The Amazing Race Philippines: Redemption (DryedMangoez Edition 12) – Leg 5 – France

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Leg 5 – “You’re trying to get us arrested!”

Teams will be magically transported back to Addis Ababa to start the 5th Leg of the Race in front of St. George’s Cathedral. And this Leg of the Race will continue in Paris, France!

Teams will be on one of two flights. The first, direct flight on Ethiopian Airlines arrives at 6:05am. The second flight via Frankfurt on Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa arrives at 8:25am.

Once in Paris, teams make their way to the Champ de Mars. Here, they will be assembling a large-scale model of the Eiffel Tower which they must deliver on foot to the foot of the Eiffel Tower to receive their next clue.

When approved, each team will be handed a brand new, explosion-free Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a Samsung Gear VR which they will use to go on a virtual aerial tour of the vicinity around the Eiffel Tower.

During this 360 virtual tour, teams must search for flagged, brand new 2017 Kia Niro Hybrids on the rues below.

Teams will then need to use whatever information they can obtain from their virtual tour to find the brand new 2017 Kia Niro Hybrids in real life. Teams can go on the virtual tour as many times as they need.

Inside the efficient, brand-new 2017 Kia Niro Hybrids is their next clue. That clue directs teams to drive themselves to Guedelon Castle in Treigny.

And here, teams will find the Detour: Backbreaker or Woodturner.

In Backbreaker, teams will head to the stone quarry and fill two wheelbarrows with stones to deliver to a marked section in the castle. They must then properly install five bricks into the floor of the castle to receive their next clue.

In Woodturner, teams must learn how to make a bowl using a traditional foot-powered pole lathe. Once each team member has made a proper bowl, they will receive their next clue.

Teams will now need to drive to the Church of Saint Pierre. And here, teams will find the Road Block: Who’s good with words?

For this Road Block, teams must use one of the most highly regarded French dictionaries, Le Petit Larousse, to create a French-Filipino dictionary of Amazing Race terms. Each term must include an illustration. Once they have correctly created a proper dictionary, they will receive their next clue.

That clue points teams to the Olympic Canoe Kayak Auxerrois club in Auxerre. Here, teams will hop into a two-person kayak and paddle themselves upriver while looking for their next Pit Stop:

The pedestrian bridge across from Auxerre Cathderal or Cathedrale Saint-Etienne D’Auxerre.

The first team to check-in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check-in here… WILL NOT be eliminated. This is the first Non-Elimination Leg of the Race. And for the first time ever, the Non-Eliminated team will face a Hazard.

A Hazard is an extra requirement for a certain task in the next Leg which teams must complete before receiving the next clue.

”Director’s” Commentary

This should be a nice Leg. Paris is an easy destination after Ethiopia.

Designing this Leg started out with Guedelon Castle after I first read about it. It looked very interesting and I thought it’d be a nice location for a task. From there, I tried to create a Leg surrounding it.

Flying into Paris, it would be a waste not to have at least one task in the city. Because who knows when TARPH(DME) will ever return to France, you know? lol

It would be nice to maximize our time in Paris with a full Leg, but since we can’t, a quick task at the Eiffel Tower will do.

First, the huge Eiffel Tower puzzle should be fun. It’s a typical TAR task, but made more challenging when teams have to transport the huge model across the huge park to the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Our hope is that the model tower is so flimsy that it will fall apart several times on the way to the drop off. And of course that means some hilarity! Teams watching their hard work collapse, frustration making teams snippy with each other, locals thinking they’re weird or laugh at them. Should be good fun.

That said, this is another assemble and deliver task and that might get overused this season lol

At the Eiffel Tower, I’m actually really excited about the Samsung Gear VR task. It’s definitely a product placement, sponsored task. But originally, I had teams going up the Eiffel Tower to do the standard “Look below for flagged car” task. Instead, I thought this would be a nice change of pace.

Teams will need to look around below just like any of those regular tasks. But since the virtual reality video will not stop and is continuously playing and moving, it might be difficult. This would compare more to an actual flying task where teams have to get in some plane and look below. Instead, we get some nice Samsung money for a simple task. =D And it’s a double sponsor task because teams need to use SAMSUNG phones and Gear VR to find a KIA car. Yay! More moneys for production!

Over to Guedelon Castle, the point of it is to build a castle using traditional, non-modern methods. So the Detour is basically teams going back in time. Both are solid tasks. And in any other season, this would be a perfect spot for a U-Turn.

For the 2nd half of the Leg, I looked at nearby towns around Guedelon Castle. Toucy popped up with the fun fact that it is the hometown of Pierre Larousse, the creator of Le Petit Larousse. The Road Block should be a nice thinking task.

Next nearby city was Auxerre. And the river and cathedral looked like great locations. So the final task of the Leg with the kayaks should be a nice extra task for the Leg.

And finally the Non Elimination penalty. I wanted to try something different for the returning teams instead of penalty envelopes. Plus, there was that promise of no U-Turns on the Race. So I decided to use the Hazard. At least, a different use of the term than TAR19 when it was basically a Speed Bump. A Hazard is basically a handicap for the team on a certain task. And I think it’s been used on other TARs around the world, as well as a suggestion of many a TAR fan. At the same time, a simple Speed Bump would be a logical choice as well.

And the Non Elimination could easily be in Ethiopia last Leg instead of this one.

But overall, this has lots of potential to be a really great Leg. Wonderful location, good tasks.

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