Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Christmas Special – "I'm not naughty!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge Christmas Special – Race to Rescue Christmas

PRDC Christmas

Poisandra and Curio cut into the line for Santa Claus. Poisandra sits on Santa’s lap and presents him her alphabetical scroll of things she wants for Christmas. Santa knows who she is and asks his elf to check the Naughty or Nice Computer.

They watch clips of Poisandra bombing Keeper’s spaceship and attacking Kendall. Obviously that means Poisandra has been naughty and of course that means no presents for her.

Poisandra says Mr. Claus will regret that and calls in Wrench with some Vivix who steal the Naughty or Nice Computer. If she can’t have Christmas presents, no one will!

“Christmas is cancelled!”

But Christmas is still on at the cafe so far. The Rangers have just enjoyed a Christmas Eve meal.

“Anyone else want leg?”

After a quick flashback to the first time Tyler, Shelby and Riley found the command cave, Chase comes skating in with some last minute presents for them before he flies back to New Zealand to spend Christmas with his family.

But before they can open the presents, Santa personally calls the Rangers for help with retrieving his computer.

Wrench fires up said computer to see what Santa was going to get him. But they watch a replay of him planting a terrorist bomb at the children’s park. NAUGHTY!

“I’m not naughty! I’m just high-spirited.”

Wrench is about to wreck the computer, but Poisandra says maybe the computer can show them the location of the Ranger base. The best present of all would be to get their hands on the Energems.

PRDC Christmas PRDC Christmas
PRDC Christmas PRDC Christmas
PRDC Christmas PRDC Christmas

While Poisandra, Wrench and Curio recap more episodes, Koda leads the Rangers on the trail of their location. Over in New Zealand, Chase’s sister Chloe and their mother watch the news report of Santa’s computer being stolen and Christmas being cancelled foh-evah. But Chloe doesn’t care because her big brother is the only present she wants.

PRDC Christmas

The Rangers finally find Poisandra-tachi’s location and they morph to fight off the Vivix.

They find where the computer is and chase after Poisandra, Wrench and Curio. But they serve up a Spikeball for the Rangers to kill instead.

Sledge embiggens the Spikeball and the Rangers hop into the TriAnkylo Formation of the Megazord. When Ivan comes, he takes Ankylo and Koda summons his Stego Zord.

They kill the Spikeball for Christmas.

Back in New Zealand, Mom tells Chloe that Chase missed his flight. She is very upset.

In the command cave, Kendall shows them the news report that Christmas is back on and Santa has already visited 5 continents. But Chase is upset he has disappointed his sister.

Keeper says if Chloe knew of the sacrifices he’s made, it would only reinforce what she already felt; that Chase the most awesomest brother foreverever.

Santa slides down into the command cave and says they have shown the Christmas spirit today with their heroism. He says he has one more faraway location for presents: New Zealand.

Santa offers Chase a ride and he is able to spend Christmas with his family.

PRDC Christmas

Meanwhile, the Rangers open their presents which are pictures of themselves. But they figure out it is a puzzle that spells out Merry Christmas.

Episode Thoughts

Well, what can you say about it? It’s a Christmas recap episode. It was fine and it was definitely in the mood of the season. The Christmas holiday season that is.

The non-recap parts were cute.

But the sense of time was definitely all screwed up. lol So this was Christmas Eve and Chase was going to fly to New Zealand to spend Christmas there. Even though he would’ve arrived in New Zealand on December 26th. New Zealand would be one of the first countries Santa would visit. The Kiwis were probably already done with Christmas dinner before the Rangers even finished their Christmas Eve meal.

So that was very illogical. (Calling logical Riley and Puzzler again!)

And the real Santa is just out and about and the Rangers are just fine being contacted by him so easily? Uh, okay.

Definitely a suspension of disbelief here. As is the case for most holiday specials of Power Rangers. It wasn’t as sleepy as Robo Knight’s return trip to Africa where he put even the kids there to sleep with his episode recaps. But it still definitely wasn’t some kind of holiday classic you’d want to watch side-by-side with A Charlie Brown Christmas of course. Lol

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! But Nickelodeon, there really is no good reason to have aired this before the finale. Grr…

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4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Christmas Special – "I'm not naughty!"

  1. As I said in the halloween special. For Dino Charge, a special episode is NOT an excuse to drop in the quality they’ve made so far. And this episode confirms it. A pretty good episode, an original story to make company with the flashback clips, and of course, some original fight footage is always welcome, heh heh.
    And just remember: One more week, “One more energem”

  2. Nice to see Santa in this episode.
    It’s very interesting he has access to Dino Com and knew ranger’s base.
    Then again, he’s Santa; he knows everything. lol
    I like that he has Nice/Naughty computer which is pretty clever and creative; so 21st century!
    It has very interesting design.
    It was also interesting to see that Santa is REAL in this universe, where there was a news report about it; pretty realistic indeed.

    I really like the way past clip was utilized, where it was shown from Santa’s computer, which was pretty clever.
    It was interesting that Julian from “The Royal Rangers” was shown in one of the clips, which somewhat hinting that he may be Aqua; though I doubted, since he was sort of like Jordan (Megaforce) of the season.

    It’s nice to see a lot of original ranger footage.
    Interesting hiding spot for Poisandra, Curio, and Wrench.
    Look at all those trains… I wonder it it foreshadow upcoming (season after Dino Supercharge) season. lol
    I like how computer identify rangers as “Nice” while villains are “Naughty”; very self-explanatory. If this was Kyoryuger, it would have been opposite.
    Nice to see Sledge with Santa’s hat. I didn’t see that one coming. lol

    Keeper speech about Chase’s sacrifice was very touching and convincing.
    What a nice timing for Santa to arrive!

    Chase is such a lucky guy for getting ride from Santa. Once in a life time opportunity!
    When was the last time that happened?
    It was very cute to see Chase hugs his sister Chloe, which was very touching.
    Chase has got to be one of the most awesome brother of the franchise.
    Can’t imagine Ian would do something like that. lol

    Chase’s gift to rangers was pretty nice.
    I like the picture of the puzzle, which are picture of themselves, which was pretty cute.
    Not too surprised Koda doesn’t know how to read (English), since he’s 100,000 years old caveman. If he wants to get a job as insurance man, he better get start learning. lol

    Overall, this was a very nice Christmas episode.
    It’s probably one of my favorite Christmas Special of the franchise.
    Even though the time placement is bit iffy (because of Purple Energem), I really enjoyed the overall plot.

    It would have been nice if Phillip showed up, but since he’s more of a “guest” character/ranger, I can’t complain too much. At least he was shown in one of the clips.
    I would have love to see him show up live on video or something.
    I was bit disappointed that Albert (Male Purple) wasn’t mentioned, but he was also a guest character, so it’s understandable.
    I noticed that neither Graphite or Purple (Male) appeared in any of the clips.
    Hopefully Phillip along with Aqua and Silver would join the party and Santa would make another appearance.

    I agree about Nick’s notorious scheduling; this has got to be worst decision in Saban Brand Era.
    At least for Samurai~Megaforce, they aired their Christmas episode AFTER season finale and didn’t took place between 2-part episode or before season finale. On one hand, this means that last NEW episode of the season to air would be season finale, which means upcoming episode would wrap up the year.
    I REALLY hope this problem won’t happen again next year, but I won’t hold my breath for it.

    Take care.

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