Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 38 – Wings Soaring High in the Sky

Zyuohger 38

Bado is able to destroy one Saguiru Brother while the other one runs away from Leo and Sela.

Yamato calls out to Bado, finally able to properly meet his 3x savior. Larry sees them together and leaves them to meet the others. Larry and the others head to back to the treehouse while Bado takes Yamato to a cave to wrap up his wounds.

Bado and Larry tell the Zyuohgers the whole story.

Zyuohger 38

Larry and Bado have known each for over 20 years. A young Bado became a guardian of the Link Cube and developed an interest in the outside world. Knowing Larry was studying humans, Bado would regularly visit him.

Bado had found an injured human who wandered into Zyuland. While they were supposed to report stray humans, Bado took him into a cave and nursed him back to health. They became comfortable with each other and Bado hoped they could become friends.

Zyuohger 38

But the man was found and captured by the Zyuman elders. He was told he could never return to the human world ever again as the Zyumans wanted to keep their world a secret.

Bado went to the temple to free the man, but he was stopped. The man was able to escape the prison that night, but would fall to his death when being chased by the horses. Since then, the incident has been covered up. Larry says he is sure similar incidents have happened from time to time. That’s why Zyuland has been kept hidden all this time.

Zyuohger 38

Bado explains he stole the King’s Mark to destroy the connection between the human world and Zyuland. He says he merely gave the King’s Mark to Yamato as a kid to save his life and cheer him up.

To Bado, the King’s Mark is just a tool that severs connections. Yamato says the King’s Mark has saved his life since he was a child and that all life is connected in some way. It has encouraged him to save what’s important to him.

The Zyuman4 understand Bado’s intentions after hearing Larry’s story.

The tails suddenly go hard and they all hurry out. Yamato asks Bado to come with as he has something to show him.

The Saguiru Brothers are wreaking more havoc and death and destruction downtown. The Zyuohgers still don’t why the Saguiru Brothers won’t die, so they morph. The Saguiru Brothers summon some Moebas. Misao says to leave the Moebas to him while the Zyuman4 focus on the Saguiru Brothers.

Zyuohger 38

Yamato arrives and morphs to Gorilla. Bado watches.

The Zyuohgers take care of one Saguiru Brother, but there’s still one left. That Saguiru Brother splits itself into two and the other Saguiru Brother comes back to life. Azarudo explains that they are twins who can regenerate as long as one Saguiru Brother is alive.

The Saguiru Brothers fly into the sky and attack from above, forcing the Zyuoghers to demorph.

Larry thinks of Yamato’s words from earlier. He goes over to them just as Yamato stands to morph again. Bado says he won’t let their connections be broken.

Zyuohger 38

The two feathered friends morph and are an amazing combi against the Saguiru Brothers. Together they finish the brothers off with a Riser Spinning Slash.

Zyuohger 38

Naria plops down with a Continue to embiggen one Saguiru Brother which again regenerates his twin.

The Zyuohgers hop into Wild Tousai Dodeka King and easily deliver a Zyuoh Dodeka Dynamite Stream to finish the Bros for good. Yo!

Bado watches the Zyuohgers’ successful kill. But he also thinks about Yamato saying that all life is connected. “You’re becoming more and more like him.”

Zyuohger 38

Yamato brings the others to Bado’s cave, but he’s gone of course. The Zyuman4 realize that they still might not be able to go home even if they have Bado’s King’s Mark. They know there are still many things they don’t know about their own world. Larry says that’s all the more reason to keep the connection strong.

Yamato is sure he will meet Bado again one day.

Episode Thoughts

Finally! After a long while, an episode of Zyuohger I fully enjoyed.

I think a big part of that is no Misao bullying this week. After watching this compilation of Saban Brands final scenes, I was just about ready to compare this season to Power Rangers Samurai where all the Rangers were being assholes to Mia about her cooking. But she ended up with the last laugh or high road at the end. I almost feel the same for Zyuohger, but they laid off Misao this week. So maybe next time.

But elsewhere, the story beats were good and made sense.

So I’ve been one of those wondering if maybe Bado was Yamato’s dad or something. Or at least a relative. But now, it’s very possible that guy who wandered into Zyuland and fell off the cliff is Yamato’s father. Or not. He looked really young. Though, Yamato would’ve just been born around 20 years ago. Very interesting.

I’m definitely waiting for the episode where Uncle Mario knows everything about Zyuland and knows about what kind of shenanigans they’ve been up to all season. I mean, it would explain why he loves the animal carvings so much. He could be a Zyuman himself.

Though I guess that would defeat the purpose of “connections” between humans and Zyumans and all living things. So Yamato must absolutely remain 100% human to keep that part of the season’s story (and it’s a pretty big part) logical.

They wrapped up Bado’s story quite well. At least, this part of his story. He’d been randomly popping in and out without any direction, but this episode tied things up nicely. The story about him and Larry studying humans was okay. And certainly not the worst bit of exposition this season.

This was the first episode in a long time where we get to see some devastating destruction in the city again. I only remembered after this episode how early this season, the city was just completely ravaged by Ginis’ players. Like, whole buildings would blow up. People dead all over the place. It was insane and unlike any other season I’d seen. The show rather laid off that stuff when they decided it was more interesting to bully Misao as a central plot point. But it was nice to see the destruction back again, if only to remind us that Ginis’ Most Dangerous Game really is disgustingly evil.

The fact that Ginis is so nonchalant about killing people (or any being for that matter, like Cubaru’s home planet) is much scarier and more sinister and evil than many a Sentai villain.

Loved all the awesome drone shots all over the episode. Very slick.

Overall, a great, solid, enjoyable episode. Finally! It’s been a while. And it’s about time when there’s about 10-12 episodes left. We’re supposed to be heading into the final arc now.

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