Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 34 – Wander! The World of Dreams!

Ghost 34

While Igor is pleased with the results of his work which involves putting people in some dream world, Takeru thanks his friends for bringing him back to life… or, dead… bringing him back.

Takeru pulls out the new Mugen Eyecon that appeared.

Akari reminds everyone about Takeru’s countdown so he calls for Grampa Sennin who pops in. Makoto and Alain are shocked to see who they think is Edith.

Sennin says he doesn’t who they’re talking about, but jokes that he’d love to meet another handsome guy like him. Anyway, he tells “miracle boy” he doesn’t know what Takeru’s life status is right now either though Yurusen bluntly states Takeru will still disappear after his 99 days are up.

Ghost 34

Sennin explains that Takeru’s soul, while he was still alive, was supposed to go into the blank Eyecon Papa Tenkuuji made to allow him a temporary body to fight the Ganma. But of course, he died before that could happen. Sennin continues to recap that Ryuu fused his soul with Takeru’s after the first 99 days to give him a Boost.

Now, the only way to save both souls is to call on the power of the Great Eye, the source of all things ever. Makoto remembers Edith telling him that as well.

Alain reminds everyone that even when Takeru had the 15 Eyecons, his wish was not granted. Sennin, continuing to switch between a serious and a cutesy voice, says it was the protectors of the Great Eye, the Ganmeizer who stopped that.

Ghost 34

In the Prayer Room, Adel asks the Ganmeizer how the hell two of them were destroyed by Takeru. All the Ganmeizer hop down and say they have no idea and robotically add that they will not be stopped. They will observe, analyze, adapt and eliminate.

The idea of them evolving interests Adel.

Sennin continues to explain that the 15 Eyecons were supposed to counter the Ganmeizer, but they’ve only gotten stronger. And that keeps them from contacting the Great Eye.

Ghost 34

Grampa Sennin tastes his finger and Takeru says he’s not worried. He’s sure the 15 luminaries are powerful, especially as his father believed in his infinite potential.

Ghost 34

Takeru vows to defeat the Ganma and come back to life. Sennin is happy to tell Papa Tenkuuji that miracle boy Takeru could very well be the future of humanity.

Yurusen pops downstairs to tell them they have a visitor upstairs.

The man is Professor Katagiri Yuichi, brother of Professior Jirou who is the head of Akari’s university science department.

Yuichi is hoping they can help retrieve his brother… from the dream world.

Takeru-tachi still wonder if the Ganma is involved and decide to go check it out regardless.

Suddenly, the Grimm Eyecon flies into Yuichi’s body. Grimm says a dream world sounds like great fun! You should always enjoy yourself from time to time.

They all head out.

Ghost 34

Adel tells Igor to do a thorough study of Takeru’s new power. And lucky for him, they just arrive at this location. Igor is vexed at seeing “that woman” Akari again.

They all head into the room where Prof Jirou is sleeping. Yuichi tries forcing him awake, but Akari stops him. Alain points to the wristbands they’re all wearing.

They see extra wristbands, so everyone but Onari puts them on and falls asleep. Takeru just dissolves.

Ghost 34

Onari is disappointed there wasn’t enough wristbands to go around, but he sees markers and decides to have some fun with Alain’s face.

In the dream world, Takeru sees all the happy people having fun. That includes:

Ghost 34

Akari having her own personal laboratory where she can do as many experiments he wants.

Ghost 34

Makoto being ecstatic to have a group of several Kanons calling him “Oniichan.”

Ghost 34

And Alain having an endless supply of takoyaki and a hat.

Takeru snaps them out of it. Makoto is sad there’s no more Kanons. Alain needs to go poop. Akari posits this dream world reads their deepest desires and then projects that right in front of them.

Prof Yuichi is able to resist his own desire of an award when suddenly Ganma arrive.

Ghost 34

Takeru, Makoto and Alain grab their Eyecons, but only Takeru can henshin. The other two only have balloons and mushrooms. Takeru goes Boost to take care of the situation.

Takeru, Makoto, Akari and Alain to find the prof bros. Akari is shocked to see her professor dressed very casually and being so relaxed about his life in this dream world.

