Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 16 – Why is Sawagami Rinna Fidgeting?

Shinnosuke, Otta and Second Division detective Misaki Junko are tailing businessman Amagi Shu who they suspect is a Roidmude. Amagi calls them out and just laughs before continuing on his way. He indeed reveals himself to be a Roidmude when he arrives at the safety of his manse.

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The SID is working on a case of eight women who recently withdrew all their savings and even go into debt from loans. They then are put in a vegetative state before going crazy without warning. The common link between all of them is Amagi who runs a popular matchmaking service, Lovers Castle. All of the victims signed up for a mixer event. Otta knows Amagi manipulated the vulnerable women looking for husbands.

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Rinna seems very distressed listening to all this. Shinnosuke notices and brings it up later. Belt-san says Rinna hasn’t been coming to the Pit recently.

Speaking of, Chief Jun is not in either. Kiriko says he’s on vacation with his wife and daughter.

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A picture comes flying toward them and it is from Gou who has already found that Lovers Castle holds secret events for only a select group of applicants. And it just so happens the latest one is tomorrow.

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Shinnosuke and Kiriko go directly to Amagi and ask to participate in the event. Amagi chuckles and says this is just like that cop show where the boring, out of touch detective sticks to the celebrity suspect. Shinnosuke says he liked that drama and if he isn’t mistaken, the detective always wins in the end.

Amagi says fine, they can participate just so they can see he is innocent with their own eyes.

Drive 16

Back in Tridoron, Shinnosuke and Kiriko are going over the details when Chase suddenly jumps on the hood.

Shinnosuke and Chase both henshin.

Drive 16

Shinnosuke calls on Dream Vegas, but Chase is very persistent. Shinnosuke tries to get Chase to wake up from his Roidmude stupor, but it’s no use. Gou arrives to help and says Shin-niisan shouldn’t be so naive as to try talking to Chase.

Chase goes Cobra and knocks both Shinnosuke and Gou around. But Heart suddenly pops in. He says they are no longer just machines, they are a new species.

Belt-san knows Heart and Medic turned Proto-Zero back into an evil fighting machine. Heart says that’s a pretty cocky thing to say. Chase says Heart freed him from being a tool for humans and now he will protect the Roidmude.

Drive 16

Gou tells Heart to fight him. Heart says Gou’s friends should’ve told him what happens when pushed.

Before Heart gets overheated again, Shinnosuke calls Deco Traveler which inserts itself into Chase’s Break Gunner and produces a happy traditional scene.

This allows Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Gou to escape.

Chase wants to go after them, but Heart stops him. He is very amused.

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Later, the Roidmude brain trust meets. Brain says they must wary of the police, especially the Special Investigations Division who appear to be close to the Kamen Rider. In fact, the Kamen Rider might be one of them.

That doesn’t matter, Heart says. He doesn’t care to reveal his identity. Chase says there is no value in defeating him in his human form. Medic chimes in and says while Brain is smart, he is such a coward.

Brain gets hot and bothered again. But Heart says he is now fully recovered thanks to Medic and the after effects of the Dead Zone have also been reduced.

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At the Pit, Kiriko is practicing using new bullets Rinna developed that can help pierce through the Roidmude’s protective shell. Rinna comes in with another present for Kiriko.

Kiriko tries on the new pair of boots that are fitted with a pressure generator allowing Kiriko to deliver a very powerful Rider Kiriko Kick.

Drive 16

With everything seemingly in order, Rinna excuses herself. But Belt-san asks about the status of the new Shift Car sent over by Professor Harley. Rinna scolds Belt-san and says she’ll get it done, but she also has her own things to take care of.

Rinna hurries out. “That was rather harsh.” Belt-san wished Rinna would at least complete the Dead Heat Shift Car first.

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Detective Misaki calls a meeting at the SID and tells Shinnosuke to immediately abort the undercover mission to Lovers Castle. Shinnosuke says that’s overstepping her authority of the SID, but Misaki slams the table and insists it’s an order.

A spoon falls to the floor and the sound suddenly causes Misaki to go crazy. She ends up in a vegetative state in the hospital. This reminds Otta that the other female victims also only went into a rage after hearing the sound of metal clanging.

Drive 16

Shinnosuke is in top gear and calls Kiriko before she enters Lovers Castle.

Kiriko is greeted by Amagi who tells her to enjoy and “let me share my dream to you too.” Kiriko just bows and proceeds upstairs.

Shinnosuke hurries in to meet his date who is waiting at a table. He apologizes for being late because of the traffic.

“Did you drive here yourself?”
“Yes. I love to drive.”

DRIVE?! The woman turns around and it is Rinna! They are shocked. Rinna runs out and Shinnosuke goes after her.

Drive 16

Meanwhile, Kiriko looks around and starts feeling a headache. She then hears a voice calling her to come out.

