Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 37 – Monarch of the Heavens

Zyuohger 37

Uncle Mario catches a pigeon which has a note from Larry written in Zyuland glyphs. The Zyuohgers go meet him by the ocean where he shows them a huge new Cube.

Misao, in his Sunday’s best, tugs on Yamato’s jacket before introducing himself to Larry and presenting him a basket of bananas.

Zyuohger 37

Misao tells his story and apologizes for causing the death of three Zyumans. Larry says there’s no need to apologize and, unlike the others, is actually understanding and empathetic to Misao’s painful situation.

The others interrupt and want to talk about their own problems instead.

Larry remembers meeting with birdman Bado in the forest all those weeks ago. Turns out it was Bado’s fault that Larry was stuck in the human world. Bado said humans and Zyumans must stay far apart from each other.

Larry doesn’t tell the Zyuohgers about the meeting. Suddenly, the tails go hard and the Zyuohgers head back into the city.

Azarudo’s players, the Saguiru Brothers, are rampaging and rapping downtown. They have a charged rope that zaps anyone or anything that touches it. They force the Zyuohgers to play super speed jump rope and they get tripped up.

We are to believe it was Misao who got his ankle caught in the rope even though it’s only Yamato who’s ankle is injured. Leo and Sela slap Misao on the head.

They destroy one of the Saguiru Brothers while the other runs away.

Zyuohger 37

Larry wraps up Yamato’s Leg. Misao feels guilty about it and the Zyuman4 make things worse with their shade. He runs off and Yamato goes after him.

Zyuohger 37 Zyuohger 37

Yamato tries to cheer Micchan up and states the obvious that he was the only one injured because it was he that was too slow. Yamato says everyone can be civil with each other even with all their differences. (Hear that America?) So Micchan can just do him and not change himself for other people.

The tails go again and the Zyuohgers hurry back into the city. After another repetitive roll call, the Saguiru Brothers pull out their rope. But this time Misao goes crocodile and just grabs it, using it to toss the Saguiru Brothers around.

Misao’s hands hurt, but he feels great. Yamato says they can’t let Misao’s sacrifice go to waste. They attack and destroy one of the Brothers. The Zyuohgers chase after the other one while Naria inserts a Continue into the dead one.

Yamato, Sela and Leo hop into ZyuohKing to take on the big Saguiru Brother while Misao, Tusk and Amu fight the small one.

The mecha battle takes place conveniently next to the new Cube. They pull it out and use it to knock the Saguiru Brother around. It lights up and breaks free.

Zyuohger 37

Cube Octopus awakens. Leo and Sela scold it for not waking up sooner to help them. They form ZyuohKing Octopus and unleash a Zyuoh Bomber at big Saguiru Brother to finish it off.

Bado watched the whole thing and his tail suddenly goes hard.

Another Saguiru Brother pops up and attacks Misao, Amu and Tusk from behind, forcing them to demorph. The Saguiru Brothers attack as Yamato, Sela and Leo arrive. They continue to be dense and believe Saguiru Brothers are quadruplets.

One Saguiru Brother steps on Yamato’s ankle and proceeds to just wreck him. He demorphs.

Zyuohger 37

Saguiru Brother is about to toss his cap at Yamato, but Bado arrives. Bado and Saguiru Brother battle, but Bado kinda sucks. He gets knocked around while Saguiru Brother dances yo.

Bado won’t give up though. He takes a Cube out and asks it to give him the power to protect Yamato. The Earth gives Bado some power the Cube turns into a Zyuoh Cube. He pushes the buttons and morphs into ZyuohBird.

Zyuohger 37

Episode Thoughts

Not a very exciting intro to ZyuohBird. It’s nice to see another orange-ish Ranger. (It looks like a pale red to me.) But the story to lead into ZyuohBird was pretty nonexistent.

Birdman has merely been a character on the periphery instead of a recurring, developed character like Larry has been. The mystery, however, didn’t really add to any of the story. Whether it’s his story or Yamato’s backstory other than him getting the Cube. Plus, they already used the “Birdman swoops in to save a dying Yamato” cliffhanger before. The impact was not felt here at all.

Cube Octopus’ intro also felt shoehorned in. Like they wanted to add one more thing to the toy line so they just threw it in here.

And then we have this week’s edition of “Let’s bully Misao.” Empathetic Larry-san was a nice contrast to the continued douchbaggery of the Zyuman4. Just shows that not all Zyumans are jerks. Just these four, apparently.

A completely meh episode. I think the Saguiru Brothers yo yo yos were more enjoyable than most of what the Zyuohgers were doing.

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