Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 36 – An A+ Dream

ToQger 36

The ToQgers wonder what’s up with Akira lately. He’s been weird ever since he got Drill Ressha back. Ticket says he’s gone riding around on his own. The others think he’s off trying to find Subarugahama on his own.

The Resshas stop at the next station, Hakutendaigaku. Hikari remembers a visiting teacher-student who attended Hakutendaigaku. He rushes out and the others follow.

The ToQgers walk onto the university campus at this station.

ToQger 36

Hikari explains that while Subarugahama may have been swallowed by the darkness, everyone who knows about the town may not have. He asks them if they remember a Sakura-sensei. They do. She was a teacher-in-training who visited their class for two weeks.

They hope they can learn more about their town if they can find Sakura-sensei.

The ToQgers split up to look for her. Tokatti and Kagura go together and they see something.

No, not pretty girls Tokatti.
A Shadow kaijin approaches the pretty girls and says he wants to grade them. He gives them a big 0 for their femininity. Their stylish looks are replaced by bad hair and plain tracksuits causing them to emit darkness.

The Station’s name changes to Rakudaigakumae.

ToQger 36

The Shadow turns his attention to Tokatti and gives him a zero for the manliness of his glasses. Tokatti’s glasses break and that saddens him.

Right and Mio arrive and the four of them henshin.

But Tokatti is still sad. He takes the rails off his helmet, but Mio tells him to pull himself together.

They attack the Shadow, but the Shadow sprays black fountain pen ink all over them and leaves.

Over at the Castle, Madame Noire and Marchioness Mork are excited about Mannenhitsu/Fountain Pen Shadow gathering lots of nice darkness.

ToQger 36

Hikari enters a classroom and sees a student who looks very much like Sakura-sensei. He approaches her and asks if she is Iwaga Sakura. Yes, she says. But she asks if they’ve met before.

ToQger 36

Hikari introduces himself, but Sakura thinks he’s from a matchmaking party she recently attended. She apologizes for not remembering since she was drunk.

Hikari realizes she wouldn’t recognize him like this, so he asks if she remembers Subarugahama. Before she can answer, Fountain Pen Shadow enters the classroom to grade the students. He gives one guy a zero on his hair.

He then turns to Sakura and says she doesn’t have any hopes or dreams, so he wants to give her a zero on her future.

Hikari protects her and whisks her out of the classroom as the other ToQgers arrive. But Fountain Pen Shadow has run out of ink, so he cancels class for today and leaves.

ToQger 36

The ToQgers reunite with Hikari. They see Sakura on her cell phone and wonder if she was always like this. They remember her as being more mature and kind.

ToQger 36 ToQger 36

Right also remembers Sakura-sensei giving him a perfect 100 on his presentation of his dream to go to space. Kagura also remembers when Sakura-sensei cheered her up and taught her that just having a dream, big or small, deserves a perfect score.

ToQger 36

Hikari remembers Sakura-sensei approaching him to ask about his dream. But he asks her what her dream is first. She says she never had one until coming here to Subarugahama and meeting them.

Sakura speaks up and says while she doesn’t remember Subarugahama, she also finds it weird there’s nothing of it on the internet. The ToQgers realize that no one remembers cities that have been turned into Shadow towns.

ToQger 36

Ticket calls and asks what in the world they’re doing! Conductor tells them to finish Fountain Pen Shadow and return to the Resshas.

Fountain Pen Shadow has just sucked up a Kuro for all his black darkness to turn into ink.

ToQger 36

The ToQgers run off, but Mio sees Hikari deep in thought. She tells him that forcing Sakura-sensei to remember will only make her suffer. But that’s when Hikari’s got an idea.

The four find Fountain Pen Shadow who notices they are missing one. What a failure of a Sentai, he says. So he gives them each a zero.

Mio, Tokatti and Kagura all become sad for getting zeros and turning into ToQ 0-gou.

Mio says this is her first failing grade in her life.

Right tries to get them to snap out of it.

ToQger 36

Meanwhile, Sakura asks Hikari why he keeps calling her “sensei.” She admits that while she’s an Education student, she only got in because she had the minimum requirements. She thought she had a dream or goal, but not anymore. That’s why the Fountain Pen monster was right.

Hikari says it doesn’t matter if she can’t remember Subarugahama. But she should not forget her dream.

