Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 12 – Ultimate Battle! Miraculous Combination

Ninninger 12

Gabi Raizou fondly remembers his awesome duel. It turns out he really did a number on Takaharu. After their big explosion, Takaharu dehenges and is unconscious as Gabi Raizou kicks him over the cliff.

Now that Gabi Raizou has defeated Akaninger, Kyuuemon humbly asks for him to take care of his part of the deal.

Father and Kasumi tuck Takaharu into bed. It’s a miracle Takaharu was able to fight with them in the OtomoNin, but he won’t be able to join them for the time being.

Ninninger 12

They get a message from Grandfather who tells them Gabi Raizo is coming. “Prepare yourselves.”

Ninninger 12

Grandpa is setting up shop when Kinji tosses shurikens at him, which he blocks with the table. Grandpa instead has Kinji take a seat and serves him some curry. Only to eat it himself. Kinji says he was getting bored waiting for Takaharu to heal and the others don’t seem to be in the mood to get killed. Anyway, he’s more interested in adding to his Youkai collection instead.

Grandpa says Kinji has one month to ketchup catch up to his grandchildren.

Ninninger 12

Kinji tries sneaking up on Kasumi, but she knows he’s there and asks him a question about Rodeomaru-san. He explains that he made Rodeomaru himself using Grandpa’s autobiography which includes a chapter on How to Build Your OtomoNin! Kasumi is excited. If she could see the schematics, she could find a way to combine ShurikenJin and Bison King. With Takaharu down, the rest of them must do what they can.

Kasumi picks up the book and a picture falls out of it, but Kinji takes it.

He heads into the woods to see Yakumo, Nagi and Fuuka training. They are resolved to be at their very best to face Gabi Raizou and to work hard in Takaharu’s absence.

Ninninger 12

Kinji understands.

Rampaging downtown is Gabi Raizou. Kyuuemon is very happy.

Ninninger 12

But the Ninningers arrive. They take care of the Hitokarage and surround Gabi Raizou. They henge.

Ninninger 12

Takaharu wakes up. He remembers being caught by Shinobimaru after getting kicked off the cliff. He heads out to the living room where Kinji is sitting, looking at the picture from earlier.

Kinji tucks the photo into his shirt.

Takharu asks why he isn’t ready to take his life this morning. But Kinji says Grandpa would never accept him as a pupil if he beat a weakened boy.

Ninninger 12

Takaharu helps himself to one of Kinji’s Yakiniku, saying he needs to become stronger to face Gabi Raizou. Kinji remembers everyone else’s resolve from earlier.

Takaharu asks where everyone else is and Kinji tells him.

The Ninningers are doing their best to try and hold off Gabi Raizou. He is impressed, but they are nothing like the red guy. He sends huge explosions their way.

Kinji catches up to Takaharu who is trying to hurry over to his sister and cousins. Kinji tells him he’ll just be in the way if he goes to them.

Ninninger 12

Takaharu insists he can fight. Kinji says if that’s so, then he will be his opponent. He explains how he was touched by seeing everyone work so hard to allow Takaharu to heal properly that he will not allow Takaharu to ruin that hard work.

“I don’t know what you’re going on about. But they’re waiting for me!”
“And how do you know that?”
“I dunno. They’re my sister and cousins. Maybe it’s ’cause we’re family?”

That triggers a memory for Kinji.

Ninninger 12

Takaharu says if Kinji wants to fight, then to follow and he can fight him and Gabi Raizou together. Takaharu runs off.

Gabi Raizou has forced the others to dehenge and is ready to send them to “hell” where their red friend is waiting. But that red friend surprises Gabi Raizou when he appears.

Ninninger 12

“Don’t write me off as dead!”

The cousins laugh at the striking resemblance between Takaharu and Grandpa.

Takaharu jumps down to join them. Kinji watches as the cousins affirm their belief in each other. Gabi Raizou happily welcomes another duel.

