Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 11 – Shinobimaru, Come Back!

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Kinji seems to be taking Grandpa’s challenge very seriously as he sneaks into Takaharu’s bedroom to stab him in his sleep. Fortunately, Takaharu manages to substitute himself up to the rafters. It’s too early for that, he tells Kinji.

Ninninger 10

They tussle and barge through the door outside, waking the others. They hurry out and Kinji re-introduces himself.

He says he is at their service and puts on an apron. “Breakfast is served!”

Over in the darkness, Gabi Raizou asks Kyuuemon to help him with his duel versus the red guy. If she does, he’ll help her resurrect their master.

Ninninger 10

Back at the dojomanse, the Ninningers are surprised to see the hearty American breakfast Kinji has prepared for them. Takaharu thinks this is yakiniku, but Kinji says it is steak.

Takaharu is ready to dig in, but Fuuka says he shouldn’t be eating it since the guy wants to kill them. Besides, Yakumo adds, he prefers an English breakfast. Father likes a traditional Japanese breakfast of eggs, fried fish and natto. Kasumi doesn’t like lots of calories in the morning. And Nagi prefers curry.

No no no, that’s not what they should be worried about, Fuuka says. “What are you trying to pull?” she asks Kinji. He says if he becomes Grandpa’s apprentice, it is only natural he will help serve the ladies and gentlemen. Nagi says it’s very interesting to have an assassin-turned-butler in the house.

Yakumo decides to use his magic wand to poof his steak and potatoes into an English breakfast.

“How in the world is the grandson of the Last Ninja using magic?! That’s practically blasphemy!”
“So says the Western rock and roll ninja.”
“What’re talkin’ about?! I’m real ninja!”

Across town, Kyuuemon is attaching a Sealing Shuriken to a tea kettle.

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The Ninningers are watching Kinji doing their laundry. They are really not sure what to make of him. But Takaharu says he should be fun. Just listen to his funny way of talking.

Kinji says he learned to speak Japanese watching rakugo and period dramas. And of course, by reading Grandpa’s book. Kasumi is excited to read it. Takaharu thinks that’s hot.

Ninninger 10

But Yakumo says Kinji’s tricks won’t make them let their guard down that easy. Kinji insists he isn’t playing any tricks.

Also, it’s pronounced “easy,” not “eezee.”

“Sorry I don’t have an American accent,” Yakumo says. Kinji doesn’t care for British accents either. They argue over the correct pronunciation. But Kinji’s burger alerts him to a Youkai in progress. He runs off.

The Gamagama-jus are a couple of seconds behind, but the Ninningers hurry as well.

Ninninger 10

Kinji finds the Youkai who is grumbling to himself in a corner. He introduces himself as the obsolete kettle Youkai, Enraenra and that he should just leave him be.

A Gashadokuro suddenly appears and Enraenra walks away. Yakumo says he and Takaharu will take care of the big Youkai with Shinobimaru and Dragomaru.

But when Shinobimaru arrives, he suddenly turns and runs away. Takaharu goes after him.

Yakumo hops onto Dragomaru, but Kinji also hops into Rodeomaru. They clumsily fight the Gashadokuro together.

Ninninger 10

The others find Shinobimaru curled up nearby.

Ninninger 10

Takaharu tells him to speak up so he can help. But Fuuka reminds him that Shinobimaru can’t speak.

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No prob, Kasumi says as she takes out her Karakuri Nin Translator. With it, you can understand machines or animals. And Otomo Nin of course. She fires it up and hears Shinobimaru ask them to leave him alone. Lately, Dragomaru-san and Paonmaru-san and even Rodeomaru-san have gotten all the spotlight. He feels like he isn’t needed anymore and is scared of being forgotten.

Takaharu calls him a dummy for even thinking he’d ever forget him. He shouldn’t be thinking of things like that.

“What a mean thing to say when these things seriously bother me!”

Shinobimaru disappears. Takaharu takes the Nin Translator and tries to call him back. Kasumi tells Fuuka and Nagi that this is Takaharu and Shinobimaru’s problem to deal with. Instead, they should continue looking for the Youkai.

Yakumo uses more magic to finish off the Gashadokuro, much to Kinji’s annoyance. He asks to allow him to take a picture with the Youkai before they unleash a finisher.

Ninninger 10

Yakumo tells Kinji to just stay out of their way if all he’s fighting for is his Youkai collection. Kinji asks Yakumo what he’s fighting for then. Yakumo says it is his duty being part of the Igasaki bloodline.

Kinji says he assumed Yakumo didn’t care about being a ninja since he uses magic all the time. Considering how he’s not even allowed to be a pupil while a direct descendant of the family is using magic? Blasphemy!