ToQger 36

Hikari flashes back. Sakura-sensei told him her dream was to become a teacher that would give them all A+s.

ToQger 36

Hikari tells Sakura that a teacher once taught him having a dream is already worth 100 points. So she must find her dream again and he can give her a perfect 100.

ToQger 36 ToQger 36

Hikari turns to leave, but Sakura calls after him. She may have just had a memory flash herself.

Fountain Pen Shadow has just given Right a zero. But Right just laughs. This is definitely not the first time he’s gotten a zero. The others don’t really think that’s something to be proud of.

But Right, still full of energy, takes Hyper Ressha out to uphenshin to Hyper ToQ 0-gou. But Fountain Pen Shadow decides to give him a -100 instead.

Right turns into ToQ -100gou. And that is definitely something to be sad and embarrassed about.

But before Fountain Pen Shadow can finish them off, Hikari arrives. He apologizes to the others for being late before picking up Hyper Ressha and charging towards Fountain Pen Shadow.

ToQger 36

Hikari is determined to stop the Shadow Line from taking people’s dreams away from them. Fountain Pen Shadow wants to give Hikari a zero for his bravado, but Hikari has already become Hyper ToQ 4-gou.

Hikari is able to knock Fountain Pen Shadow around. He summons the Daikaiten Cannon, but the others are still out of it. Hikari takes their Resshas and delivers the Hyper Five Renketsu Crash to finish off Fountain Pen Shadow’s first life.

ToQger 36

The ToQgers are back to their regular numbers as Fountain Pen Shadow embiggens.

Akira quickly arrives in Build Ressha and asks the ToQgers to leave this to him. He initiates Build Dai-Oh Drill, but Fountain Pen Shadow decides to use the darkness he’s gathered to make himself embiggen some more.

ToQger 36

The ToQgers decide to summon Hyper Ressha Terminal and they quickly form ToQ Rainbow.

With a ToQ Rainbow Final Slash, Fountain Pen Shadow gets a zero while he gives the ToQgers a perfect score and dies.

ToQger 36

Sakura sees a rainbow in the sky and says she’s found it.

The two pretty girls from earlier see Sakura and wonder why she is dressed more conservatively today. She says she’s found it, or at least, remembered her dream. She wants to become a teacher that inspires dreams in children.

ToQger 36

The ToQgers watch her excitedly going to class. Hikari gives her a 100. They hope Sakura-sensei will never forget her dream again. They are happy to have been able to help her. Akira has no idea what’s going on.

ToQger 36

But Wagon makes an announcement. Ticket is very annoyed. They’ve wasted a lot of time already and it’s time to depart! The ToQgers hurry back to the Resshas, but Hikari takes one more look at a now happy Sakura-sensei.

ToQger 36

Episode Thoughts

This was a nice, sweet little episode. I always enjoy the episodes where we flash back to the ToQgers as kids and fill in more of their memories, even if they don’t necessarily play a big part in the greater story.

Since these kinds of episodes give us more insight into the ToQgers, I always enjoy them. And this episode also reminded us that Akira is still sort of an outsider. Not that they don’t welcome him and he isn’t a part of the team. But that the ToQgers still have shared experiences and memories that he is not a part of. That is definitely a dynamic I’ve been interested to see since Akira arrived. So I was happy to see it here a little bit at the end when he didn’t know what was going on.

Akira’s deal with Schwarz though is very intriguing. Can’t wait to find out what it was.

Noire and Mork’s scene at the Castle was so odd though. I don’t even think we needed that scene.

It was fun seeing FOUR of the ToQgers all sad this time. The idea of ToQ 0-gou is very amusing, not to mention Right needing a -100 to get him down.

Tokatti’s glasses gag was taken to the next level this episode too with him actually removing the rails from his helmet. Very fun.

Fountain Pen Shadow had another amazing design. Love the designs this season. And it was awesome to see a fresh location too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that university campus before.

More fresh (and countryside!) locations please!

Overall a fun, sweet episode.

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  1. I really liked that music that was playing when Hikari was trying to tell Sakura to not give up on her dream and in this episode we got Hikari and Kagura moments yay.

      1. Me two 🙂 I really hope that Hikari and Kagura get together because even though that this was a student-teacher episode we always have to have Hikari and Kagura moments

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