Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 46 – The Last Stop

ToQger 46

Right has finished off the army of Kuros and he turns his attention to Marchioness Mork and Baron Nero. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon are watching from the Resshas. Wagon can’t believe all the darkness that is coming out of Right-kun. Conductor says it’s almost like Right has fully become a Shadow.

ToQger 46

Zett is also watching and sees there’s not a shred of sparkle left in Right.

Right charges toward Mork and Nero who are sure Right won’t be able to do anything even clad in deep darkness. But Right takes one slash and sends both of them flying.

Mork and Nero are shocked Right has obtained so much darkness in so little time, but being only human, he won’t be able to bear the stress of the darkness for long.

ToQger 46

Right grows weak as Mork and Nero get their second wind.

Right will not give up. He turns toward the Castle and hurls his sword directly towards Zett on the throne. It just misses his head and Zett takes the sword to hurl right back at Right down below.

ToQger 46

Just before Mork and Nero can deliver a final blow, Hyper Akira arrives to whisk Right back to the Resshas.

ToQger 46

Wagon wraps Right in a blanket and tells him to lay down and rest. But Right is determined to stop Zett as soon as possible. Akira asks if he can even fight in his condition.

Right admits that he feels the darkness growing and spreading throughout his body. He feels heavy and dark. And now he’s afraid the darkness will engulf the town again. But this time, everyone will be frozen forever.

ToQger 46

Akira understands. But for now, Right must rest up.

Conductor and Ticket say this is a bad situation. But turning Tokatti-tachi back to children was the best thing to do. They don’t deserve to face such darkness.

ToQger 46

Right asks Akira about the others and Akira confirms they are kids and don’t remember a thing. Right is relieved.

ToQger 46

Tokatti, Mio, Hikari and Kagura head to their Secret Base after school. They decide to spend the last night of the stargazing festival form the Secret Base. On the way, they start singing “Twinkle Twinkle.” They pass by Right’s mother and siblings who also sing the song.

ToQger 46

Right’s mother asks the little boy if someone from home had sung that song before. But none of them can really place where they’ve heard it.

Akira plays the song on his harmonica. That makes Right think of his friends.

Akira takes a seat next to Right and reminds him that they are the only two who can fight the Darkness. That’s why Right better not leave him behind this time. I understand, Right says.

ToQger 46

Akira holds up his pinky. He says this is the promise ritual Tokatti taught him. Right is amused and he officially pinky swears.

Over at the Castle, Mork and Nero are happily amazed by all the Darkness. But Zett says this is not enough. He tells them to wait for the real Darkness he’s about to unleash. Mork and Nero are excited.

Nero decides to take care of Right and Akira and he sets off on his Kuliner.

ToQger 46

Back on the Resshas, Right finishes his lunch and tells Akira he’s ready. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon come in and say they will be coming along as well.

ToQger 46

“Thanks to you,” Ticket says, “we’re no longer afraid of the darkness.”
“Don’t they say the journey is all about your companions?” Conductor adds.
Wagon wants them all to be intense companions.

They set off towards Castle Terminal.

ToQger 46

Meanwhile, Tokatti-tachi take a break from playing at their Secret Base. Mio offers the others some choco, but she wonders why she has an extra 5th piece.

Over at the festival grounds, Right’s mother, grandfather and siblings have arrived for the festivities. A little boy runs past Right’s mother and she has faint memories of a red jacket-wearing little boy. She’s still unsure.

ToQger 46

On the way to Castle Terminal, Nero tries to cut them off along with other Kuliners. But Zett tells Right he’ll take care of them.

Right gets off in front of Castle Terminal and Zett meets him.

Zett asks how it feels to be in deep darkness. Right says it’s not bad, especially since with it, he can fight Zett.

“Oh. But Gritta sparkled until the very end.”

ToQger 46

Right demands to know what Zett did to Gritta. Zett looks at his sword and just smiles.

ToQger 46

Right henshins and vows to end him. Zett also transforms.

They battle. Zett says he can see defeating Right. But Right thinks about him not being able to see his own victory. Does that mean every last bit of shining shimmering inside of him is gone?

Nero and his Chou Kuliner are giving Akira a hard time. Akira summons Police and Shield Ressha.

Zett manages to knock Right onto the ground, but suddenly, the Resshas arrive.

ToQger 46

Conductor, Ticket and Wagon steer the Resshas directly at Zett and they ram into him.

ToQger 46

But Zett sets his feet and holds them back before he flips the Resshas like a chabudai.

Conductor says maybe they do need Tokatti-tachi for help. Ticket says it’s too late now that they don’t remember anything. But Wagon says she asked Akira a favor.

She felt it would be too intensely sad for the others to forget everything so she gave Akira some photos to post at the Secret Base.