Ninninger 10 Ninninger 10

So what if it is? Yakumo asks. Kinji says he doesn’t appreciate being told, by those same people, that his way of doing things is wrong.

Enraenra is blowing steam around town and the people inhaling it suddenly fall to the ground. Kasumi, Nagi and Fuuka arrive and find the people are also sulking and negative nancys like Shinobimaru.

They spot Enraenra and henshin.

But Fuuka and Nagi get caught in the steam and are afflicted with the same negative attitudes. Nagi is afraid of being forgotten since Kinji has more personality while Fuuka thinks she will be forgotten because everyone always cares about her idiot brother.

Yakumo and Kinji arrive.

Kyuuemon watches from the behind a tree happy that she was able to isolate Takaharu from the others using Shinobimaru for Gabi Raizou.

Gabi Raizou, ready to duel, approaches Takaharu and tells him to henge.

Takaharu obliges and they battle.

Ninninger 10

Meanwhile, Yakumo and Kasumi unsuccessfully try to comfort Nagi and Fuuka who end up crying and running into a playground cave. Kinji says when people are feeling sad, they are more prone to be wary of kind words. That gives Yakumo and Kasumi an idea.

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Kinji watches them dancing. Yakumo explains the myth of Ama no Iwato. Amaterasu Oomikami shut her heart and hid in a cave, but happy sounds outside drew her out. Kasumi adds that even when wary, people are drawn to sounds of laughter and excitement.

Yakumo waves his wand and a happy musical atmosphere appears. Kinji joins in the dancing. Enraenra too.

Nagi and Fuuka peek their heads out of the cave and Yakumo and Kasumi quickly pull them out.

Yakumo and Kasumi again try to lift their spirits. But they don’t appreciate their cousins belittling their problems. “You wouldn’t understand, Yakkun!”

But he does, Kasumi says. She says Yakumo has had no confidence in his ninja abilities lately. That’s why he constantly uses magic.

Ah! Nagi and Fuuka realize their problems aren’t as bad as Yakumo’s and this is no time to be depressed. Something poofs out of Nagi and Fuuka and they are back to their normal selves.

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Enraenra is still dancing, but when the Ninningers see him, he attacks. Kinji helps with a Wind Technique. He apologizes to Yakumo for criticizing his use of magic. And to make it up to them, he’ll help fight the Youkai.

Across town, Takaharu and Gabi Raizou are still battling it out. Gabi Raizou is turned on by this awesome duel and is excited to defeat such a great opponent.

“Only that wretched Last Ninja and yourself have driven me to use my full power! You should be proud!”

Ninninger 10

Gabi Raizou sends wave after wave toward Takaharu and commends him for his strength, but he prepares his finisher. But Takaharu counters with a Ninja Flash. Huge explosion.

Takaharu drops his sword.

Ninninger 10

Yakumo and Kinji work together to counter Enraenra’s attacks. Enraenra comments on them showing off how well they work together. But that’s nonsense, they say. Nonetheless, they deliver a finisher together. And before Enraenra blows up, Kinji takes a selfie with Yakumo.

“When did we get a British-American alliance going?” Kasumi teases.

Enraenra embiggens and they summon their OtomoNin.

That’s when Shinobimaru arrives!

Shinobimaru and Rodeomaru take on Enraenra. Shinobimaru gets pushed back and Kinji tells Takaharu to step it up.

The others arrive and they gattai into ShurikenJin and Bison King.

Together, they quickly finish Enraenra off for good. But Takaharu suddenly collapses and dehenges. They see he is not good shape at all.

Ninninger 10

Episode Thoughts

Ooo! Takaharu collapsing and a quick fade to black without reminding kids to press the “d” button! Almost as dramatic as Shinnosuke dying! Hehe.

I thought this was an okay episode. Will be interesting to see what the effects of Takaharu’s duel with Gabi Raizou are. But still, the Red vs Villain duel/rivalry needs to be changed up a bit. I feel like it’s always the same thing. They need to shake it up. Maybe give the ladies a rival instead or put in some kind of twist at least.

Shinobimaru feeling depressed was amusing and plays off him (and now Rodeomaru) being more humanoid than most mecha.

The other part of the episode was the Nagi and Fuuka feeling depressed too, but it kinda felt too much like filler. And I assume this must have been the week they filmed the summer movie, which explains all the in-suit scenes. So it wasn’t as fun as it could’ve been.

I did like the scene between Kinji and Yakumo about magic. And the breakfast was definitely fun. But I still don’t really understand whether or not Kinji actually wants to murder them or just wants to beat them and become a student. It’s very odd, yet again, his likeability makes me brush off any questions I might have.

Overall an okay episode.

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