Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 8 – Men, Fly High!

Ex-Aid 8

Emu tries to get over his sadness in trusting in Kiriya. Asuna, meanwhile, tries to comfort Shiori and says her father just wants her to follow her own path. Asuna heads back to the CR where Emu is examining father Yoshio. He admits that he is stressed over the factory not doing well and the workers all quitting.

The Bugster is on the move and is now targeting the factory and its few workers left. Taiga confronts it and is looking to obtain its Jet Combat Gashat. He henshins just as Emu and Asuna arrive and has no problem taking the Gashat.

But Taiga says he will be holding on to the Bugster and if they want to save the patient, Emu must fight him with all the Gashats in their possession on the line. This angers Emu, but Taiga says the duel will take place tomorrow at noon. Emu sees the factory workers hurry back in to check on things.

Ex-Aid 8

Hiiro cannot believe Taiga has gone so low, especially not feeling any remorse for causing Saki’s death. Hiiro wants to take up the duel offer, but his father tells him to calm down. Director Kagami tries to encourage him, but Hiiro just ignores him and walks away.

Emu tells Yoshio about what happened. Yoshio says he should just close the factory and give everyone severance pay. Emu suggests they visit the factory tomorrow, but Poppysuna yanks him out the room by the ear. She doesn’t understand why Emu is intentionally killing the man with stress. But Emu points out that Yoshio hasn’t died yet even after being told of the factory being wrecked.

Emu is hopeful.

Ex-Aid 8

Meanwhile, Taiga sits in his abandoned hospital thinking about getting kicked out of the CR and vowing to take care of all of this on his own.

Ex-Aid 8

Over at GENM, Parado warns Kuroto Dan that using the same Proto-Gashat over and over will destroy his body. Graphite eavesdrops and is intrigued. Just then, Kiriya calls Kuroto

Next morning, Emu and Asuna bring Yoshio to the factory. Yoshio thinks it’s over. But he is surprised to see his workers have still been working to clean up and repair the factory. They hurry out and apologize for not visiting him in the hospital.

Emu has Yoshio admit that the cause of his stress is not the factory, but concern for the well-being and livelihood of his workers. Emu says he should not carry all the burden since there are many people who are there to help him. The workers and his daughter all understand Yoshio’s feelings.

Ex-Aid 8 Ex-Aid 8

Emu and Hiiro go face Taiga and the big game begins.

Across town, Kuroto Dan meets with Kiriya who wants answers as to why he’s been defamed in this way. They also battle.

Taiga uses the Jet Combat Gashat and shrinks the Bugster while flying around. Taiga manages to hit Hiiro to the ground and grab one of his Gashats. Emu tells Taiga to play fair on the ground. But Taiga drops the Bugster and puts him back to size. Emu fights it, but Hiiro sees it’s actually a trap.

Taiga is ready to unleash a Jet Critical Strike at Emu who is now being held by the Bugster. Emu is able to knock the Bugster away and into Taiga’s attack. But Taiga is able to take Emu’s Gashat as well.

Yoshio is cured.

Ex-Aid 8

Back to the other big battle, it’s down to both of their finishers. Does nothing to either. Back at GENM, Parado watches Graphite take a Proto-Gashat.

Kiriya asks Kuroto why he’s doing this. Kuroto Dan says he wants to determine why Bugsters are being created in this world which is why he developed the Driver and Gashats.

Ex-Aid 8

An upset Emu tells Taiga that the Gashats were not created for Taiga’s sh-ts and giggles. They’re for saving patients. Taiga says Emu knows nothing about being a compatible user.

Ex-Aid 8

Kuroto Dan reveals that in order to be able to use the Gamer Driver, one has to undergo Compatibility Surgery. It appears there is someone who is able to henshin without that surgery. Emu!

Ex-Aid 8

On a rooftop, Graphite is ready to rule the world with a Dragoknight Hunter Gashat. He activates it, but then stabs himself with it.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a pretty good episode. It definitely developed very nicely and was very exciting and insightful.

I enjoyed the little insight into Taiga’s mind. Of course, we can always assume he’s not as bad and cold as we (or Hiiro) may think he is. But at the same time, we didn’t get any kind of confirmation. Just that little peek we got here definitely made him much more interesting than he has been.

I would’ve been fine with that being the major development this episode. But then we got the surprising revelation at the end! So while others were genetically modified to become Rider compatible, Emu was not? Interesting! I assumed that it was during Emu’s life saving surgery that he got the upgrade, but apparently not. That definitely adds to the mystery. Actually, it presents a little bit of mystery that might be lacking so far.

The case of the week was also resolved very nicely.

I chuckled a bit at DragoKnight since it reminded me of “Dragon Knight.” I only ever saw a couple of episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. (Technically my first Kamen Rider anything before Fourze.) But it was amusing to think about.

Overall, I like the movement and the overall story is picking up.

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