Ninninger 12

The Ninningers henge. The four take on the Hitokarage as Takaharu charges toward Gabi Raizou. But Kyuuemon pops up and fights Takaharu instead. She does not want him to get in the way. But Kinji decides to throw his hat in the ring. Literally.

He apologizes for misinterpreting the others’ dedication. He now realizes they were working hard to allow Takaharu to settle the score with Gabi Raizou.

Kinji henges and takes on Kyuuemon.

That leaves Takaharu and Gabi Raizou to battle once more. Yakumo tosses his Ichibantou over to allow Takaharu to use both. Gabi Raizou wants to know how he is so strong now.

Takaharu replies that this is the first time he’s felt the power of others. That burns the Shurikens on his butt and three of them combine into one brand new one. Takaharu attaches it to his Ichibantou.

Ninninger 12

Gabi Raizou unleashes his finisher, but Takaharu unleashes a brand new power that draws on all five of them.

That does it. Gabi Raizou commends Igasaki Takaharu on the fight. “You are as splendid as your name says.” As much as he hates to, Gabi Raizou would like him to have his mark.

But Kyuuemon interrupts and wants Gabi Raizou to be of some use to her one last time. He refuses as he wants to die on his own terms, but Kyuuemon embiggens him and adds two Gashadokuro to help.

Kyuuemon leaves and the Ninningers summon the OtomoNin. They quickly gattai into ShurikenJin and Bison King.

The Ninningers take care of the two Gashadokuro, but they become a sword for Gabi Raizou to use. He forces them to the ground.

Kasumi says they might be able to fight back if they combine ShurikenJin and Bison King. Yakumo suggests using the new Nin Shuriken. Takaharu sees it has “Combine” on it.

Ninninger 12

Takaharu attaches it and the two robots combine into King ShurikenJin with Kinji joining them in the cockpit.

They force the sword to return back to being two Gashadokuros. They deliver an unprecedented King Slash which takes care of all three of them.

Gabi Raizou thanks Takaharu for the honorable death and apologizes to his Master before blowing up.

Kinji is on a rooftop, looking at the photo from earlier again. Grandpa pops up. He tells Kinji that the grandkids won because of his help today. Kinji says he’s not sure, but this makes it harder for him to defeat them.

Ninninger 12

Kinji asks Grandpa directly why he is so resistant at allowing him to be his pupil. Grandpa explains that long ago, just once, he took on a pupil. But it didn’t work out, so he hasn’t taken another one since.

“And what is the name of this honorable pupil?”

Ninninger 12

“Izayoi Kyuuemon.”

Episode Thoughts

Oh! Twisty. So we’re getting one of those stories eh? Okay, let’s see where this will lead us.

This was a better episode than last. I liked seeing more about Kinji and his backstory. I assume the photo is of his family and that Youkai probably killed them. That’s a solid motivation for him to fight. The family theme is good so I hope we get to see him and the Ninningers connect over that in the future.

I am surprised Gabi Raizou was killed off so soon, but the duel couldn’t have been dragged out any longer. This isn’t Shinkenger after all.

But his demise as well as the revelation of Kyuuemon being Grandpa’s student adds more dimension to the villain side of the story. Plus, we have a clear first objective and that’s to resurrect the General. That’s much better than Kamen Rider Drive‘s idol villains who still don’t really have a purpose 33+ episodes in. (Hehe.)

I loved the badass henge with the four cousins vs. Gabi Raizou. But the henshins this season have overall been really cool, especially since they’ve minimized using the stock footage which they seem to have intentionally made for only when all five of them together. That’s a good thing! Insta-morphs are always best.

Grandpa’s secrecy again though feels like a forced plot device. Things would be so much easier if he just explained everything outright. But I guess there would be no story then. And I assume he’s doing it so the cousins can learn some valuable life lessons. I guess. Lol

Overall, good, exciting and effective episode.

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