ToQger 46

At the Secret Base, the kids are trying to figure out if maybe there was always someone else with them. Kagura looks up and sees the photos posted up on the tree. Mio catches one of the pictures that falls.

ToQger 46

They wonder who these people are. Hikari says it kinda looks like them. But who’s the guy in red? Was there really one other friend?

ToQger 46 ToQger 46

Suddenly, a light appears. They remember!

Right! The passes!! Them being ToQgers!!!

ToQger 46

How could they have forgotten? Kagura says it isn’t right that only they get to return to normal. They’ve got to get back to the Resshas. But Hilkari says they don’t have passes.

ToQger 46

But Mio reminds them where those passes came from in the first place.

While Right and Akira are struggling, Tokatti, Mio, Hikari and Kagura take the other pictures and decide to make brand new commuter passes. This time, their destination is… RIGHT!

ToQger 46

Zett delivers a big slash at Right, forcing him to dehenshin.

Tokatti, Mio, Hikari and Kagura finish their passes and believe in being able to reach Right. Just then, the Resshas arrive.

ToQger 46


ToQger 46

Conductor, Ticket and Wagon happily welcome them back as the ToQgers return to their big selves.

ToQger 46

They swipe their passes and board the Resshas. They take the controls.

ToQger 46

Zett grabs Right by the neck and says he wants to show him something before he dies.

ToQger 46

A huge emission of darkness emerges from Castle Terminal. Mork has no idea what’s going on. A loud growl and Castle Terminal suddenly turns into a giant robo.

ToQger 46

The Castle Terminal robo begins spitting out huge amounts of darkness across the land and Subarugahama is once again engulfed in darkness.

Right gets thrown.

ToQger 46

The ToQgers see the Darkness. They all put their hands on the controls and push forward.

They manage to break through the Darkness which is still expanding.

With Nero distracted, marveling at the growing dome of darkness, Akira takes the opportunity to finish him right now. The huge explosion causes Akira to recoil.

ToQger 46

At the festival, Right’s family is setting their lantern on the steps when the Darkness suddenly arrives, freezing everyone.

Build Dai-Oh is badly damaged, but Akira makes his way out. He walks onto the train tracks and listens. He feels a strange sensation. The Rainbow Line is gone?!

ToQger 46

Right wakes up. It’s completely black. “That’s because it’s the darkness,” Zett says.

Right looks down and he sees the town being engulfed by the darkness.

Zett says sparkles are so fragile. They are impossible to obtain and they’re destroyed so easily. “How worthless.”

Zett walks away. Right is distraught.

ToQger 46

Episode Thoughts

omg Penultimate episode. :'( I didn’t cry as much this week as I did last week, but this episode was still full of the “feels.”

The little ToQgers making commuter passes to Right though! That’s the scene that got me this episode. Them remembering Right was just another example of just how strong their friendship is. It is that belief in each other that has gotten them through so much and is likely what will ultimately help them save the world.

Just look at this season. Not only is it a great story for all ages, but it absolutely teaches the kiddies a HUGE and important lesson. Good action, excellent story, important teachings for kids. I am baffled at why Power Rangers really can’t learn from its source material.

This episode also used one of the saddest scenes from the entire season; that scene of the frozen brother and sister from the town where people would get lost. That was just so sad, the siblings drawing on the wall to keep themselves from being sad and scared about not being able to go home. Damn. Just one example of how this season has really been able to hit all the right emotional buttons.

And how about Right’s family? Isn’t it heartbreaking to see Right’s mother just feel like she’s missing something?

It was great to see Conductor, Ticket and Wagon get in on the action. I’ve wished for them to get out there and be involved more throughout the season though. And I’ve especially wished for all of them to become ToQgers too. Wagon as ToQ-7 Purple, amirite?

Them ramming into Zett was an amusingly awesome plan. It’s actually very RPM-ish. Similar to Gem and Gemma ending Venjix with the command tower. lol If only it worked as well.

Just like how Right said the Resshas felt so empty, Castle Terminal has really felt empty too. Now it’s just the three. For being so old, it’s actually great to see Mork fighting. And the Nero-Zaram “feud” has been good too.

I don’t know how I want to see Zett’s story end. Is he going to become a kid too? Maybe he really is a kid from their town. But again, I’m just happy Zett isn’t Right’s evil twin or something. Sometimes no twist is the best twist.

Gaaahh. I do not want ToQger to end. Can’t they go on more adventures together? Their IMAGINAAATIONs can take them anywhere. I hope the Resshas don’t disappear forever or something sad like that. I know Kobayashi likes bittersweet, hopeful endings. I’m so afraid at what kind of emotional gut punch she’ll have next week. Ahhh. Don’t go ToQgers!!!

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