Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 7 – The Reason for Some Lies

Ex-Aid 7

Kiriya wakes up in the hospital after having a bad dream of crying over a dead body in the morgue. The old man next door unsuccessfully tries to cheer him up when his daughter arrives.

He immediately scolds daughter Shiori for coming to visit all the time. She says she just wants to make sure he’s getting well because their factory will collapse without him.

Suddenly, the Bugster virus appears on his body. Kiriya calls the CR and he accompanies Emu who brings him down. Asuna keeps Kiriya out of the CR, however.

Ex-Aid 7

Over at GENM Corp., Graphite is still ticked off at getting beaten by Hiiro earlier. Parado enjoys the fun. Kuroto Dan says he could’ve helped Graphite, but didn’t because Graphite acted on his own. Plus, Kuroto won’t be giving him the Bug Visor anymore.

Graphite points out that Kiriya knows Kamen Rider GENM/Dark Ex-Aid’s identity. But Kuroto Dan is sure Kiriya has no proof.

Ex-Aid 7

Hiiro shushes his father as they head into the CR to check on the patient. Hiiro says he doesn’t trust Hiiro to operate on him so they both henshin. Just then, the Bugster pops out of the man. Director Kagami frantically tells them to take the battle out of the CR.

Emu initiates a stage change and they take the battle out to the seaside. They are able to separate the two Bugsters from the patient. The Gashats are Giri Giri Chambara and…

Before Emu can reveal it, Level 3 GENM appears and fires at Emu and Hiiro. Both Emu and Hiiro go Level 3 as well with Emu taking on the Giri Giri Bugster and Hiiro fighting GENM. But it’s a quick battle as the Bugster leave.

Ex-Aid 7

Back at the CR, Kiriya pops in and offers to help. He explains that he wants to solve the mystery of the Bugster since he really did lose a friend on Zero Day. Emu and Hiiro don’t believe him, especially after being wrong on Graphite being the dark Ex-Aid.

Poppy warns them not to trust Kiriya.

They all leave Kiriya alone. Hiiro asks his father to look into something. Meanwhile, Emu and Poppasuna check on the patient who is with his daughter. He wakes up and again scolds his daughter for being here. Emu bluntly explains that the man has the Bugster virus and he could die.

Kiriya remembers telling his friend the same thing. The friend had the same symptoms as the secret disease he had just discovered. Kiriya couldn’t stop the friend from freaking out.

Ex-Aid 7

The father fires his daughter. The daughter leaves. Kiriya stops Emu from following her, instead pinning him against the wall and giving him some friendly doctor advice. Emu should be more careful in dropping diagnosis bombshells on people.

“Telling the truth isn’t always the right thing to do,” Kiriya says. Sometimes that can ruin people’s lives.

Kiriya remembers his friend and calms down. He focuses back to the patient and says the daughter is probably in danger. That’s why the father wanted her away from the business.

They hurry out just in time as the Bugster is ready to attack. Kiriya offers another combi like last time. Hiiro pops in and warns Emu against it before henshining and going Level 2.

Ex-Aid 7

Kiriya repeats his offer to Emu and promises that he’s not lying today. Emu decides to give him a chance. They both henshin and go Level 2. Emu hops on and they deliver a Bakusou Critical Finish to finish the Bugster for good. They gain the Giri Giri Gashat.

Emu activates it and it allows Kiriya to level up. Turns out his Level 3 is a humanoid form.

Ex-Aid 7

Kiriya approaches the dark Ex-Aid and exposes him. He drops the bomb that this guy is actually Kuroto Dan. Emu and Hiiro are shocked. Kiriya explains that he saw Kuroto Dan henshin.

Kuroto Dan goes Level 3. He and Kiriya battle while Taiga battles the other Bugster.

Ex-Aid 7

Kuroto Dan and Kiriya’s battle is explosive, but Kiriya delivers a Giri Giri Critical Finish. That is enough to force Kuroto Dan to dehenshin, but Parado swoops in just as the explosions go off.

The smoke clears and Emu, Hiiro and Kiriya see Parado standing there with a smirk, passing himself off as the dark Ex-Aid.

Ex-Aid 7

Parado hands the Driver and Gashat back to Kuroto Dan who is happy that Kiriya has basically been confirmed as a liar.

Hiiro reveals the information his father had dug up. Kiriya did lose a friend before, but not because of a Bugster. Hiiro accuses Kiriya of lying just to get the new Gashat.

Emu is sad and asks Kiriya to reveal his true self.

Ex-Aid 7

Kiriya flashes back to seeing his friend dead in the morgue. He blamed himself and regrets telling him of the illness.

Kiriya does not deny any of the accusations against him and just laughs, telling Emu to not be so naive and gullible all the time.

Ex-Aid 7

Episode Thoughts

This was a solid episode. Mainly, I think, because I am liking Kiriya the most so far. He seems like the most interesting character so far aside from maybe Parado/Pallad/パラド.

I think Kiriya may have been given the more deep story this early on. We don’t really know his own personal goals until this episode. And while we can assume he simply feels guilty for the death of his friend (suicide perhaps?), there’s still a possibility there’s something more. Emu and Hiiro not trusting him though and Team Bugster gleefully encouraging that help to really pile on to the possible guilt Kiriya may feel. Definitely lots of character story potential there.

Everything else was okay. Nothing too big happening elsewhere. But I enjoy Kiriya’s character, so I enjoyed this focus ep on him. Hopefully Taiga’s ep next week is just as interesting.

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