Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (17) 37 – “You're useless, get out!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (17) 37 – Worgworld


Poisandra wants Snide to tell her the secret Heckyl promised if she helped them escape solitary. He tells her and she is shocked. She takes Curio and they leave.

At the museum, Koda is excited about the new Worg the Caveman exhibit. But no one else is. Kendall tells him to get rid of the voice controlled robotic caveman.


But Koda has an idea. He takes Worg into the kitchen to man the grill, but things get crazy when Koda accidentally says the word “attack.” Worg hurls tomatoes at everyone. Kendall is not pleased. She orders Koda to dump Worg in storage.

Outside, strange costumed things, Conductro and Screech, approach the museum. One of them starts playing a trumpet and the music turns everyone into zombies.


Koda, wearing the headset used to control Worg, is protected against the zombie music. He gets the others back to normal by simply covering their ears.

Koda and headphone-wearing Chase are able to grab the trumpet and everyone is back to normal. The Rangers morph, but the monsters retrieve the trumpet and run.

Lord Arcanon tells Snide to get lost and then orders Conductro to broadcast the zombie music across the city to overwhelm the Rangers.

Kendall finds that the frequency used to control people is the same as the one used in the headset for Worg. Ivan suggests they make one for each of them. In the meantime, Koda sadly says goodbye to Worg as he places him in a crate for storage.


Next morning, the zombie apocalypse has begun in Amber Beach, but the Rangers only have five headsets. Ivan and Zenowing stay behind as the others head to the source of the music.

The Rangers don’t know what to do as they don’t want to hurt the innocent people under zombie control. Koda has an idea. He activates Worg who comes running, becoming a distraction for the zombies who follow him.


The Rangers morph and fight through Vivix to get to the source of the music. They try destroying the phonograph, but are only able to when Zenowing comes and smashes it.

Lord Arcanon pops down and laughs that this was a trap. He takes the Dark Energem and uses its powers to have huge Chaos fireballs fall from the sky. Ivan joins the fun just as Lord Arcanon embiggens himself.

The Rangers hop into Ultrazord and use an Ultra Plasma Final Blast to destroy Lord Arcanon for good?

Lord Arcanon actually just goes back down to size. He tries crawling toward the Dark Energem, but is stopped when… SLEDGE appears!

Sledge says he wants his bounty for all the criminal aliens he’s captured over the millenia. And the bounty he wants is the Dark Energem. Sledge inserts it into his arm.


Sledge is flanked by his posse plus Snide while Lord Arcanon only has Singe, Conductro and Screech. Sledge and Co. easily destroy the four. Heckyl watches from the bushes.

Back at the museum, Koda has turned Worg into a caveman Zumba instructor.


Episode Thoughts

Oh my goodness. Another week, another downer of a final scene. lol That standoff between Sledge and Lord Arcanon was absolutely awesome. But just like the previous few weeks, an awesome villain scene gets diminished by some absurd tacked-on scene with the Rangers. I think the scenes should have switched. Sentai is able to end on villain scene cliffhangers, why can’t Power Rangers?

Anyway, I was surprised by Sledge popping up again. But also not surprised because, like I’ve been harping on this entire Super season half, the ship wasn’t completely destroyed, everyone else survived, yet Sledge is nowhere to be found? Impossible. Not logical!

But it’s good to see Sledge looks to be final Big Bad of the season.

This was a nice Koda episode. Though Worg was kind of random without any explanation, including Koda’s strange affinity for it (knowing it’s a robot). A couple of seconds of exposition at the start of the episode would’ve helped.

The zombie aspect of the plot was well done, I must say. The zombies were even Train to Busan-style runners at the end there.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode. And this time, both the Rangers and villains were enjoyable instead of just the villains like it has been recently.


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