The Amazing Race Philippines: Redemption (DryedMangoez Edition 12) – Leg 11 – Thailand


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Leg 12.11 – “Is he going to eat my face off?”TARPHDM12

The penultimate Leg of the Race begins as teams are magically taken back (by bus) to Kathmandu to receive their next clue at sunrise. And that clue tells teams they will be flying to Bangkok, Thailand!


Arriving in Bangkok at 6:30pm on Thai Airways, teams must make their way to Asiatique The Riverfront and search for their next clue.


Teams must now learn and correctly perform a Muay Thai routine in front of a waiting audience in order to receive their next clue.


That clue tells team to hop onto a bus to Pattaya!


Once in Pattaya (arriving at sunrise), teams must make their way to Wat Phra Yai and search for their clue next to the giant Buddha up the hill


That clue points teams to the Bottle Art Museum. Here, teams must search for one of four bottle art displays that contain a Race flag. They must keep this bottle art until further notice.


Along with the bottle is their clue directing them to head to Jomtien Beach where they will find the Road Block: Who likes things neat and tidy? As this is the 12th Road Block of the Race, the team member with only five Road Blocks completed MUST perform this task.


For this Road Block, teams must first swim out into the water to retrieve a colored tag from a floating buoy. That tag will reveal the color of beach chairs and umbrellas they will need to collect from a large pile of disassembled chairs and umbrellas and other junk. Once teams have collected all the chairs and umbrellas, teams must properly assemble them and set them up neatly in a marked section along the beach to receive their next clue.


That clue points teams to the Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm where they will face the Detour: Feed the Hungry or Feed the Mind.


In Feed the Hungry, teams must prepare breakfast for crocodiles, elephants, tigers, bears and camels oh my at the zoo. Placed in separate containers, teams must use a pushcart to deliver (!) the breakfasts to each of the animals in their respective homes in the zoo. Once the animals are fed, teams will be given the next clue.


In Feed the Mind, teams must search the stone park for large, marked stone pieces that will form a replica of an existing large rock in the park. However, teams will need to figure out which pieces they will need for their respective, chosen rock. Once they believe they have correctly assembled a replica, teams will receive the next clue.


After the Detour, teams must head to the Siriporn Orchid Farm where they will find a Double Road Block! Eyes or Ears.


For this Double Road Block, teams must identify 10 different orchid species. Both team members will have to work together, however. The team member who will use their “ears” will be blindfolded as their teammate who will use their “eyes” will describe each orchid flower to them along with their name. The blindfolded teammate must memorize the orchids using only their partner’s descriptions. When ready, that teammate will head to a different area, remove their blindfold and correctly identify the orchids to receive their next clue.
That clue tells teams they’ve had the Pit Stop location all along! Their bottle art contains a replica of the Pit Stop:


The Sanctuary of Truth.

The first team to arrive at this iconic Pattaya wooden temple will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

Whew! This is a very long Leg! But it’s the penultimate Leg and I’ve always thought the penultimate Legs should be just as difficult and challenging as the Final Leg.

So the main purpose of this Leg really was to have the Sanctuary of Truth as a Pit Stop. Such a stunning structure (especially in 4K UHD drone footage, naturally lol). Thailand hasn’t been visited on TARPHDME since season 3, so this is definitely a good time to visit it again, especially as a penultimate Leg.

Starting out, there are only two direct flights from Kathmandu to Bangkok and the one that flies every day arrives in the evening. There could totally be a night Leg in Bangkok or even in Pattaya, but I think they would mainly entail of markets and bars and cabaret shows and red light districts. lol

But this Leg is focused on Pattaya. One option is to just have teams directly bus it to Pattaya and have the Hours of Operation there. Instead, why not have an extra task in Bangkok to take advantage of the location and then have teams take the bus later in the night.

Muay Thai though is such a typical task. (TARPHDME2 did it actually as a Detour.) Another option is a cabaret show of course since it’s in the evening. A night market as well. Any of those could be swapped in here. But this task is really just an extra thing to do for logistics purposes.

Moving on to Pattaya, Buddha Hill would be a nice Route Marker at sunrise. Plus teams will need to climb up right at the start, so it should be a nice morning challenge. (And beautiful with 4K UHD drone shots!)

The bottle art museum is another extra task to throw in to help make this a very full Leg though it was originally supposed to play a role in a scrapped final task of this Leg. More importantly though, it’ll play a part later on in the Race *wink*wink*

You’re in Pattaya, you gotta have a beach task of course. Something with the water and tropical. Certainly a straightforward task, but it can also be very challenging. It’ll be physical since they are carrying at least 20-30 pairs of umbrellas and chairs across the beach. But one interesting aspect is for the first and last teams.

On paper, we want to have a huge, messy, crazy pile of mangled chairs and umbrellas. Teams will have to dig through the pile. In a way, the first team will have the most work to do because they’ll be moving stuff around, possibly freeing up chairs and umbrellas for the other teams. That would eventually mean the last team or two would have an easier time finding their stuff.

A smart team would mess things up again so the others won’t have that easy time. BUT! Another aspect of this task is the marked area they need to set up will be next to the pile. So a smart team would choose the closest section and they’ll have only a short distance to carry stuff around. The last team may find things easier, but will have to carry things farther. So good balance. At least on paper. lol

The Detour is also very simple and straightforward. Maybe more physical as well. The puzzle side of the Detour though is interesting, if not incomplete. Definitely needs refining to really make teams think. Maybe have multiple pieces, cuts, shapes, little intricacies to make things tricky.

The Double Road Block is definitely inspired by TAR Canada 4’s infamous flower Road Block. Also on its penultimate Leg, coincidentally. Here it’s a Double Road Block since both team members have important roles to play. Of course modified from TAR Canada’s task since orchids don’t really have smells or distinct feels. They definitely have different, sometimes similar flowers and leaves. So that is the extra challenge here and it makes it specific to orchids.

At this point in the Leg, there was a Walking Street task involving the bottle art from earlier, but I just decided against it. lol This is a family show after all. Lol

Though the original task was very family friendly:
Teams must now make their way to Walking Street and find a mime who will hand them their next clue.

That clue tells teams to refer to their bottle they retrieved earlier. They must search amongst the many cartoonists along Walking Street for the four who have each drawn the four basic elements seen in their particular bottle. Each artist will hand them the drawing and on the back is a piece of a larger sketch. The four pieces together will reveal the Pit Stop:

It’s a nice task, but oh well.

So overall, a very long, very full penultimate Leg. As it should be I guess. But of course one or two tasks could easily be removed.

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