Yuichi tries to yank his brother back to the real world, but Grimm suddenly pops inside of Jirou. Grimm again says it’s great to have fun, which is definitely what Jirou would like to do now as well.

Takeru wonders about what having fun means to him and he has a quick memory of his childhood. Akari notices Takeru’s chest glow as this happens.

Ghost 34

Anyway, turns out both Grimm brothers are inside the Eyecon and they argue about work and play. Takeru gets sucked into the Eyecon as it exits Yuichi.

Takeru watches the brothers argue. One says fun is what saved him, but the other says they can’t only have fun. When Takeru tries to interject, they spit him out.

Back in the real world, Onari has finished drawing all over Alain’s face. But Ganma appear and Onari has to try and fight them off.

Takeru hears Onari’s scream and Makoto and Alain decide to go take care of it while Takeru and Akari stay.

Ghost 34

Makoto and Alain henshin and fight.

Back in the dream world, Igor stops Takeru, Akari and Yuichi. He tells them he’s offering people an ideal dream world, but really he’s giving people the opportunity to die in their sleep.

The Ganmeizer arrives and watches as Takeru fights off the other Ganma. Takeru goes Grateful to deal with the Ganma generals with help from Musashi and Edison.

Ghost 34

Takeru tries to unleash a finisher, but it doesn’t work since he doesn’t have the Grimm Eyecon. That gives the Ganma time to force him to dehenshin.

Igor picks up the Grimm Eyecon while the two remaining Ganma grab Akari and Prof Yuichi.

The Ganmeizer activates and knocks Takeru back. Igor laughs, but Takeru is not giving up.

Ghost 34

The Mugen Eyecon glows from inside his clock. He takes it out and uses it to henshin to…

Ghost 34

Episode Thoughts

This was an alright episode. It was a little messy, especially in the beginning. But it did slow down and found some focus towards the end and into the intro of Mugen Damashi.

First of all, more info dump at the beginning interspersed with Grampa Sennin being awkwardly and creepily cute. His pa-tweetums aegyo was a huge turn off, especially when he was actually doling out some relevant information as well as Makoto and Alain seeing him for the first time.

I thought that whole first scene was off since I feel like it should’ve felt more important than it came across. That whole act by Sennin might just be a way to throw us all off. (And it certainly accomplished that!) But it was too weird for me.

The episode became very enjoyable though. I legit laughed out loud at Onari being excited at drawing on Alain’s face. (Who hasn’t done that to a friend or even had a friend done that to you ever? lol) But what was even more hilarious and creepy at the same time was Makoto and Kanon’s dream scene. The army of Kanons repeating “Oniichan” was hilariously meta. I have to imagine even Japanese fans have gotten as annoyed by it as international fans. lol

So, this killing people in their dreams thing is the culmination of all the DeepConnect stuff? Hmm… I don’t know if I should be disappointed or if I should’ve expected exactly this. It’s not as exciting as all the time they spent on DeepConnect warranted. But if we can finally move on from that and give Igor something else to do, then yay!

One thing this episode made me think about though is that there seems to be an awesome premise about life and death hidden somewhere deep in the season. Especially with elements of religion and faith and human souls sprinkled around. I don’t think they’ve really touched on all that potential as much as they should have by now. But I’m, I guess, seeing a little bit of that now and in the previous few weeks.

Still a lot of episodes left. At least I’m not as frustrated with Ghost as I was with Drive at this point last year. lol

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 34 – Wander! The World of Dreams!

  1. I think that deep connect plans to create a neural network, similar to what Akari found out a few episodes back. So one way for that to happen is to experiment with sleep. The “sleeping inhabitants” of the Ganma world could be the end-state, but if that’s all there is to the plan, then it’s really weak for me. I hope they sustain momentum.

    By the way, do you also plan on reviewing KR Amazons? It’s a really awesome show especially compared to Ghost.

    1. Yeah, I definitely hope there’s more to the Deep Connect plot.

      And I hope to watch Amazons soon, but I might not do recaps. Maybe just a review of the series once I’m done bingeing.

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