Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 6 – What Does the Warrior Fight For?

Drive 6

As Brain finishes injecting the poison into Shinnosuke’s body, Kiriko arrives and asks Vegas to help. Vegas’ reels attach to Shinnosuke and with a 777 jackpot, they are able to escape.

Shinnosuke climbs out of the water onto rocks under the bridge. Belt-san warns Shinnosuke against de-henshining since Drive’s body is keeping the poison from spreading and killing him instantly.

Drive 6

That’s when an ambulance Shift Car arrives. Belt-san says he can quickly recover his body with a Full Throttle. Shinnosuke inserts the Shift Car and finds out his name is Mad Doctor.

Drive 6

Belt-san is sorry he didn’t explain that Mad Doctor’s quick treatment can hurt like hell.

“Now you tell me! You really are untrustworthy!”

Mad Doctor finishes his work and Shinnosuke dehenshins, the poison gone from his body. But he still falls unconscious and wakes up to find himself in the hospital.

Drive 6

Kiriko is there and says a nice man found him and brought him here. He’s been unconscious for a whole day.

Belt-san says he’s already filled Kiriko in on Font R’s bad deeds and she says they’ve brought in President Kuramochi for questioning. For now, Shinnosuke must take it easy and rest.

But Shinnosuke feels there’s no time to rest. He gets up and changes into his clothes.

Drive 6

Belt-san brings up Shinnosuke asking why they can’t tell anyone else in the SID about them. He says there was a scientist who made a revolutionary invention that unfortunately resulted in great destruction.

So the world isn’t ready for Drive’s power? Yes, Belt-san says. Other than fighting the Roidmude, Drive is also capable of causing the gravity shift.

“Could it be… that you are that scientist?”

Wrong, Belt-san says. He was talking about Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite and later established the Nobel Prize in hopes of world peace.

Shinnosuke thinks Belt-san is just avoiding the question, but he understands keeping this a secret.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke arrives at the SID where they are talking to an unhelpful President Kuramochi. They try to get him to talk, but remains silent. Just as Shinnosuke tries shaking him into talking, Public Safety’s Kirihara enters with Rinna.

He announces that Kuramochi is free to go and the Special Investigation Division is being shut down for now. Kuramochi smugly laughs in Shinnosuke’s face as he leaves.

Kirihara says they’re all getting kicked out and tells Rinna to shut down the main system that collects Gravity Shift reports.

Drive 6

Kiriko tries to stop Rinna, but Rinna says there’s nothing she can do since it’s an order. Kiriko says she’s disappointed in Rinna abandoning the SID just to kiss Public Safety butt. Rinna says she has the right to decide where she wants to work.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke, Kiriko, Kyu, Chief Jun and Otta are all kicked out of the office.

Drive 6

Meanwhile, Brain and Heart are in Crush’s hideout bar. He’s gone looking to take care of his liquid bomb withdrawal. But Brain is more upset because Crush has disappeared with a large number of viral cores.

Heart just laughs. But Brain says this isn’t funny since those viral cores are all Roidmude bodies. If they are all used at once…

Across town Crush has found President Kuramochi.

Drive 6

Otta and Kyu are in the cafeteria. They argue over seeing the Kamen Rider and calling each other an idiot until Kiriko comes and asks for their help.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke is on the roof with Chief Jun. Shinnosuke is starting to believe Chase saying that justice no longer exists.

Chief Jun is checking his horoscope app, but then remembers he has the name and number of an Ichikawa Yuzo, the guy who helped Shinnosuke to the hospital. Shinnosuke decides to give him a call and it turns out to be the Font R driver he saved earlier.

Ichikawa says Shinnosuke should also thank the Kamen Rider since if the Kamen Rider didn’t save him, he wouldn’t have been able to save Officer Tomari. Ichikawa wanted to help this time.

Shinnosuke is touched realizing there are still people who would try and help him in return. Chief Jun says not all people in the world are bad.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke thanks Ichilkawa, but just then, Crush and his right hand have President Kuramochi by the collar as they approach Ichikawa’s truck. They go into their Roidmude forms, causing the arrival of the Heaviness as they attack the truck for some liquid happiness.

The call is disconnected before Ichikawa can tell Shinnosuke the location. If only the main system wasn’t shut down, Chief Jun says.

