. Instead of robbing him again, the leader wants to help Jun get back at Leo by giving him a hand. Literally.

Jun puts the hand on and confronts Leo. He wants Leo to acknowledge that he has become stronger, otherwise Leo means nothing to him. Jun wants a duel. Leo accepts.

Zyuohger 40

Jun screams and runs at Leo. He punches Leo’s stomach with the hand. After a few seconds, Leo gets zapped. Kirumenchi appears and drop kicks Leo to the ground before demanding Leo take his pants off.

The bully leader appears and laughs at Jun, trying to guilt and embarrass him. Jun tosses the hand glove away and apologizes to Leo. Leo accepts. Leo says it’s not good to use fists to hurt people. Fists should only be used to protect. That’s what makes a real man. According to Leo.

Leo and Jun growl. Kirumenchi summon Moebas. Leo tells Jun to run as the other Zyuohgers arrive and they all morph.

While the others take care of the Moebas, Leo takes on Kirumenchi. Leo messes up Kirumenchi’s pompadour which distracts him and the Moebas long enough for Yamato to go whale and have the Zyuohgers deliver a Zyuoh Final.

Naria is already at the scene for a Continue. The Zyuohgers hop into Wild Tousai Dodeka King just to headbutt Kirumenchi before Leo activates Zyuoh King Octopus. They deliver a Zyuoh Slash to finish Kirumenchi for good.

While wondering what the hand glove could mean, Jun comes running for more training with Leo.

Zyuohger 40

Cubaru is on a rooftop, still wondering how humans tick. Naria finds him and confronts him about his extracurricular activities. She demands he explain himself as she’s been suspicious of him for a while now. Cubaru says he knows she’s been suspicious and has been following him. He shoots at her. Naria tries dodging the shots and is able to send one bullet back toward Cubaru.

Zyuohger 40

But Naria then steps on a trap. That allows Cubaru to zoom toward her and shoot her, point-blank. He says Good night before going to scan her memory.

Zyuohger 40

Episode Thoughts

So, an episode where some guy wants to take other guys’ pants off. Okay.

The Zyuohgers are one to be all pretentious and self-absorbed about Jun’s bullies when they all have been pretty douchey to Misao most of the time. Leo especially has been a big jerk with bully tendencies. So him suddenly being some gentle cat is total nonsense.

I get the message for the kids that fighting is bad. But it definitely was not presented in at all a cohesive way this episode. Especially with everything else that’s going on. Jun should protect himself. Simple as that. Also would’ve been a good episode to have Misao express maybe some bullying he experience from THEM and maybe other bullies when he was younger. Leo the voice of reason about jerks? No.

Anyway, in other non-preachy, more important news… Cubaru! Cubaru has definitely emerged as the most interesting villain and maybe even the most interesting character overall, to be honest. His backstory is actually the most fleshed out and he has an obvious and clear goal in enacting revenge against Ginis for the genocide on his home planet.

The final scene was indeed shocking. That was some insane and brutal sh-t! Point-blank shot to Naria’s, I don’t know. Crazy! I do wish Naria was more than just Ginis’ slave. (Very sexist, I must say.) She definitely had lots of potential, even if merely in that slave role. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of her.

But it should be interesting to see Ginis finally out and about from the Sagitariark and to see what Cubaru has up his sleeve.

Overall, a meh episode except for that last scene.

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