Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (16) 36 – “You villainous scumbag traitor!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (16) 36 – Freaky Frightday


The Rangers are hiding out in a crate to catch a graffiti artist that’s been tagging the museum. Koda lets out a huge fart when the graffiti artist arrives. They bust out of the crate to escape Koda’s gas and to catch the guy… who looks just like Ivan.


The graffiti artist, Zach, says his family is from Zandar and his great(x10)-grandfather was a knight or something. Ivan says he’ll watch over his grandson cousin Zach as he cleans up the graffiti.

Snide offers Prof. Strickler to Lord Arcanon to get the Energems. He has a Switch Eraser which switches bodies. To help out, they resurrect Nightmare and Game Face. But in exchange for helping out, Snide wants Lord Arcanon to help separate him from Heckyl.

After Zach finishes painting over his graffiti, the Rangers treat him to some Dino Café food. He promises not to paint on other people’s property ever again. But Ivan has another lesson for him.


Ivan takes Zach to the park to show him paintings of the knight of Zandar. Zach thinks it’s pretty cool and asks Ivan to model for him while he paints. But Ivan doesn’t appreciate the cool picture Zach has painted.

Zach takes his painting and leaves. Just in time too as the Rangers head off to face Prof. Strickler, Game Face and Nightmare.

Nightmare has the Switch Eraser and uses it to switch Tyler with Shelby and Koda with Chase.

The four of them have trouble in their new bodies. Riley and Ivan arrive and switch bodies as well, but they have a better time adjusting. The monsters retreat and the Rangers head back to the command cave.


The Rangers all change into their own clothes. Shelby has the hardest time since none of her clothes fit over Tyler’s muscles.


Riley comes into the command cave with Zach’s painting which he found in the dumpster. Ivan says it’s horrible. Keeper and Zenowing try to get Ivan to understand that just because he doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Ivan finds Zach in the Dino Café and decides to talk to him. Zach’s sad because he never had a cousin before and he hoped he could be friends with Ivan. Ivan tries to cheer him up using a smoothie analogy and tells Zach to give Ivan a chance.

The Rangers head out to meet Prof. Strickler and the others. After a roll call to refresh everyone who’s who, Nightmare pops out of the ground and switches Ivan with Chase and Shelby with Riley.

This time, the Rangers switch their weapons to the ones they’re comfortable with. Zenowing arrives and morphs as well to help out. But Prof. Strickler tells Nightmare to switch him and Zenowing.

Tyler is able to grab the Switch Erasers, destroys it and everyone goes back to their original bodies.

Zenowing sends a prism slash toward Prof. Strickler to finish him off. Tyler goes T-Rex Super Charge and the Rangers deliver a Victory Maximum Final Strike to take care of the other two.

All three of them are embiggened and the Rangers hop into the UltraZord to finish them off for good.

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Lord Arcanon is upset Snide’s plan did not work. But he’ll help with the splitting anyway. Wrench is able to get the Splitometers working and uses them to separate Snide and Heckyl.

“You villainous scumbag traitor!”

Snide has two Spikeballs capture Heckyl to throw him back into solitary confinement.

At the Dino Café, Ivan and Zach make up and Ivan gets a brain freeze.


Episode Thoughts

This was an enjoyable, solid episode. Body swapping episodes can always be fun. I wish we saw more of them in each other’s bodies than just that one scene. They were all great. Would’ve also been fun to have Kendal swap with someone as well as Keeper too.

Michael Taber got the most material out of it though and he definitely knocked it out of the park.

Was there a switched bodies episode in Kyoryuger? This episode definitely reminded me of ToQger’s 3-way body swap episode. That was a great ep.

Kinda awkward though when you think about Tyler and Shelby switching bodies. AND that they had to change out of their clothes. AWK-WARD. lol

Another awkward aspect of the episode is when you think about Ivan and Zach. I don’t remember the show ever pointing out Ivan had a family. So how could he possibly have a great-great-blah-blah-blah-grandson if he was trapped inside Fury all this time? Just a nitpick lol

The last scene of the episode was kind of a dud, again, because of the awesome villain scene that preceded it. I’m definitely more interested in how Heckyl’s story plays out in these last episodes.

Overall, a fun, enjoyable and solid episode.

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