Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (3) 23 – "You're all a real snore."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (3) 23 – Nightmare in Amber Beach


Riley picks Shelby up from summer school where she’s gotten a “B” on her Accounting Test. They head back to the Dino Cafe where Shelby explains that a “B” just won’t cut it with her father.

Speaking of, Mr. Watkins pops in and says Shelby needs to do better than a “B” if she’s going to run Watkins Ice Cream. She says she’ll retake the test in two days and Mr. Watkins offers to stop by and quiz her before then.


As Shelby sits down to study, Heckyl tells her to get some rest. She says she’ll rest when she gets an “A” on the test. Under his breath, Heckyl says she’ll sleep sooner than that.

On the ship, Heckyl summons Nightmare for a mission.

At the cafe, Heckyl gives Shelby a package containing a nice, soft pink pillow. She decides to try it out and she falls asleep. A pink light comes zooming in and into Shelby’s ear. Turns out it’s Nightmare who wakes Shelby and makes her see the guys as Vivix.


Of course, Shelby attacks the Vivix she is seeing. But when she slices the pillow, she snaps out of it. Nightmare flies out of her ear and reveals himself to the Rangers before zooming away.

They head down to the command cave and Kendall doesn’t find anything wrong with Shelby. But while Kendall analyzes the pillow, none of them can fall asleep yet, just in case.


The Rangers juggle, play video games, train and study all night.

The sun has risen and Kendall finally discovers that the pillow sends a harmonic brain wave that puts the victim to sleep. Until the pillow is destroyed, the victim won’t be able to wake up and the monster can control their dreams.

Mr. Watkins surprises his daughter again as she’s studying dinosaurs instead of business stuff. He decides to show her that business isn’t boring.


He heads into the kitchen to whip up an exciting Bronto Burger while showing how $2 of ingredients can be sold at $6 for a profit. Tyler, Koda and Riley are impressed, but Shelby is not.

Shelby ushers her dad away when Kendall comes to tell them of alien bio signs. Chase says Ivan is nowhere to be found.

The Rangers, minus Ivan, go face the real Vivix Heckyl ordered fury to send down to try and tire the Rangers out until they sleep.

The Rangers being tired already gives them a little trouble fighting off the nonstop Vivix.


Ivan pops up, but it appears he’s fallen asleep and is under the same kind of dream control as Shelby was. The Rangers take him back to the museum and Koda remembers Ivan was unloading Bronto bread. He runs into the bread van and finds the pillow, quickly destroying it to wake Ivan up.

It’s time for Shelby’s test and Riley offers to take her. Mr. Watkins pops in again and wants to wish her luck. He knows she’ll do well especially since business is what makes a Watkins happy. Shelby tries to tell her father that maybe business won’t make her happy, but he says of course it will.

Shelby heads to school.

Mr. Watkins overhears a little girl telling her father that she wants to find a dinosaur when she grows up. Her father encourages her.


At school, Riley quizzes Shelby on a few last questions before she heads in. “I’ll be great running Watkins Ice Cream, don’t you think?” Shelby asks. Of course, Riley replies.

But Riley tells Shelby about his family wanting him to be a cowboy even though he didn’t want to. While running the company will make her father happy, what will make Shelby happy? Shelby doesn’t answer and heads in as the bell rings.

Riley heads back to his scooter and puts on his helmet, not knowing Curio has just placed a pillow in it. He immediately falls asleep and Nightmare inserts himself into his head.


At the Dino Cafe, Heckyl walks in and pillows every single one of them to sleep allowing him to take their Energems. Shelby walks in telling Riley he’s right… but she stumbles upon Heckyl just putting Kendall to sleep instead.

Heckyl stays calm. Shelby grabs the four Energems on the table as Heckyl approaches her with the pillow.


She quickly figures out what’s going on and turns the tables on Heckyl. She shoots at the pillow and everyone wakes up. Shelby knows this was Heckyl’s plan all along.


The Rangers wonder if Heckyl is working for Snide. Snide makes himself come to the surface to answer that question.

Before he poofs away, Snide promises to find their base and then cut ’em up.

