Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 30 – The Legendary Megabeast

Zyuohger 30

Yamato tries using the Great King’s Mark to summon Cube Whale, but nothing happens. They worry that Bangurei may find Cube Whale before them. Uncle Mario comes out in a whale costume and tells them about a big water spout sighting on the Shiohige Coast. The Zyuohgers see it happened the same day the Great King’s Mark was awakened.

Up on the Sagitariark, Azarudo wants to drink with Cubaru, but Naria says he’s not around. Instead, Azarudo asks Owner to start the Blood Game up again. Ginis says they’ll wait because something big might be happening soon. He gives Naria a mission

Zyuohger 30

The Zyuohgers head to the coast. Sela and whale-powered Yamato decide they will jump into the water to search. But Micchan wants to help as well, arriving in full diving gear.

Before any of them can jump in the water, Bangurei arrives. The Zyuohgers morph. Micchan immediately super unleashes and charges straight for Bangurei only to get swatted away.

Bangurei takes on the others and Micchan delivers a big shot towards them which doesn’t even leave a scratch on Bangurei.

Yamato goes Whale. A big spout of water suddenly jets out of the ocean. Sela immediately jumps in. Bangurei and Yamato follow. Micchan decides to use his rod to try and fish Bangurei out, but he catches Sela instead.

Yamato and Bangurei battle underwater when suddenly something huge swims by and swats them out of the water.

Zyuohger 30

The others run over to Yamato who was forcibly demorphed by… Cube Whale. He’s sure of it. Bangurei is amazed by Cube Whale’s immense power. Cubaru approaches.

The Zyuohgers wonder why Cube Whale does not consider them comrades. Sela suggests she go in Cube Shark. Misao says he’ll go in Cube Crocodile. Once they’re underwater, they suddenly run into some kind of poison. They see the poison is coming from Bangurei’s ship.

But to the surprise of the others, Bangurei is right next to them on land. It is Cubaru piloting the ship underwater to force Cube Whale out.

Cubaru flashes back to his battle with Bangurei a few weeks ago. Bangurei offered to help kill the guy that destroyed Cubaru’s planet… Ginis! As long as Cubaru helps Bangurei with his own goals.

Zyuohger 30

The Zyohgers morph to take on Bangurei. Misao and Sela attack Cubaru in the ship and he decides to fly away.

Bangurei materializes more memories. Leo, Tusk and Amu hop into ZyuohWild Special to take on the embiggened one while Yamato goes Whale and takes on the two regular-sized ones.

Sela manages to save an unconscious Micchan out of the water before she becomes unconscious too. When the others take care of business, they see the water is clearing of the poison. Cube Whale appears.

Zyuohger 30

Suddenly, dozens of Triangulars come flying down from the sky and begin attacking Cube Whale as well as the others. Naria also arrives and announces she will be taking Cube Whale for Genis-sama. Cubaru and Azarudo are shocked. Ginis explains that he was intrigued by the giant beast Bangurei was hunting.

Naria tries shooting at Cube Whale, but it does nothing. Instead, Cube Whale continues wiping out Triangulars before turning its attention to ZyuohWild and then Yamato and Bangurei.

Ginis is absolutely amazed by Cube Whale’s power. He pulls out Gift! Azarudo and Cubaru are even more shocked.

Leo, Amu and Tusk find a still unconscious Sela and Misao in the water.

Cube Whale flies over Yamato. He screams.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a really great episode.

It really developed well and they hit all the beats needed to make the final scenes really have a big impact.

I kinda guessed Ginis is who Bangurei was talking about with Cubaru’s home planet. Ginis, after all, stages The Most Dangerous Game on random planets until everyone’s dead. I hope we learn more about what happened on Cubaru’s planet. Was he the winner or something? It really was a great moment showing some depth to the villains. Bringing back Gift is very interesting as well.

Some really great CGI scenes too. Like Cube Shark and Cube Crocodile going into the water and Bangurei’s ship releasing the poison or especially Yamato looking up at the huge Cube Whale flying above him. Great scenes.

Overall, an exciting episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 30 – The Legendary Megabeast

  1. Okay, I am no fan Red-only powerups, but this kinda make sense, since they have Misao as a precedent for Yamato getting his third form. So I guess that only humans can get multiple Zyuman powers, since the Zyumans themselves technically represent a single animal each. That’s still disappointing though, since the helmet designs teased powerups for the other four rang

    1. Ooo, I didn’t think of power ups for the Zyuman4 outside of their initial ones. That would be interesting, but I guess it would have to still be based on their “animal”

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