But Shinnosuke fixes his tie and hurries off. Chief Jun is happy to see Shinnosuke has shifted into gear.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke rips the sign off their office door and enters. He tells Kirihara that Font R’s president is in danger, but he doesn’t budge. Shinnosuke begs Rinna-san to restore the main system. Kirihara says they will be thrown off the force if they do that, but Shinnosuke doesn’t care. They are the only ones who can save the President right now.

Drive 6

Rinna likes what she sees and hears. She decides to restore the system.

Drive 6

Before Kirihara can protest, Kiriko, Otta and Kyu walk in. Rinna’s done with the system and Kyu sees there are reports circling a Font R chemical plant.

Otta tells Shinnosuke to go.

Chief Jun watches as Kiriko, Otta and Kyu reveal their findings on Kirihara’s connection to President Kuramochi. He turns a blind eye to smuggling illegal explosives and receive kickbacks in return. He knew the Font R trucks would be the next targets since they were the ones carrying illegal explosives, so he relayed that information onto them so the Kamen Rider could protect the trucks.

Drive 6

Kirihara realizes… Yes! Rinna was only pretending to be on his side after feeling suspicious of him from the beginning. She had actually tipped off Kiriko earlier to investigate him.

Drive 6

Shinnosuke is on his way, but once again he is stopped by Chase. He gets out of the car and tells Chase to get out of his way.

Chase says Shinnosuke remains a fool for believing in justice for humans who don’t deserve it. Indeed, if there weren’t any bad people in the world, there would be no need for the police. Shinnosuke sees these creeps everywhere. But he also sees there are many good, honest people.

Drive 6

Belt-san is surprised to see Shinnosuke take Shift Wild out.

“This isn’t about justice. I’ll fight to protect people!”

Shinnosuke henshins to Type Wild. And this time it works.

Belt-san says his passion is at full gauge.

Chase also henshins and they fight. Chase uses his Shift Car, but Shinnosuke takes this opportunity to try Rumble Dump again.

Drive 6

This time, Rumble Dump feels much lighter to use. He delivers a Finisher to Chase and manages to knock him down. Tridoron arrives to pick Shinnosuke up and they hurry over to the chemical plant.

Crush has found all the explosives he could want and now is ready to kill Kuramochi since he is no longer needed. But Shinnosuke arrives just in time.

The driver’s seat is a little cramped now with this buffed up new body.

Drive 6

Crush’s sidekick eats up some of the viral cores and he evolves into a large snake thing. Shinnosuke tries backing out of the way, but hits a rock, allowing the snake to grab him and toss him around. That’s when Belt-san activates Tridoron’s own Type Wild.

Shinnosuke can now use a Tridoron Bomber attack as well as Rumble Dump’s weapons. They take care of the snake.

Shinnosuke goes hand-to-hand with Crush and manages to knock him around. He calls for Handle Sword to finish Crush off, but nothing comes.

Belt-san says to wait a little bit because it’s not in the car right now. What!?

Drive 6

Suddenly, out pops Rinna who comes running with Handle Sword. Shinnosuke is confused, but Rinna tells him to nevermind for now and hurry and finish off the Roidmude.

With a Drift Spin finisher, Shinnosuke defeats Crush for good.

Back at the Pit, Belt-san explains that Rinna is their shadow mechanic. This news causes Shinnosuke to go into low gear.

Drive 6

Rinna tells Shinnosuke-kun to cheer up. They got the Public Safety department out of their hair, they’ve upgraded their weapons and he’s got two pretty ladies by his side from now on.

Drive 6

But Shinnosuke is bothered by all these secrets Belt-san seems to be keeping. Are they any more? Belt-san stays silent.

“What an untrustworthy belt!” Shinnosuke storms out.
“How rude. At least address me with –san.”

Drive 6

Episode Thoughts

Another good episode. It was great to see Rinna’s true identity revealed. I thought that was a great build up for both her reveal and for the idea that there are definitely still a lot of secrets Shinnosuke does not know and will eventually learn of.

I still think Chief Jun is in on everything too. He’s been a fun character so far and he showed to be a great mentor-figure this episode too. Loved seeing the SID all working together now. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m happy to see Kiriko is not a stiff (like a Koyomi maybe). But speaking of stiff, Chase is very stiff, though in a good way. The Shinnosuke-Chase run ins could have gotten very old by now, but I am liking how it appears there’s something deep in Chase’s anger or whatever it is that has him working for the Roidmude.

Brain and Heart are slowly being developed as well. I hope they survive and aren’t killed off halfway through the season like other human villains of recent series. Looking forward to seeing if they will be joined by other commanders in the future.

Overall, another good, enjoyable episode.

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