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Shinnosuke catches up to Rinna. She says there’s nothing wrong with her wanting to get married soon. Nothing wrong with that, Shinnosuke says, but this is a suspicious event. Wasn’t she listening?

“I was just embarrassed to mention it.”

Rinna turns away from Shinnosuke. “I cannot move on if I don’t put myself out there.”

In the nearby forest, a nice, calm voice guides Kiriko to a clearing. And there, she meets a very smiley Chase.

But why is Chase here? she asks. Chase is shocked she knows the Grim Reaper’s name. Another headache and Kiriko sees this guy is actually a Roidmude, Amagi.

She uses her new boots to deliver a big Kiriko Kick, allowing her to whip out her gun and new bullets.

Drive 16

Gou hears the gunshots and hurries over.

Drive 16

The Heaviness hits a Shift Car-less Rinna as Shinnosuke quickly runs as well.

Shinnosuke, Gou and Kiriko work together to get Amagi to show himself. Kiriko explains that when Shinnosuke warned her to be careful of sounds, she wore the earplugs she used earlier when practicing with the new bullets.

So she was able to lower the effect of Amagi’s voice which he’s been using to control women. Just like what he did to Detective Misaki while she questioned him. Kiriko says as soon as you hear his voice, you’ll see him as another person. Shinnosuke says the women will see an illusion of their ideal type of man.

Kiriko recalls, it was Chase she saw.

Drive 16

Defensive Kiriko: “I’m not so sure it actually is their ideal type though.”

Shinnosuke adds that since the women happily thought they really had found their ideal man, they were willing to give up all their money.

Drive 16

“I thought I would be able to get that woman under my spell too!”
“She’d never be that easy. She’s the sister of a Kamen Rider, after all.”

Amagi goes Roidmude again and Gou henshins.

Gou uses Danger Signal Bike and manages to easily knock around Amagi. But two other Roidmudes arrive. Shinnosuke henshins.

Gou initiates a Full Throttle finisher on Amagi, but Heart arrives to stop him and in his evolved form.

Drive 16

Shinnosuke recognizes Heart is using the same hot power from last time. Gou realizes his time is almost up while Shinnosuke is also struggling with Amagi and the two Roidmudes.

Shinnosuke decides to call on Dead Heat which he knows was developed to directly counter Heart. Yes, Belt-san confirms, it is currently the strongest they have. But it isn’t ready yet. The same thing that happened to Heart back then may happen to him too.

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But Shinnosuke says he’s done thinking about it. They’ll deal with whatever happens. Belt-san says okay as Gou is in danger.

Shinnosuke inserts Dead Heat and he uphenshins to Type Dead Heat.

Drive 16

“Oh, the body… kinda looks like Mach.”
“Yes, Shift Dead Heat can be used by both you and Mach.”

Shinnosuke revs up past the Roidmudes and goes straight for Heart who gets overwhelmed by this new form.

Shinnosuke matches Heart punch for every hot punch.

“You’ve entered the Dead Zone too?!”

Drive 16

Shinnosuke sends Heart flying and then finishes off the two unevolved Roidmude while Amagi gets tossed aside.

Kiriko and Gou head over to Shinnosuke, but an alarm sounds and a big thrust of energy runs through his body.

Drive 16

Shinnosuke says the Shift Car was designed to enter the Dead Zone. And now he can’t control it.

“Stop me! I’m counting on you!!!”

Drive 16

Meanwhile, the Gravity Shift is gone and Rinna is able to move. But she hears a voice. She follows it and she sees… a man. Someone she seems to recognize.

Drive 16 Drive 16

Episode Thoughts

A solid, fun episode.

I’m gonna need more Rider Kiriko Kicks in the future please.

It was very clever during target practice when they muted Rinna talking to Kiriko. I honestly thought something was wrong with the sound lol

And aww, how cute. Kiriko is, like, totally into Chase. Hee.

It was good to actually see Heart fighting, but I feel like they are still just hanging out at, well, their hangouts most of the time. I guess I really have been spoiled by how awesome the Shadow Line of ToQger has developed separate from their conflict with the ToQgers themselves.

Anyway, getting new toys is always fun. And they got a few this episode. I think it was last week where we established Gou is able to use Shift Cars as well. And of course that was to setup Dead Heat being able to be shared as well. (I see you what you did there Toei and Bandai. From sharing trains to sharing Shift Cars eh? lol)

There’s got to be something with Chief Jun right? This isn’t just some quirky thing or the actor actually having another job right?

And how can you not be amused by hot and bothered Brain?

I am looking forward to learning more about Rinna. I assume we’ll be meeting her husband or something in the next episode. Maybe we might also learn how she got involved with the whole operation?

Good, fun stuff all around.

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  1. looks like Gou’s shipping fantasy is wrong. I love Kiriko’s crush on Chase I ship these two. I really hope that one day he’ll join them

      1. Yeah yeah. You could tell that she likes him because she was trying to look away from Gou when she was trying to deny her feelings.

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