Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 17 – Goodbye Starninger!

Ninninger 17

Fuuka comes into the living room, banging a pan to tell Kinji, Takaharu and Yakumo that it’s time to call it day for killing each other. Takaharu and Yakumo notice Kinji is a little off today. He thinks about Grandpa’s nearing deadline and tells everyone he’ll see them tomorrow.

Ninninger 17

As Yakumo undoes the spell he put on Uncle, Nagi sees Kinji’s book and photo on the floor.

Ninninger 17

He and Fuuka know the photo must mean a lot to Kinji after what happened to his father and brother. Nagi hurries to try and catch up to Kinji.

Ninninger 17

Nagi sees Kinji looking at the calendar and overhears him saying tomorrow is the deadline. Nagi heads back home and tells the others.

They wish they could do something to help.

Ninninger 17

Meanwhile, Kyuuemon visits Kinji and asks if he has an answer for her. But he has another question for her first. Does she know the true power of the Finishing Shuriken of the End?

Of course, she replies. It has the ability to end the world and create a new one. She also reminds Kinji that as a non-Igasaki, Grandpa would never give him neither the Last Ninja title nor the Finishing Shuriken of the End.

He asks her for one more day to make his decision and she obliges.

Ninninger 17

Next morning, Nagi and Takaharu are awake first and see they both are dressed and ready to duel Kinji, complete with invitations.

Ninninger 17

Kasumi and Fuuka are also dressed and have duel invitations, but try to hide them. Though worse at hiding their intention is Yakumo who is dressed and has his invitation popping out of his butt.

Over by the water, Masakage is telling Kyuuemon about finding a way to give rise to a Youkai without alerting the Ninningers’ froggy gadgets, especially as he has a new project.

Masakage creates a force field and attaches a Sealing Shuriken to a rubber boat to create Youkai Umibouzu. The Gamagama-jus don’t react and the Ninningers continue waiting for Kinji.

Ninninger 17

Masakage tells Umibouzu to create a lot of fear so the shiny ninja can appear. Umibouzu understands and creates some sort of clouded portal in the ocean. That alerts Kinji on his burger and he hurries over instead of heading to the dojomanse.

At the ocean, people are walking into the water toward the cloud portals Umibouzu uses to recreate the scariest moments and fears of people. But Kinji arrives and uses Wind Technique to snap the people out of it and get to safety.

Ninninger 17

Kinji takes a selfie with Umibouzu and henges.

They fight, but Umibouzu activates the memory mirage. Kinji sees a wolf-like Youkai and his father and brother. He heads into the mirages.

The Ninningers wonder where Kinji could be since he should already be at the dojomanse by now. Suddenly, Father comes in to tell them there’s a Youkai in town!

Ninninger 17

Kinji reaches his father and brother who run off after acknowledging him. He runs after them.

The Ninningers see Kinji in the mirage. And without a plan, Kasumi says they should just storm in. She asks Takaharu to go first.

Ninninger 17

Once inside, Takaharu sees boxes and tables of peppers. Kasumi now understands the mirage manifests one’s worst fears. She and the others use Power of Persuasion no Jutsu to help Takaharu overcome his fear.

Kasumi suggests Takaharu can eat pepper steak at least. It appears in front of him and he begins to eat. He likes it!

They continue forward and find Kinji.

Ninninger 17

Kinji’s father and brother appear again and tell him to stay here. They will protect him. But Kinji calls out to them not to go. He starts to run after them, but Takaharu stops him and tries to get him to understand this is just an illusion.

Suddenly, father and brother Reiji collapse in front of them. This is Kinji’s worst memory. They gave their lives to protect him. That painful memory has held him back and caused him to be easily swayed which makes him unfit to be Grandpa’s pupil.

The cousins say they must help him be more resolute then. Takaharu says once you go for the Last Ninja title, you never give up.

Ninninger 17

They all show Kinji their duel invitations. Kasumi says it’s true they are all fighting for the same Last Ninja title, but she knows that will only help raise each other up.

Ninninger 17

Takaharu says they should defeat this Youkai and then they can fight until they can’t any longer.

Kinji is grateful for their support.

They use Wind and Fire Technique together to get themselves out of the mirage and henge. They quickly take care of Umibouzu’s first life.

The Sealing Shuriken burns Takaharu’s butt as it becomes a Wave Shuriken. Kinji says their acceptance of him must have raised their Nintality.

As Umibouzu embiggens, the Ninningers hop into ShurikenJin and Takaharu uses the new Shuriken.

Ninninger 17

Out of the ocean comes a new OtomoNin, Surfermaru!

Kinji asks if he can borrow for a little bit. He hops on Surfermaru which can switch between a shark submarine and a surfer on a surfboard.

Ninninger 17

They all combine to form ShurikenJin Surfer. The cousins tell Takaharu to get off and let Kinji sit in the center for once. He leads them in a Surfer Riding Slash that finishes off Umibouzu.

Ninninger 17

Afterwards, Takaharu and Kinji duel on the beach. But Grandpa interrupts. He tells Kinji that the deadline ended yesterday and he must give up. Huh?! Apparently, Kinji was still on American time.

Grandpa gifts Surfermaru to him and tells him to return to the States to find his own path.

Ninninger 17

The cousins and Kin-chan bid farewell to each other. Kinji hops into Surfermaru and they speed off to the US.

Ninninger 17

The cousins ask Grandpa why he is so opposed to taking on a pupil. He admits to them that Kyuuemon used to be his pupil and that teaching her was a mistake. Since then, he’s never taken another one on.

Ninninger 17

Episode Thoughts

Finishing Shuriken of the End can end one world and create another? People will be fighting over it and only one can inherit it?! So Ninninger is going to turn into Gaim!?!?!

Actually, I wouldn’t mind that happening. Hehe. Gaim of course started out all goofy and light and basically only about dancing teens. And then everything went downhill from there. (For the characters I mean! lol) I would be shocked, but very happy if Ninninger throws that kind of curveball here.

I mean, the premises would be very similar, but it would be interesting to see it on a Sentai. I know many people commented on how Gen Urobuchi should do a Sentai season next. (Or, that the Queen, Ms. Yasuko Kobayashi already is Sentai’s Urobuchi, hehe)

The dynamics here would be very different, especially since they’ve really been playing up the family theme to great effect so far.

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