Kendall gets an alert that Riley is heading to the junkyard, likely asleep. They hurry out and arrive just in time before Riley hands Fury the Energem. They shoot at Curio holding the pillow allowing Riley to wake up.

Nightmare escapes Riley’s head and Fury leaves the Rangers to him. Curio gets thrown aside.


The Rangers morph and easily finish off Nightmare’s first life before immediately embiggening.

The Rangers hop into Plesio Charge Megazord, Ptera Charge Megazord and Dino Charge Megazord Stego Raptor Formation.

The Rangers easily take care of Nightmare.


Back at the museum, Shelby finishes guiding a tour group when she is surprised to see her father in the crowd.

She wants to explain why she left the test early, but Mr. Watkins has something to say. He says having his own business was his dream as a kid. From a simple lemonade stand to now a multi-national ice cream company.

But it’s not Shelby’s. Hers is dinosaurs.

Shelby says she just wants to make him and mom proud. But Mr. Watkins says they’re already proud of her.

Shelby asks for a dinosaur ice cream cake to share with the others. And she brings it down to the command cave while thanking Riley for making her realize to follow her dreams.


Episode Thougths

Definitely a much better episode than last week. I really liked getting to see a more character-driven episode. And focusing on Shelby and her father was excellent. It helps when the father is played by the awesome James Gaylyn of course.

The plot itself was certainly typical and something you’d see just about anywhere else. But it played out well and fit with Shelby’s passion for dinosaurs. It would’ve been nice if we were clued in to Shelby’s rich family a little sooner (even in the midseason premiere), since it did feel a little random and out of nowhere. But I guess the Watkins family is just very low key about their massive wealth. lol

(Imagine if Mr. and Mrs. Landsdown knew Col. Truman was loaded, they’d probably have Summer marry Scott on the spot, yeah? 😉 )

I’m kinda sad about Heckyl being found out so soon. It would’ve been nice to see just a few more foiled plots from him. Now he likely won’t have very many interactions with the Rangers which is too bad.

Speaking of, the Rangers could easily storm Sledge’s ship at the crash site and finish them all off. It’s not like it’s a secret location or anything. Plus, the alien bio sign readings should be off the charts with a ship full of aliens just laying there in the hills. Oh well. lol

Anyway, it was a good, fun episode. Nice moments between Riley and Shelby too. Especially including a little bit of Riley’s backstory as well. It would be nice to get focus eps on Riley and Kendall (especially) since we already got backstory episodes for Koda and Ivan. And Tyler’s dad is still out there somewhere, so we know there’s an episode or two already set aside for him.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 17 – So Serious! Kyoryu Gray and Brave 25 – What’s This! The Nightmare of the Deboth Army

Nice blending of fight scenes from two different episodes (17 and 25) for that big Vivix fight in the middle of the episode.

Brave 25’s plot was mainly focused on Souji and his would-be girlfriend as well as Luckyuro being the last one standing and using Debo Akkumon to basically kill the Kyoryugers in their sleep. Though it was all played to comic effect.

It was an okay episode. Typical Kyoryuger if you know the style. So I definitely prefer Dino Charge‘s original story and creative use of footage much more.



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One thought on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (3) 23 – "You're all a real snore."

  1. Very nicely done episode! I agree with pretty much everything you said.

    Yeah, I didn’t think they’d reveal that Heckyll and Snide are one and the same so early. Maybe a better idea for Heckyll would be to leave that package inconspicuously in the kitchen or somewhere else in the way and have one of the Rangers find it and give it to Shelby? That way he could’ve gotten away scot-free? Ah well. It’s a bummer that they ended this aspect of the show so early, but I trust Chip to know what he’s doing.

    James Gaylyn (also known as Col Truman from RPM [a season I have yet to see fully] and the voice of Zeltrax from DinoThunder) has done (or is doing, depending on how much longer this season he’ll show up) a great job as Shelby’s dad. Very charismatic and owns every scene he’s in. I think he’ll be seen in Power Rangers more often in the future. We’ll see, anyway.

    See you next time!

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