Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (11) 31 – “Wow, I’m like a beautiful girl!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (11) 31 – Love at First Fight


While Poisandra is getting a golden manicure, Curio is trying to brush off a Vivix who is hanging all over him like it’s in love. Poisandra doesn’t like to see someone looking for love in the wrong places, so she decides to give the Vivix a complete makeover with her magic makeup.

“Wow, I’m like a beautiful girl!”

Now the Vivix has become Beauticruel. Heckyl is intrigued by Poisandra’s makeup and has an idea.


Meanwhile, Kendall tries calling the Silver Ranger, but no one answers. Chase heads out for an anniversary date with Kaylee with his present of a model rocket ship with a cute message and a lunch of space food from the space academy.

The date is interrupted when Beauticruel pops up downtown with Poisandra, Curio and some Vivix. The boys meet up and morph. But Beauticruel uses Poisandra makeup to take some color and power form Koda, Riley and Philip and transfers it to three Vivix.


Beauticruel realizes none of the hot boys want to be her boyfriend. Poisandra explains that they don’t want something as ugly as her, they want hot girls. Like the one walking by. Poisandra uses her body transformation makeup and switches the girl and Beauticruel’s bodies.

Philip manages to kill the three Vivix and he, Koda and Riley get their missing power back.

Tyler and Chase chase off Wrench. On their way back, Poisandra hands Beauticruel some more makeup that she uses to get Tyler to fall in love with her.

The other Rangers watch as Tyler and Beauticruel (or Britney, the original owner of the body) act all lovey dovey with some smoothies. Shelby can’t stomach the scene and ends up spilling a smoothie on Beauticruel. Tyler says she did it on purpose so he takes Beauticruel and they leave. But the Rangers see the makeup on Tyler’s back and realize it must be Poisandra’s work.

As they are heading out, Kaylee arrives and thinks Chase is being weird.

Downtown, they hear Britney banging on the dumpster and they let her out. They think she’s a dolled up Vivix, but she shows them her ID to prove she’s Britney.

The Rangers bring her back to the café and dress her up in a ghost costume to hide her beautiful Vivix self. Riley says the only way they can switch the bodies back is to get Beauticruel to want to do it. And they all agree Chase is the only one who can sweet talk a girl like the Casanova he is.


Tyler and Beauticruel are out on a picnic date. Chase crashes it and flirts with Britney. Tyler says he saw her first, but Chase tosses Tyler in the bushes into the waiting arms of Koda and Ivan. Beauticruel is surprised Chase is so into her even without the makeup.

Snide is very upset, knowing the Black Ranger is up to something. Heckyl does not care as long as Beauticruel gets an Energem AND kills her new boyfriend.

“She needs to learn that love hurts.”

Chase and Beauticruel take a walk in the park. He describes his usual type to her which is of course Beauticruel’s original body. Kaylee sees all of this and runs away upset.

Beauticruel runs back to the dumpster to get her body.

“Give me my body back!”


Britney happily gives it back. Kendall takes her to safety. Kaylee watches as Chase turns his back on Beauticruel and declares his love for Kaylee.

The other Rangers arrive and destroy the makeup palette. Tyler is released from his lovesickness. Shelby says Beauticruel is the wrong girl for him.

The Rangers morph and Kaylee sees her boyfriend is the black Ranger.

Tyler takes care of Beauticruel’s first life and she gets embiggened along with two Vivizords. The Rangers hop into the Titano Charge Megazord and then the Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera Formation to take care of Beauticruel, two Vivizords and two Spikeballs.


Heckyl mixes the magic makeup and uses it to punish Wrench and Poisandra by switching their heads.

Back at the café, Chase talks to Kaylee. She asks if he can explain the sick fish or Britney. He says he can’t and she decides to let him know that she knows he’s the Black Ranger.

Chase gets a call and Kaylee says he can go.

Everyone’s in the command cave. They’ve established contact with the Silver Ranger, but he is in grave danger.


Episode Thoughts

Another filler episode?! But it’s okay. This one was the most enjoyable so far, even going back to before the hiatus.

It was just an overall fun, crazy episode. I don’t know about what the episode is saying about beauty, outward appearances and love. But I don’t think there’s necessarily a lesson to be learned from this particular episode lol At least, on purpose that is.

They did well with Chase and Kaylee’s story. One thing Dino Charge has done well is juggling a cast of recurring characters that they can use for various plots. Here, it was used well to have that “OMG You’re a Power Ranger!” story.

It was nice to see Poisandra and Curio for a change. But back to the nitpicking, you’d think Kendall would’ve made some kind of tracker by now to lead them to Heckyl and Co.’s not-so-secret base. Plus, they can detect all kinds of alien DNA. I’m just annoyed Sledge’s ship crash landed in some invisible, impenetrable, alternate universe of a valley by the sea. lol

Anyway, this was a better episode than the recent ones. I definitely enjoyed it much more.

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3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (11) 31 – “Wow, I’m like a beautiful girl!”

  1. I love how in this season, even if it is a filler episode, they make some plot progress, in this case, trying to make contact with the Silver Ranger. Yeah, this was a good episode 😀

  2. Apologies for being late. I didn’t realize Dino Charge had come back so soon and I’ve been catching up. How did I miss that? Oy.

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, even if it was filler and it did feel like there was a bit too much going on. I did enjoy them resolving the Chase/Kaylee relationship and didn’t just forget about it. I also enjoyed them setting up the next episode or two, which I assume is them mounting a rescue mission to save the Silver Ranger. Maybe they’ll encounter the Galaxy or Space Rangers along the way? Haha, highly doubtful, though.

    Still not letting the whole “How come they never found/checked for Sledge’s ship?” thing go, I see. I feel like you’re just going to keep hammering on it for the rest of the season.

    Better than “Gone Fishin” and definitely better than “Besties 4Eva”.

    1. I actually forgot about that Sledge’s ship thing until Tyler’s dad basically said “I’m going to travel the world to look for Heckyl’s base.” When the ship is just up the coast from Amber Beach. He was saying goodbye to Tyler all over again. It makes no sense.

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