Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (12) 32 – "Planet of lazy slackers."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (12) 32 – Catching Some Rays

Kendall’s G-ma Betty visits and has a present for her. While exploring the canyon, she found a light reflector she thought Kendall might want to display in the museum.

While it’s not really museum-material, Koda seems to recognize it and asks to go to the canyon. Koda knows exactly where to go and they find a cave. The same cave his family called home ages ago.

Koda points out where his family slept and the petroglyphs on the wall. He points to a forbidden part of the cave his grandfather warned him never to go to. But they decide to go in.

They find some kind of door blocked by a large bone. Riley and Chase take the bone out and something escapes.

They all run out to meet Leisure who recounts how she was trapped in the cave by Koda’s grandfather. When Leisure flies into space and towards the sun, Koda remembers something important and tells everyone to take cover in the cave.

Koda and Kendall manage to leap into the cave, but everyone else gets hit with the sun’s beautiful rays. They all suddenly feel… leisurely and want to be on vacation. Koda remembers the monster’s sunshine makes everyone stop working which eventually means people starve and die.

Koda also remembers that his grandfather used that light reflector to trap Leisure. He and Kendall head back to the command cave, carefully covering themselves from the sun.

On the ship, Heckyl is upset with Loafer for the sun effect on Earth. But Loafer and Leisure are actually twins. Loafer offers to get his sister to turn off the magic light even though the monsters are immune.

But that’s perfect! Heckyl says they can easily take the Energems now then.

Poisandra and Curio overhear the conversation and decide to go ruin the Rangers’ vacation.

While Koda tries to translate his grandfather’s petroglyphs, the others invite Poisandra and Curio to join their vacation. But instead of being able to grab the Energems, Poisandra and Curio are all tired out. Fury and Loafer arrive to take over.

Kendall has built a contraption with the light reflector according to Grandpa Koda’s specifications, but it still doesn’t work. She decides to look for her G-ma who is in the cafe serving oatmeal.

Kendall asks G-ma for help and that makes her so happy since Kendall never really cares about her being around. Kendall says even though she never shows it, she always welcomes her G-ma’s help.

G-ma checks it out and finds that there needs to be two lenses for it work. She pops out one of the lenses from her glasses and puts it on the reflector. Kendall and Koda give it a shot and the people in the cafe are all cured of their vacationitis.

Kendall hugs her G-ma and tells her how grateful she is to have her in her life.

Kendall says she will take the lenses into space to shine the light over the Earth while Koda goes out in a poncho and sunhat to face Fury, Poisandra and Loafer.

Koda morphs and they battle. The others arrive and decide it’s more fun to play Dino Super Charge. They morph, but then go put on hula outfits. Koda has to continue fighting Fury and Loafer by himself.

Kendall is in the Plesio Charge Meagzord and defeats Leisure. She then places the lens in front of the sun’s rays and the Earth is cured of vacations.

The Rangers hurry over to help Koda. Fury decides to run away. But Loafer is still here and wants revenge for his sister’s death. Tyler easily takes care of him.

Heckyl punishes Poisandra and Curio by making them clean the ship.

Koda and Tyler are in cave and Koda apologizes for doubting his grandfather’s rules. Kendall calls them back to the command cave when they’ve reestablished connection with the Silver Ranger.

Silver Ranger says the Dark Energem has resurfaced. Keeper explains that the Dark Energem was made from the darkness left over from the light-driven goodness regular Energems.

The Silver Ranger says he can destroy the location of the Dark Energem. He asks for data on the zords and megazords. Keeper says sure.

Episode Thoughts

Another filler episode with just the tacked on final scene of story development. But it was a good and fun episode. Another Koda-focus too, though it was shared with Kendall. I’d definitely like to see a solo Kendall focus episode. But we’re getting into the final stretch, so I’m not expecting anything.

I really liked this detail of showing the trees from outside through the blown out roof of the ship:

Plus it was great how Koda and Kendall attacked Leisurely first and together. I wish we got to see them fight together, just the two of them, more. Especially since they’ve barely touched upon how they’ve known each other the longest.

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3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (12) 32 – "Planet of lazy slackers."

  1. I enjoyed this episode, even if it was a filler episode. I also would’ve preferred it if this episode was a solo Kendall-focused episode instead of sharing it with Koda, but hey, at least she got to pilot her own Zord (for once). So that’s a plus.

    I enjoyed watching the rangers being all laid back and “vacationy”, if you will. Especially when it ended up helping them preventing their Energems from getting stolen. And Heckyll stealing the vacation tickets from Poisandra and Curio and giving them to the Viviks was great (though how are three of them supposed to share two tickets?). Ryan Carter’s performance is so fun to watch.

    Hope we get to the back to the actual plot quickly. It looks like a good setup for the next story arc and I’m intrigued to see how it goes.

  2. This was a good episode. But to be honest, it would have been perfect if the Rangers found the cliff where Koda fell in Episode 4 or maybe found something that did belong to Taku, Koda’s brother. That would have been perfect.

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