Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 17 – The Extra Player Interlopes

Zyuohger 17

Getting ready for breakfast, Sela notices Uncle Mario’s voice sounds a little hoarse. No one else can notice a difference, but Sela’s super ears can. Yamato thinks Uncle Mario might be catching a cold, so Sela tries a special home remedy that she would use for her little brother.

Zyuohger 17

Meanwhile, a swarm of Triangulars descend upon the city. Cubaru’s player Donald Trumpass/Trumpus is behind the attack.

In the meantime, a bored Ginis presents Cubaru and Azarudo a little gift. Naria brings it in, a “new toy” to make the Blood Game more exciting.

Back in the city, Trumpass sends playing cards to get stuck onto people’s foreheads. The Zyuohgers arrive and hop into Wild ZyuohKing. They are able to eject Trumpass from his Triangular.

Zyuohger 17

But Trumpass slaps cards onto them as well. Trumpass then shuffles the deck which tosses everyone with a card into the air. The Zyuohgers get thrown to various places around the city. Yamato falls right through the treehouse roof.

Sela hears a little boy crying out for his father. She finds him, Kento, and promises to reunite them.

Zyuohger 17

Tusk, Leo and Sela find each other. But as soon as Tusk and Leo (both with Clubs on their cards) come face to face, they get a big shock. Literally! Amu watches as other pairs of cards around them also get shocked.

Trumpass laughs. He explains that the only way to stop the shocks is to destroy the card case on his shoulder. Amu tries shooting it off, but Trumpass retreats to the Sagitariark.

Amu tells Sela and Yamato about the cards. (All three of them have diamonds.) Sela realizes Kento and his father have the same symbol, so they can’t meet right now. She tries to keep Kento’s spirits up. He says he’ll draw his father for her.

Kento explains that today is the first time he’s seen his father in a while since he’s always away on business. Sela is reminded of her own father and how her little brother always missed him too.

Zyuohger 17

Uncle Mario, worried about what madness is happening outside, listens to Yamato trying to get the card off. He suggests that maybe all they need is to just make the symbols different. He takes a red marker…

Zyuohger 17

Kento asks Sela when they’ll find his dad. But when Sela hesitates, Kento thinks she’s a lying creeper and runs away. Sela tries to go after him, but hesitates when she sees a diamond card on a guy nearby. She ends up losing him.

Zyuohger 17

Yamato arrives, now with fresh lines across his card and face. He and Sela give it a shot and they don’t get shocked!

Sela listens for Kento and finds him. But she also hears her father who is coming closer. She sees there’s a woman with a diamond card between her and Kento, so she draws a line through the card and on her face to allow her to get to him.

Sela draws over Kento’s heart card and he and his father are allowed to reunite.

Trumpass heads down to see why it’s so quiet. Yamato has drawn over everyone’s cards and Trumpass can’t believe his game had such a simple countermeasure.

With Trumpass caught off guard, Sela is able to shoot the card case off.

The Zyuohgers morph. Sela takes the lead against Trumpass as they fight him off. Seeing his player struggling, Cubaru asks Ginis if he can borrow the new toy.

Zyuohger 17

The Zyuohgers attempt to deliver a ZyuohSlash at Trumpass, but their weapons suddenly get pulled away from them by…

Zyuohger 17

This guy!

A Zyuohger? It can’t be since the last King’s Mark is with Birdman. Naria comes out and explains that this is not their ally. This is just an extra player created by Ginis for the game. His name… TheWorld.

Naria tells Trumpass to leave and for TheWorld to interlope the game.

Zyuohger 17

TheWorld uses his whip and whips the Zyuohgers around. Yamato goes beast, but it doesn’t help. Sela and Amu give it a beastly try, but TheWorld goes wolf and easily mahandles them.

Leo and Tusk challenge TheWorld, but he goes Crocodile and takes care of them too.

TheWorld downmorphs to Rhino, but unleashes the beast to allow all three animal powers. He charges toward them and blows them up.

Zyuohger 17

Episode Thoughts

Nice! A pretty good debut for TheWorld. (Such an epic name, yeah?) I’ll admit, the early pics of TheWorld looked bad to me. But it looks much better on screen. (Same as the other Zyuohger suits at first.)

After last week’s cliffhanger, I knew TheWorld would debut this week. But even if you didn’t see last week, when you see the mecha battle taken care of in the early part of the episode, you know something big is going to happen at the end. lol

Donald Trumpass is a fun MOTW. I get the trump card reference and all that, but I’ll just think Trumpass is the Donald’s Sentai counterpart. Though Trumpus/ass is not annoying or racist. (And I chose the TVN romanization of TrumpASS instead of the more sensical Romanization of “Trumpus” just for the comparison lol) They should throw in a Hillary-inspired MOTW too. She did admit in a debate last year that she and Obama were “literally” hunting for the Chinese. Most Dangerous Game-style. Blood Game. Get it? lol

And speaking of. I went with TVN’s “interlopes” in the title as well since I was immediately reminded of The Interlopers, another 6th grade short story we read alongside The Most Dangerous Game. *sigh* I miss being in grade school without all these adult problems lol

Anyway, Trumpass’ card scheme was alright. I laughed when we first saw Yamato’s face. And then when Sela just drew one on hers too. Drawing lines over pretty people’s faces. And yet, both of them still looked pretty after. How unfair. lol

It was a minor-Sela episode, but she got upstaged by TheWorld.

But kudos to including Uncle Mario in helping them out while not revealing their identities to him yet. (Though I fully expect that, “I already knew” reveal later on.)

Is this the first time the Ginis’ ship was referred to as Sagitariark on-air? I didn’t even know it had a name.

Anyway, a great episode and great debut for TheWorld. Looking forward to seeing more of him. He was pretty badass. I hope he remains Team Ginis for a couple of episodes. Maybe up to the midseason climax.

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